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the nex arianna grande

  • Da Nex Niguz - Onyx
    "Aiyyo, fuckin bitches man.. (worrrrrd up) See that's what happen man when you fuck the dog-shit out of bitches Muh'fuckin hehahahh.. If ya, got a girl then you betta believe She got a, dick up her"
  • yung nex - twuj stary pijany (prod. Nico on the beat) - Bynio i Tymo
    "Ja szkszk Wchodze na chate i widze demtroxa yung nex rozjebał pierwszą płyte kręcił własnie Twuj stary pijany rozjebał trzy sciany bo sie tak upił że jest cały rozjebany Yung nex na bicie własnie robi"
  • Rio Grande - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin/Tom Russell (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI/Frontera Music, ASCAP) I guess she put her blue dress on And walked out late last night Left one silk stocking Dangling from the bedside light I sobered"
  • Grande Affaire - Ralph McTell
    "Take a bus, who needs a car We'll eat here, take this seat near the door. Well I'm not hungry much now, are you? Is it ok if I share yours with you? I've got no money and I think I believe that you"
  • Rio Grande - Brian Wilson
    "Wooo Ride 'em Ride 'em cowboy Coma-ti-yi-yip-yi-a Coma-ti-yi-yip-yi-a Ride 'em Ride 'em cowboy Coma-ti-yi-yip-yi-a Ride 'em Ride 'em cowboy Coma-ti-yi-yip-yi-a (All aboard) Rio Grande Rio Grande I'd"
  • Suddenly Frankie (feat. Frankie Grande) - Ariana Grande
    "Frankie: Lift up your head Wash off your mascara Here take my Kleenex Wipe that lipstick away Just kidding Show me your face clean as the morning I know things were bad But now they're okay Suddenly Frankie"
  • The Rio Grande - Mike Oldfield
    "We're Homeward Bound Across The Blue Sea Going Home We're Homeward Bound Across The Blue Sea And We're Bound For The Old Country Then Away, Love Away Going Home We're Homeward Bound This Very Day"
  • Sexy People (The FIAT Song) (ft. Pitbull) - Arianna
    "When I hear the ocean calling and I feel my spirit falling I remember old.. where I'd fall in love with you. Lovin' romance in the garden Yes! It's the immigrants, taking over. Mister World Wide, fly"
  • Rio Grande Blood - Ministry
    "''And now a message from the President of the United States George W. Bush'' ''I've adopted sophisticated terrorist tactics And I'm a dangerous, dangerous man With dangerous, dangerous weapons I want"
  • El Rancho Grande - Hank Snow
    "All en el rancho grande ("Ah yen el rancho granday") All donde vva ("All ya don day vi vee ya") Habl una rancherita ("Hab yoona rancha rita") Que alegre me deca ("Kell yegra meh deh chee ya") Que alegre"
  • La Grande Illusion - Television Personalities
    "I know a girl who's very sad, she lives on her own Looking from an open window, looking up to the sky The girl's got tears in her eyes, she's looking very sad When that girl looks sad I feel also bad I"
  • If You Talk About Me, I'll Make Sure You'll Be Nex - Brettell
    "And If You Talk About Me Then I'll Make Sure You'll Be Next And If You Talk About Me Then I'll Make Sure You'll Be Next You'll Be Next, You'll Be Next To Be Kicked In The Head. And If You Talk About Me Then"
  • El Rancho Grande - Dean Martin
    "I love to roam out yonder Out where the buffalo wander Free as the eagle flying I'm a-roping and a-tying Give me my ranch and my cattle Far from the greed city's rattle Give me a big herd to battle For"
  • Seasons of Love (ft. Ariana Grande) - Frankie Grande
    "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes How do you measure, measure a year? In"
  • 29th & Rio Grande - Dynamite Boy
    "Silence - There's too much going on What can I do to make my dreams come true Grow up - I don't know what it means To be myself, won't somebody please show me That I will fail And no one can help me There"
  • Moon Over The Rio Grande - Michael Nesmith
    "I want to watch the moon rise over the Rio Grande Stand in contemplation, hand in gentle hand Breathing the beauty of the pink and purple land High on the inspiration of the moon over the Rio Grande The"
  • Il filo di Arianna - Adriano Celentano
    "Teseo col filo dell'Arianna andava Cosi la strada per tornare a casa sempre Trovava, E non si perdeva E non ha fatto come te Che ti sei persa nel mondo Ed anche Pollicino quando ando nel bosco Segno con"
  • Grande, Grande, Grande - Mina
    "Con te dovro' combattere Non ti si puo' pigliare Come sei, I tuoi difetti sol talmente tanti Che nemmeno tu li sai. Sei Peggio di un bambino Capriccioso La vuoi sempre vinta tu, Sei l'uomo piu' egoista"
  • Red And Rio Grande - Doug Supernaw
    "written by: Doug Supernaw/Lonnie Alkinson performed by:Doug Supernaw on "Red and Rio Grande" One lone star waving in the wind A longhorn standing proud behind a rusty barbed wire fence Cowboy hats"
  • Grande - Alejandro Sanz
    "Alejandro Sanz Miscellaneous Grande Yo soy quien se dorma en las clases de historia y an me ves con mi propia manera de ser. Soy el nio que el amor declaraba en forma de canciones, disfrazando por"

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