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the ninth symphony

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the ninth symphony

  • Ninth Ward - Magic
    "(*talking*) I apologize to my people for the wait I just had to shake them niggaz off me You know I'm saying, look what But you know one thing, it's going down in this bitch Yeeeeeeeeeah, what These"
  • Ninth Life - As It Stands
    "What else could go wrong today? another speeding ticket, another fine, more things that I can't pay. My credit card is due my phone bill is two months late, my homework's not done and I feel overwhelmed. But"
  • The Ninth Wave - Sadist
    "a dream, she was beautiful she was the most beautiful she should be the one she was true, she, wife of my kings she who got in me, like this and my madness is not smaller than her beauty i didn't run away"
  • The ninth wave - Manilla Road
    "For all the tortured And all the slaves Arthur did rise On the Ninth Wave To rule the Britains And lead the brave Out of the darkness Of their day. Dragonships Rise from the sea Three Queens bring The"
  • Symphony - Story Of The Year
    "Tilt the scale, live forever Will this graveyard be the dis for For these corpses Will they be the first to fall, and dance the night away? Why do we do this to ourselves? We're buying every word they"
  • Symphony - Somersault
    "Sometimes I wanna write you a symphony For you and me - endlessly But none of the notes have the frequency To carry the vibes for real Sometimes I know you are the one Burning with me - endlessly Side"
  • Symphony - Sarah Brightman
    "I don't know what I'm supposed to say When now suddenly you feel so far away And you're not prepared to talk And if you're now afraid to listen Then I don't want to do this anymore Oh, I don't know which"
  • Symphony - Agans Craig
    "Caught in numbers, steel machines, face flat on cold desk Errors, systems, directions, could I really care less? Aside from all these trucks and cars, and vacant spiral stares Are visions of infinity from"
  • Symphony - Jessica Riddle
    "I have a foot to wrestle, under the table. And he will keep my toes warm late at night. And I have a leg to pretzel while we're watching cable. And he will wrap around me tight. I have a sexy stomach"
  • Bottom Of The Ninth - Screeching Weasel
    "you've gotta have love in your heart and you've gotta have pain in your life and you've gotta have some vision and confusion for some peace of mind. you've gotta respect what you can't control 'cause"
  • The Symphony - Marley Marl
    "(feat. Master Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane) Listen closely, so your attention's undivided. Many in the past have tried to do what I did. Just the way I came off, man I'm gonna come off. Stronger"
  • Winter Symphony - The Beach Boys
    "Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse of life slows silently Cuddle up in a cozy"
  • Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve Pipe
    "Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down You know the one that takes you to"
  • Winter Symphony - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Christmas Album Winter Symphony Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse"
  • Battle Symphony - Linkin Park
    "I got a long way to go And a long memory I been searching for an answer Always just out of reach Blood on the floor Sirens repeat I been searching for the courage To face my enemies When they turn down"
  • Savage Symphony - Silent Edge
    "No smile no glance no love no hand To silence the tears when they're falling Grief it blinds this mind to find a way out of this legacy Fear the rage in me Force me to hide the innocence of the secret"
  • Summer Symphony - Neil Sedaka
    "A thousand stars fill the summer sky, tonight, my love, the beach belongs to you and I. And here we are lying in the sand, I hear the sound of music when you touch my hand. Just like the waves crashing"
  • Sad Symphony - Esmee Denters
    "Did anybody hear that Theres a string that just broken my heart I can feel it and the sound of it tears me apart Play it again Cause I don't recognize this song anymore Can you make it sound like it did"
  • Private Symphony - Maestro Fresh Wes
    "Yeah Baby won't you let me hold you In my arms for ever more I conduct your fantasy In a private symphony Picture you and I Way up in the sky Flying over oceans, while the clouds go passing by I"
  • Crimson Symphony - Blood Stain Child
    "Status, humor and pride How do you think of them Insane persons chase them and die Corruption grange spell binding I rule all of them I still your fall in soul and cursed black blood(I call you) Evil"

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