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the nolans attention to me

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the nolans attention to me

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the nolans attention to me
  • The Weeknd Attention
    "Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were so strong Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were calm, you were so calm, yeah Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Tell me where it went wrong Ooo,"
  • Rez Band Attention
    "Out on the edge of the universe, where no mortals dare to go; there, from above the crimson cloud, he watches down below, His eyes are blazing flames of fire; his voice, a thundering roar, The nations"
  • Ringo Starr Attention
  • Olivia Newton-John Attention
    "(Olivia Newton-John /Annie Roboff /Steve Seskin) Here in my heart, there's the truth But no one could love me like you But lately you seem so far away Pretending that you hear what I say It's all I can"
  • Avant Attention
    "Yeah, attention, attention It's your boy big Snoop Dogg Nephew, holla Like a flame in the dark girl you light up the room No matter what's going on around me I'm only into you You're lips never moved but"
  • Charlie Puth Attention
    "You’ve been running round running round /2x Throwing that dirt all on my name Cause you knew that I Knew that /2x I’d call you up /2x You’ve been going round going round /2x every party in L.A. Cause"
  • Kelis Attention
    "Babe, baby, baby i ain't try'na nag you. Just come talk to me (talk to me,to me). You know we don't get to spend time no more. I miss you daddy. I know that life has delt us many cards, Sometimes I"
    "girl, would it kill you jut to throw a little bit of attention? if I hurt you I’m afraid that’s gonna teach me a lesson now would you hate me if I said goodbye? so quick you could eat my dust now would"
  • Gwen Stefani Attention
    "Hey man?what are looking for? for me?I don't belive in that! what a hel! do you know that man that i use to love? that's me problem, they are wrong about me!what do they think about me? bitch! bitch!hey"
  • The Raconteurs Attention
    "Hey! Now that you have my attention, What are you gonna do? You might have good intention But they're not coming through You're very pleased with yourself I see, It's like a walk in the park You weren't"
  • The Academy Is Attention
    "Attention, attention, May I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room If only, if only for one second This table has taken a turn for the worse Rock bottom, and over the edge Well, it's not"
  • The Academy Is... Attention
    "Attention, attention, May I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room If only, if only for one second This table has taken a turn for the worse Rock bottom, and over the edge Well, it's not"
  • Bloo Crane Attention
    "Baby why you got to look so nice Every time i am staring at you I am drowing in your big hazel eyes eyes eyes Aby it;s magic and a rarity My desperation is tragic and And it does not look good in me me"
  • M.I.A. atTENTion
    "The fullest attempt in my intent is to let you know what is important My existence is militant cause my content bangs like it’s potent Distant to the pollutant, never hesitant, always consistent I back"
  • Pretty Maids Attention
    "Someone dies and as we close our eyes Another hungry child will starve away Say a prayer, we've got to be aware If we're the ones to face another day When my pleasure turns to pain When I'm scared I'm"
  • Caroline's Spine Attention please
    "Your attention please all passengerswith confusion and comfort we live out our livesbut your reality has consequenceescape in front or behind medown the center we score your slide...Won't someone tell"
  • 3T Sexual attention
    "Mmmm mmm How you like it now How you like it now, baby You need me You need me too, yeah I can't hide the things that you do to me Even though you deny every girl with me You say we're friends and Say"
  • Meredith Brooks Your Attention
    "Baby, what is wrong with you Can't you see I want you around And baby... I'm not cryin' I'm just dyin' for some touch And if you don't give me your attention I'll get attention from somebody else I"
  • Spine Caroline's Attention Please
    "your attention please all passengers with confusion and comfort we live out our lives but your reality has consequence escape in front or behind me down the center we score your slide... won't someone"
  • Rebelution Attention Span
    "Who can this be, this stranger at my door? Although I know I've seen her once before Come on, why can't I remember your name now But in a way it's best that I don't say: "It's a pleasure to meet ya Once"

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