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the osmonds

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the osmonds
  • Osmonds The Proud One
    "Livin is dyin Cause love youve left me cryin Now theres no use tryin to go on Each night I dream baby, pretendin Therell be a happy endin Burnin down deep inside Got a heartbreak that I cant hide Chorus: Im"
  • Osmonds The Twelvth Of Never
    "you ask how much i need you, must i explain i need you oh my darling, like roses need rain you ask how long i'll love you, i'll tell you true until the twelvth of never, i'll still be loving you. hold"
  • Osmonds Down By The Lazy River
    "What are you doing tonight You got no place to go Gotta get out of the city Why don't you come along with me Mighty fine out tonight Get your girl and hold her tight We can take it nice and easy You know"
  • Osmonds One Bad Apple (Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch)
    "Yeah, yeah I can tell you've been hurt By that look on your face, girl Some guy brought sad Into your happy world You need love, but you're Afraid that if you give in Someone else will come along And"
  • Osmonds One Bad Apple (Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch Girl)
    "I can tell you've been hurt by that look on your face, girl. Some guy brought sad into your happy world. You need love, but you're afraid that if you give in, someone else will come along and sock it to"
  • Osmonds Let It Snow
    "Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we've no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! It doesn't show signs of stopping, I've bought some corn for"
  • Osmonds Love Me For A Reason
    "Girl when you hold me How you control me You bend and you fold me Any way you please It must be easy for you To love the things that you do But just a pastime for you I could never be And I never know,"
  • Osmonds Having A Party
    "It's Saturday night, and my parents are out of town. Told all of my friends at school that tonight we're gonna boogie down! Everybody's been spreadin' the word all over the neighborhood, so come on over"
  • Osmonds If Santa Were My Daddy
    "If Santa were my Daddy I'd be good Every single day of the year I bet you think I couldn't do it Yeah I could With such a jolly gentleman so near I'd always try to be the kind of boy Santa'd want his"
  • Osmonds One Bad Apple
    "Yeah, yeah I can tell you've been hurt By that look on your face, girl Some guy brought sad Into your happy world You need love, but you're Afraid that if you give in Someone else will come along And"
  • Osmonds Crazy Horses
    "There's a message floating in the air Crazy horses riding everywhere It's a warning It's in every tongue Gotta stop them crazy Horses on the run What a show, there they go Smoking up the sky, yeah Crazy"
  • Osmonds I'm Still Gonna Need You
    "Girl you say you wanna leave me, You wanna go your merry way You no longer want, the love we used to share, Why do you treat me this way I'm still, Gonna, Need you For- ever more (repeat once) How well"
  • Osmonds Double Lovin
    "Im gonna double your lovin Double your fun You get two for the price of one It took me a long time to find a good woman One that would be true Thats why Im gonna double what it takes baby to hold on to"
  • Osmonds Hold Her Tight
    "What is the matter Now what did you do Did you go and lose her Like the others too Let me tell you something Here's the way it goes There's a way to treat em Everybody knows Hold her tight Hold her like"
  • Osmonds Yo Yo
    "Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Well, it's hard for me to see How you got such a hold on me First I'm up and then Im down Then my heart goes around and around Well, I'll"
  • Osmonds Let Me In
    "Lovin you could be so easy, lovin you could make me warm. Ever since the day I left you, I try, but I just cant get you out of my mind. Thought that I could do without you, thought I had to look around. But"
  • Osmonds Goin Home
    "Im a track star, gotta run far, And Im ready to go Its a long, long road. And I gotta make it on my own. Everybodys gainin on me, Tryin to slow me down, but if Im gonna make it, Gotta fight, fight, fight"
  • The The The Whisperers
    "A lonely silhouette Smoking a cigarette Hoping for the phone to ring Though she's sick of the sound Of people's mouths Winding her up And putting her down Don't get sad When people that you trusted stab"
  • The Dodos God?
    "No one to hold, no place to lie I know we're all alone and still You come to brush this gray aside I know, I know, it's fate I feel You answer to our hungry eyes I hope, I hope this must be real We need"
  • The Smashing Pumpkins God
    "God knows I'm helpless to speak On my own behalf God is as helpless as me Caught in the negatives We all just do as we please False transmissions I hope god forgives me For my transgressions It's what"

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