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the newerdies miss u

  • Miss U - Sofia Loell
    "I miss you in my empty heart miss you in this empty room miss you in this empty world of mine I miss you in my fantasies miss you in the dreams I dream I miss you in this lonely world of mine I'm so afraid"
  • Miss U - Wakefield
    "Save me, From my ordinary self I lay awake, Staring at the pictures on the shelf The other day I saw you with your new boyfriend and He's kinda fake With his polo shirt and Khaki pants WESTSIDE!! And"
  • Miss U - Blackfield
    "They said you're in love again and I tried to hide my pain I was buried in my bed. with your pictures in my head You were living another life it cuts me like a knife. I hope you understand I'm the one"
  • Miss U - Charli XCX
    "i love you it’s obvious, but people can change we got bruised we left things undecided and now we’re two people we’re standing in the city rain bur we’re brand now we turn our backs and walk away even"
  • Miss u - Notorious B.I.G.
    "(Biggie talkin) Yeah Dedicatin this to my nigga O We miss you nigga Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle Word up Shit is real in the field You know Sparkin blunts to all you niggas Word"
  • Miss U More - BBMak
    "Bbmak Miscellaneous Miss U More Miss U More Bbmak (Princess Diaries Soundtrack) There are so many reasons that I find to run to you Cos there's so little loving in my life, now I am wawy And thinking"
  • i miss u - Jax Jones & Au/Ra
    "I only miss you whan it rains Ans when i listen to the radio Go past your station on the train And then i’ll think of you Can’t help but think of you Seasons change and i remember How you loved me liek"
  • I Miss U - Nicole Scherzinger
    "(Nicole) I M.I.S.S. you I M.I.S.S. you and I never ment to hurt you I never ment to pull you down and I never ment to brake you I really am sorry I really am sorry I made a big mistake lettin you go I"
  • Miss U (Remix) - Aaliyah
    "What's up, baby girl? (Ho) Thought I had to talk to you again Missing you (Hey, ey, ey, ey) Tim is missing you, Missy's missing you Rashad is missing you, your mom is missing you (N-n-no, no) Your pop"
  • I Miss U - Pimp C
    "(feat. Tanya Herron, Z-Ro) Huh!! (I miss yooouuu, I'm talkin to you baaabbbyyy) Dedicated to everybody that lost somebody knalmtalkinbout? (I miss yoouuu) Knalmsayin (I miss yooouuuu, I'm talkin to"
  • I miss u - Cascada
    "Remember the time 1989, When I grow up to see the sign, Without you, I can't breathe. I look upon to see the stars, The Milky Way, the Moon and Mars, I miss you, by my side. Who will ever know the way?"
  • I still miss U - Zemollem
    "I still miss U But I do what I do Sometimes I feel Sometimes we have time Look at my progress Save me… old hour Sometimes I feel sometimes we have time We are the sunny days And light in still life Even"
  • Don't U Miss Me - Guy
    "Papi _ Papi She miss me, she miss me not She miss me, she miss me not She miss me, she miss me not She miss me, make love, make love She loves me, she loves me not She loves me, she loves me not Uh,"
  • How I Miss U - Jackie Boyz
    "(Oh woah, ay) I can't sleep tonight, your plans is on my mind. Thinking of what we used to do, girl it's kind of stuck on you and I can't clear my head. How I miss your lips and the way you kiss my lips. I'm"
  • Did u miss me - Petey Pablo
    "(Petey Pablo) Oh yeah Birdman Prrrrrrr Yeah North Carceezy! Oh yeah Cash Money ha Yeah Get the money baby Get this money baby TQueezy! It's Birdman baby Freezy you did the damn thing boy (*Petey"
  • Miss U More Than U Know - Sofia Carson x R3HAB
    "Waking u palone is something I’ve been getting used to It’s beed a while since I could call you mine I tell all my friends that I’ve been happier without you But i still tink about You all the time You"
  • Miss a (Miss anonymous) - Git Fresh
    "(Studio money)This song is for them times that I made u cry n this song it's cause I want u to know that I(I) I(I) I... I love u...(whyd u had-) Whyd ya hada say goodbye(whyd ya hada ta) Whyd ya hada"
  • Miss you - Bambi
    "Bambi Miscellaneous Miss you Never thought it would come 2 be That id be this lonely Remember the times we had But its over Cant close my eyes no more Without seein u walk out that door Wish i could take"
  • Miss Understood - Prince
    "Now that I'm a woman I'm always dreaming of romance I'm always dreaming about the perfect man Who'd take me in his arms and understand, understand me My name is Miss Understood I'm just a girl who wants"
  • Miss P. - Cherish
    "Yo this is one of them ones when they come on It makes you wanna say (ohh) You can't listen to this low man You gotta turn it up know what I'm sayin' (ohh) Yeah Cherish, So So Def ya'll know (ohh) This"

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