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the poise rite illusioin

  • Rite - Poema Arcanus
    "Lyrics & music: Igor Leiva These walls of stone have witnessed How I've learned to praise the sun Forces once spoke through me And taught me their sacred song Silently the stone... remembers... now Now"
  • Rita - Roy Orbison
    "Rita, darling Rita, you're my treasure Sweeter than the sweetest wine to me You don't know just how much you give me pleasure I measure eternally Rita, Rita, i love you Rita, Rita, i want you Rita,"
  • Rita - Too Many Cooks
    "( Georgesco D'Anjou ) Rita was her maiden name Her husband thought she was insane She had more money Than you could ever spend Her friends, they failed to recognize The fear and pain inside her eyes And"
  • Rita - Bebo Norman
    "Lay down softly in our sorrow Lay down sister to die And cover over, my sweet Father Cover over her eyes Your broken body, it cannot weather The years your youth still longs to spend So go down"
  • Rite Now - Das EFX
    "Intro/Hook: RITE NOW - Shiggity-show em how my crew get down RITE NOW - Das EFX puttin it down RITE NOW - E'rybody raise it up RITE NOW - We about to blaze it up *repeat* Verse One: Dray, Skoob Diggity-drop"
  • Nocturnal Rite - Orkrist
    "Is it me or just a nightshade Crowling on the ground That prevents my walk In the underground I have heard perhaps the voices Whispering spot apart My name through the wind Like undesired forecast Faerytales"
  • IZ RITE - Beady Eye
    "Come on Iz Rite Take me to you life Streaming one more shine It's all I know It's all I know Come on it's real You know how I feel You give me something here And it's all I know It's all I know So don't"
  • Shamanic Rite - Septic Flesh
    "From inside a cloud with the shape of a grey owl Scanning down the hill of an indian scared site I can see a figure with hair white like the snow The polar crystal breath. Gyrating around the pyre like"
  • Rite Now - Redman
    "Yeah, Gilla! (Right now, right now, right now, right now) Yeah, Gilla! (Right now, right now, right now, right now) Ladies and gentlemenAl Green! Yo! Yo dogg! I'mma get this - shhhhhhh! - up, poppin'"
  • Underground - The Poise Rite
    "Take a one part of me take me level down One part of me, take me level down, Down to underground Take a one part of me, take me level down One part of me To underground There is no lights And she is"
  • A Soul To Drink - The Poise Rite
    "Take small steps now baby, take your time I'm in no rush cos' you're forever mine and as I stare into those deep blue eyes I see the ocean, I see the ocean… Forever we sing our reason in rhyme it steals"
  • The Rite Time - Ultra
    "I'm talking aloud I'm here to be found Are you proud of who you are I'm makin mistakes but i'm tryin hard If we all stand up when the going's get rough and baby we could hold out for better things we all"
  • Mr. Rite - Dynamite Boy
    "Last night I woke up from a dream Too bad I never fell asleep I heard you when you said, "Take care," "I'm worried about you, it's not fair..." But you can't say, "I told you so," You never made me"
  • Rite of Shades - Asphyx
    "Searching for their after-life Visions of mortality The ever-written question Of their own spirituality Rite of Shades Revelations Of the co-existence In this new dimension Joining the ranks"
  • Rite Of Passage - Bob Seger
    "It's the age of reason for the anarchist It's a change of venue for the lobbyist It's a dream of justice buried in the grist It's a secret briefing based on need to know It's a condescending rationale"
  • Rite Of Passage - Dougie MacLean
    "Take the young ones to the desert, teach them how the arrow flies How to smell the beast upon the wind and run with mother natures loving lies Show them how to balance what is wrong and what is right And"
  • Rite Of Man - Mike Oldfield
    "So now we went our merry, merry way To break the life monastic. There's one two words I'd like to say As we trip the light fantastic. To hold a course and forge a way. Here's to another folk clich. Do"
  • Rite Of Shiva - Machines Of Loving Grace
    "Tantric sex magick fill the hole in my soul Tragic nymphonic she got no place to go I pull the soul trigger jaw chainsaw goddess or believer roll in the grass with a green-eyed Lolita I do the"
  • Rite Of Shrouds - Necare
    "Consecrate the ceremony. Or bear the oblation. See you this maiden whore. With whom you wish to copulate. You see her beauty - I see the skull beneath the skin. I smell the fragrant dusk of graves and"
  • Dead Knights Rite - Einherjer
    "As thunder borne upon the wind Was heard the battle's wild uproar See the angels of the dead Seek blood dripping crimson red Amidst the heaps of foemen slain Drenched with battle's bloody rain On the"

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