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the pressure

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the pressure

  • Pressure - The Kinks
    "Pressure pressure I got pressure, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Pressure pressure I got pressure, oh yeah I don't really want to give it to you 'Cos it's really contagious You can pick it up anywhere"
  • Pressure - The Enemy
    "Pressure, Pressure, Step Into The Pressure Zone Let The Pressure, Let The Pressure Get You Better Keep A, Measure, Measure On Your Pressure Better Check The Pressure, Watch Out For The Pressure ! Take"
  • Pressure - Bill Nye
    "Feel the pressure with your hands Gas puts pressure on this can Pressure Your feet put pressure on the ground Pressure helps you hear these sounds Pressure Pressure Always pushing down on you Feel it Liquids,"
  • Pressure - Fishbone
    "Fear is the curse and today's word is Pressure Too long to count the worry and the strife Speed Racer, takin' in that pressure Pressure is the fear, Pressure is the tear Twist that torcher, torch that"
  • Pressure - Sacred Reich
    "Full of potential yet nothing there filled with infinite ideas why so hard don't know what's the problem seems like pulling teeth never had this happen I must overcome Pressure pressure pressure in"
  • Pressure - Billy Joel
    "You have to learn to pace yourself Pressure You're just like everybody else Pressure You've only had to run so far So good But you will come to a place Where the only thing you feel Are loaded guns in"
  • Pressure - Skindred
    "Buzzing up with a musical attack Rip it up with a boom sound we no lack Got the rhythms the dub plat killa tracks Annihilate and destroy them we do that Letting them know that ah we come fe Rock and control"
  • Pressure - Eskimo Joe
    "This is pressure Stay away from me If life is bigger, then what do you see You're no better, no better than me If this is pressure, show me How do you bleed There is no romance in suffocation The walls"
  • Pressure - Seeed
    "(Enuff&Ear) Fear 's the curse todays word is pressure The worry and the strife are beyond all messure Speed racer takin in that pressure Pressure 's the fear, pressure 's the tear Pressure mean torture,"
  • Pressure - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "A funny thing happened yesterday I felt the pressure in a brand new way It kept hitting me from all directions I got this feeling I was cracking up My knees were shaking and I couldn't close my eyes I"
  • Pressure - Staind
    "I just need this to be alright I can't feel this another night I can't take this I come unglued I might breakdown in front of you Necessary to medicate I'm not sleeping, can't stay awake Chorus: Can't"
  • Pressure - Ari Lennox
    "Pressure Pressure Pressure Keep yo eyes on me Eyes on me. Apply that pressure Get it don’t be timid When you in it ply that pressure Love up on on it Nibble on it Leave it Ion want no drip baby spray"
  • Pressure - Gary Numan
    "Here is my Small black box Filled with hurt Sent by you Here is my Small black book Filled with lies Told by you Here is my small black house Filled with fear Thanks to you Here is my Small"
  • Pressure - Mors Principium Est
    "Pride Kept me strong My faith was weak, I could not build upon Their hands Strangled me. I asked if death perhaps could intervene Sweat Burned my skin And just like me it made this wound unclean A ghost Teasing"
  • Pressure - Paramore
    "Tell me where our time went And if it was time well spent Just don't let me fall asleep Feeling empty again Cause I fear I might break and I fear I can't take it Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty I"
  • Pressure - Criminal
    "Rising up Tearing down What you are Threatening Never seen All around Every face Every eye Watching you Weakening Grip of pain Won't let go All that you see All that you hear All that you feel All"
  • Pressure - Twelfth Night
    "(Andy Sears) Law-- You live by bias rules Law to break Whenever you choose Playing,--only playing Guilty, guilty-- Judge and jury--tyranny Sentence, sentence-- Fan the flames of anarchy It's no example,"
  • Pressure - Muse
    "I’m trapped and my back's up against the wall I see no solution or exit out I'm grinding it out, no one can see The pressure's growing exponentially i am trying to keep up to speed with you your lane"
  • Pressure - Sheek Louch
    "(girl singing) What do we do Ooooooh - what do we do, what do we do Pressure, pressure - what do we do to do (Sheek Louch) Let's go They say they want me to chill How you rappin is like you sayin to go"
  • Pressure - Reset
    "Everyone is staring Down at me again Something's lacking My friends Never let me in I feel the pressure Pushing me It's pushing me again I can't take much more Not any more, Not any more I feel That I've"

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