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the of Seraphim

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the of Seraphim
  • Before The Dawn Seraphim
    "The sun falls asleep and I rise high all the things I need are above in the darkest skies With sorrow and grief all the things I have done can't take away these fears I am sinking too deep state of darkness"
  • Bloodlet Seraphim
    "I feel it enter my soul. Paranoid obsession won't let him leave home. 'Cause he's seen her face in the mirror, all tattered and torn. Glass bottom words won't leave her alone. 'Cause she's seen the angel"
  • Secrets Of The Moon Seraphim Is Dead
    "She can see him Climbing the walls So slow So everlasting His vow is forever Seraphim lives An angel burns metres high An angel in a shape of a man An angel flawless in appearance Choked in the fires"
  • Blood Has Been Shed And A Seraphim Cries
    "now with my voice I call your name and with those hands I reach for you this search is over I covet your taste you are the gift I have longed for beautiful dreamer sleep eternal and dream of me a face"
  • Seraphim Shock God Of This World
    "Jesus and me been playin' some chess It doesn't matter who wins Dimensional fluxes reality twist Bow at your alter of skin So many pages, too many lives Soaked in the blood of the church Guise of an angel,"
  • Seraphim Falling The Fourth Reich
    "(VERSE 1) Damnation for those who have sinned Now draws ever nearer As justice spreads its shining roots The end becomes clearer The bitter taste of death will come to those Who defy the rules that are"
  • Seraphim Shock Relic
    "Someone's laughing somewhere As the saints come marching in Pitter patter, splitter splatter Your faith is wearing thin Promise of a new day Brings compulsion to vomit Silent dust in the eye of God Who's"
  • Seraphim Shock Bloodline
    "This blood speaks of wisdom This blood in which you bathe This blood speaks of ashes This blood burnt away But in time we will rise In time you will know This blood speaks of passion This blood for which"
  • Seraphim Shock Cradle
    "Frantic bride bleeding The sea hypnotized A world void of meaning An empire's lie Look in my eyes Tell me what do you see My dear twisted mortal Come make me believe Hide behind doctrines And guild ridden"
  • Seraphim Shock Upon A Time
    "So sorry kids Still nobody home Hey preacher man It's time for the show Got hollow words For a hollow world The clock on the wall says It's time for my turn Hey Mr. Red White Blue The prophet says The"
  • Seraphim Shock Perfect Life
    "It seems like yesterday Through the rain and tears I watched you walk away again I know my love I know the pain Your perfect life Your perfect face All your promises Everything you fake Don't care what"
  • Seraphim Shock Beyond Forever
    "A dream of me still holding you Beneath the violet sky Painting of a world soon lost For here exists no time Together through an endless night Beneath October's moon This secret held behind my eyes I long"
  • Seraphim Shock Mommy Strange
    "Drink the devils in your mind They'll never find It may be just a phase His parents say The doctors they just smile We beat those loved And trust God's will be done My mommy strange Priest The voice keeps"
  • Seraphim Shock Annabell
    "Annabell sits at her window Gazing at the autumn sky Prays that Christ will come and save her soul Drifting out into the garden Holding close to father's shame Fighting back the bitter ages song Oh Annabell When"
  • Seraphim Shock Flowered Mary
    "Clowns are a clappin, So little time Daddy still wonders Mommy still cries Doctrines of demons Traditions at stake Portraits expecting Feeding my slaves Kiss and tell See you in hell Victims of dogma Hey"
  • Seraphim Shock Molly's Web
    "Nothing's real says Molly Crawls in bed so cold And fake lessons from Professor Cigarettes for Mr. Hayes Through the tears and ribbons All those secrets kept inside Molly's web of sadness In her pale blue"
  • Seraphim Shock White Trash Satan
    "Thrown away for whatever's PC Apple lie American scheme Oh so equal in the eye of a god Who never was to any of us Not gonna take your phony white shame Another day another mistake Zombie masses spoon"
  • Cradle of Filth The Promise Of Fever
    "In the beginning Rimmed with wind and storm A great black wrath of infinite math Spat snarling into form And there was Heaven Lit up with precious stones Each one could fall but for the rule Of Faith and"
  • Lamb Of God Shoulder Of Your God
    "Death lies eternal. A heathen rapture consumes the light. Impaled on its axis, The world around me lays down to die. Immaculate contraception. The massive beating, opiate. Apocalyptic conception, Planted,"
  • The Church Day Of The Dead
    "Day of the dead down in Mexico You ever been on a holiday? You ever thought that you been here before You ever been in a desperate way On the beach stands a donkey who is waiting for you He hee-haws, stamping"

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