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the lost generation jonathan reed

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the lost generation jonathan reed

  • Jonathan Wilkes - Wilkes Jonathan
    "You really seemed to lost ya way, Its your first date and your gonna be late, All the traffic lights are red, The feeling your head says go back to bed, Through the window everything seems right, That's"
  • Walter Reed - Michael Penn
    "I count the cases piled up high For the 1:15. For platform and for passerby It's the same routine. I'm ranting while Im raving, There's nothing here worth saving. Tell me now, what more do you need? Take"
  • Let's Get Lost (Gilby Clarke / Jonathan Daniel) - Gilby Clarke
    "Lost in time no time in space Never thought wed ever fade This ain't the blues This ain't nothin new Are we fallin off again Someone pushed us from the ledge No crime no sin We just don't fit in Lets"
  • Reed - Novi Ierusalim
    "His glory is higher than skies His goodness will ever remain His mercy and tender love Will keep you from day to day He is faithful and giving support His kindness fills the earth Under the wings of His"
  • Lost Generation - Endless Struggle
    "Here we come once again Hides your loved ones, tel your friends Back and pissed with a vengeance Punx not dead with no regrets No mercy for the trendy ones Push them aside Punx alive in '99 believe me"
  • Lost Generation - Vicious Crusade
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) Let's go... Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll. Born to trigger public toll, I'm the one - one against all. I live my own day, I walk my own way, And I shout out loud my own"
  • Lost Generation - Rizzle Kicks
    "I said I’m living in a lost generation I said I’m living in a lost generation I’ve got my heart I’ve found my soul I’m living I’m living I’m living Life man Switch on the TV, They keep it real, but not"
  • Lost Generation - Antestor
    "Antestor Miscellaneous Lost Generation We Were Born To Get Love From Above Selfish, Greed And Curiosity Sin Burned Through Our Hearts We Lost It All, Cause It Made Us Fall Selfish Endavuor"
  • Lost Generation - Officer Negative
    "I know our generation's lost And I don't know what to say Cause the future of tomorrow Is the youth of today 10,000 missing angry kids They're nobody's fools Rejected from society They made their"
  • Generation Lost - Rise Against
    "Getting trampled under boots of progress Ignore the pleading of the nameless faces Now with our backs against the wall How long till we fall? Do away with all the underprivileged their demographic doesn't"
  • Lost generation - Colin Hay
    "Beautiful girl, from the southlandI dont quite understand, but I know who you areLast night you told me about your sisterHow you loved and how you missed herI dont know why but you say that you like meBut"
  • Generation Lost - B.o.B
    "Skulls and crossbones and death bandanas A liqueur store in every corner in Atlanta Cops riding round tossing niggas in the slammer Tell me what's wrong I could really use some answers Nowadays everybody"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Time Honoured Ghosts Jonathan Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like"
  • Jonathan - Nerf Herder
    "Straight out of Boston To reinvent the modern rock and roll He put down the cigarette and dropped out of B.U. Too sensitive for this world Too sensitive for that girl He could look right through the"
  • Jonathan - Lonewolf
    "Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been ? I was searching for you since you once left me. Tell me, Boy, did you ever miss your sweet home and a single kiss, oh, Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest
    "Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like the passing wind Swooping down again Waitin' for the"
  • Jonathan - Wendy And Lisa
    "i think we were five when we met we were so alive then and yet we would not survive now i know yours was not a face to grow old oh oh no my old soul you left me much too soon how i love you oh i i was"
  • Lost Generation '98 - Nag
    "The choice is have to you You have to find away The lost generation raise the agression Shoot again and stop the game The lost generation raise the agression Shoot again and stop the game The lost generation"
  • Lost Generation - YeLLOW Generation
    "Kareha sakimidare akai aozora no machinami "Doushite kou nacchatta n darou..." Totsuzen nanda itsu datte genjitsu wa Kimi wa hakichigae kurai asayake no hitokage "Doushite soko icchatta n darou..." Totsuzen"
  • Lou Reed - The Little Willies
    "We were drivin through West Texas The land of beef and pork Where they tend the hides of leather We wear back in New York In a pasture, along a roadside Behind a brokedown shack On a dusky side of evening We"

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