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the lost trees the past ia grotesque animal

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the lost trees the past ia grotesque animal

  • The Past Is A Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal
    "The past is a grotesque animal And in its eyes you see How completely wrong you can be How completely wrong you can be The sun is out, it melts the snow that fell yesterday Makes you wonder why it bothered I"
  • Past Is A Grotesque Animal, The - Of Montreal
    "the past is a grotesque animaland in its eyes you seehow completely wrong you can be..2xthe sun is out it melts the snow that fell yesterdaymakes you wonderwhy it botheredi fell in lovewith the first cute"
  • Grotesque - A Life Once Lost
    "These words collapse your confidence your destructive existence is nauseating fake, with no self-esteem; you're nothing you change with manic uncertainty now I will be the master now I will choose"
  • Grotesque - The Mission
    "The only meat that will touch these lips of mine is human Hope you consider that animals feel pain the same as we Barbaric slaughter so you can put meat on the table To feed yourself I hope you choke yourself"
  • Grotesque - My Ruin
  • Grotesque - Cannibal Corpse
    "Monstrous My thoughts Revolting visions, carnage Bloodbath My dream Gore soaked My hands Hallucination, or real I wield The blade Grotesque...mind...grotesque Visions Murder See myself slashing,"
  • Grotesque - Cydne Raven
    "gouge out my eyes precious your not so beautiful anymore did you already forget the lies you told the time i know to walk away you deserve everything darling dont look at me through your sunset eyes or"
  • Grotesque Impalement - Dying Fetus
    "I Am Lost, Far From The Cross You Stand Before, Filled With Lust, We Are All Filled With Lust, We Want This Whore, Impale Your Flesh, Draped In Darkness, Your Guts Explode And Life Has Ceased Behind Your"
  • Trees - John Butler Trio
    "They're cutting down all the trees Can someone stop them please Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to these Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to trees Because... Don't"
  • The Grotesque - Benediction
    "Inner deformity, such a foul deceptive rot. Conceiving the grotesque. Nothing is but what is not. Screeds of verbiage, never explained. Gazing at the flames. Inside the dungeon or my skull, only mawkish"
  • Animal - Aurora
    "You are, the victim, The victim of my love, I dangle up on rooftops, Before I push you off I stand at the headlines looking for a corner where I can’t be found with a goodness in my eight eye watching"
  • Animal - Mudmen
    "Hello, hello, I'm just an animal And I don't feel no pain I know, I know, I'll be the last to go Cuz I don't feel the same I don't know much, I don't feel touch I don't need anything; I don't have pride"
  • Animal - Thirteen Senses
    "I lost my control today Something came and ate it away Tears trickle down your face As quickly as it comes it escapes Now you You'll never get this far off the ground Throw in all designs when you're"
  • Animal - Against Me!
    "I was dreaming of your love. I was lost in your arms embrace. Our bodies collide together. Oh, this ultimate betrayal. The heart will not resign. What could be said what could be done? I hold out hope"
  • Animal - Dead Moon
    "Mechanical wires and hidden desires Gets you so tired, realise you've been fired Your Ambition, your position is lost Your the hostage working for the new age The force of unthinkers, the system dog The"
  • Ghastly Grotesque - Exmortem
    "Clear night of holocaust reigns All devourer of smoke and flame Art of self-sacrificing It's the age of unburying hatchets Enter self-built machines of death Vaccines of the black plague Barbed wire offerings Human"
  • The Animal - Murs
    "(Verse 1: Phonte of Little Brother) I heard your style and I beat you nigga Your whole album I sleep through nigga 'Cuz 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance And tell 'em to pick up ya people nigga Don't"
  • Past Lives - Animal Planet
    "Animal Planet Miscellaneous Past Lives How would you feel If the foot was on the other shoe? And this time around The beard it would be you To make love and caress In one magical night And learn the very"
  • Grotesque embryopathology - Haemorrhage
    "Ugly and deformed, breeding into the womb, Monstrosity, shapeless mash of limbs Severe malformations disfigured the child Embryonic displasia defaced him within Gristly stillborn, floating into his tomb Uterine"
  • The Midnight Grotesque - Axamenta
    "(Atlantis, 10.500 B.C.) Under the wings of synthetic nightmares Ravens uncloaked madness upon crimsoned shores A malicious seduction entangles the womb-withdrawned As he divulged Pandaemonium in deranging"

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