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the power of good bye

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the power of good bye

  • Good Bye - Kills Gravity
    "In a mirror of you Reflections of you You're showing what you feel like inside Need the power of two Just me and you An image that you hold in your mind Some time's you're wrong and then Some time's you're"
  • Good bye - Gravity Kills
    "In a mirror of youReflections of youYou're showing what you feel like insideNeed the power of twoJust me and youAn image that you hold in your mindSome time's you're wrong and thenSome time's you're rightYou"
  • Good Bye - The Outlaws
    "We live in a world Where a man is judged by the color of his skin We can't win Not the content of his character They scared of you 22 million black in America You better stand your area 75 percent"
  • Good-Bye - So They Say
    "Choking on lies, Making the best of a bad conversation Your eyes dried as I tried sleeping in your bed To fake another smile and take with me what was mine While racing to you forever We're waking"
  • Good-Bye - Mary Gauthier
    "(Mary Gauthier) Born a bastard child in New Orleans to a woman I've never seen I don't know if she ever held me All I know is that she let go of me I passed thru like thunder I passed thru like rain Passed"
  • Good Bye - Triumvirat
    "I'm aware that some of you Who'll hear this song Will wonder where I got it from And yes, I know that this melody Has a certain similiarity With You-know-what I'm just tryin' to let my heart describe What"
  • Good Bye - Outlawz
    "We live in a world Where a man is judged by the color of his skin We can't win Not the content of his character They scared of you 22 million black in America You better stand your area 75 percent"
  • Good Bye - KRS-One
    "Yeah, yeah, let's switch the flow up a little Word.. bring the love back, here we go You ever lost somebody, a member of your party Your daddy maybe mommy, for them there was no copy Just know that we"
  • Bye bye bye - Madonna
    "This is not a love songBye bye babyI keep on waiting, anticipatingBut I can't wait foreverYou say you love meYou're thinking of meBut we're never togetherChorus:Bye bye baby bye byeIt's your turn to cryThat's"
  • Bye-Bye - Jo Dee Messina
    "Boy you sure look good there standin' in the doorway in the sunset light Maybe I read you wrong thinkin' you could be my "Mr. Right" I was puttin' my heart and soul on the line Said you needed some time,"
  • Bye Bye - Mariah Carey
    "This is for my peoples who just lost somebody Your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady Put your hand way up high We will never say bye (no, no, no) Mamma's, daddy's, sisters, brothers, friends"
  • Bye - Blake Babies
    "There could be something to the higher star. You lie to him and you know who we are. Did I amuse you with my operating hand? With a dance and a kiss and a bottle of wine. We have an education. Not to"
  • Bye-Bye - JS
    "We can't even be friends Cause everytime I see you We be doing things that we should not be doing Cause boy you got a girlfriend (girlfriend) Even though the sex is so damn good I feel so bad Gotta try"
  • Bye Bye - Sean Price
    "(V1 - Buckshot) We started out... tight, on some white smiles Ultrabright, it was worth the fight Remember you used to talk, on the boardwalk Signing our names in chalk, gave kisses in parks Now it's missing"
  • The Upside Of Good-Bye - Michael Nesmith
    "There was an element of majesty In the way the lady said that she Was leaving in the morning for the coast And that goodbye should have brought me pain But I watched her quickly check the reins Of emotions"
  • Say Good - Bye - Sister Seven
    "Candles burning all the shadows flicker flashing The sound of grace always reminds me of you I hold myself now there's no one else here to hold me I want to make it through got to make it through All the"
  • Good Fucking Bye - Alkaline Trio
    "So you broke down, trying to leave town I broke down crying on your return You left me feeling hopefull I'll never see your face again You made for a bad lover's liver You stole all the covers and busted"
  • Good Bye Squirrel - Judd Cledus T
    ""be vewwy quiet were hunting sumpting" Me and harold mufort where out doors men, Set in our back-woods ways. Both members of the huntin' club, both active in the N.R.A. "national redneck Association" We"
  • Good bye forever - Alkaline Trio
    "ALKALINE TRIO Miscellaneous Good bye forever Take your wings outside, you can't fly in here Besides, a purple sky is better soaring for you my angel You're an angel, you little devil As for me i'll stay"
  • Say Good Bye - Chris Brown
    "Chris Brown Miscellaneous say good bye Look we got to talk Dang I know I know But there's just some things I need to get off my chest alright? Baby come in sit down lets talk I got a lot to say so I"

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