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the pretenders I will stay with you

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the pretenders I will stay with you

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the pretenders I will stay with you
  • Joe Purdy The Pretenders
    "Sally wake up you dont have to pretend anymore Cuz while you were sleeping I drove us to someplace the weather will always be warm We can go outside and bury our faces in the sun Theres no need to worry"
  • Bad Religion Pretenders
    "Bad Religion Miscellaneous Pretenders I give to you, you take from me We live in perfect harmony But i know you can't give me what i need Wwith subtle care and rosey hues We duke it out, we change our"
  • Ryan Adams Pretenders
    "The ones you love to hurt, always the ones you love.Ashamed of everything you should have been thankful of.Folks covered up with roses, might even be everyoneBut you're just dressing up to go messing upSee"
  • Reef Pretenders
    "come on when they get to your heart they're gonna work you out and when they do they'll stop following when they do they'll stop following you speak your name again and they run away laughing loud"
  • Kansas Three pretenders
    "Three pretenders forced their entry There wasn't time to defend or attack Somewhere inside I held their fury But one by one my defenses began to crack The first became a voice from my childhood Without"
  • Lady Sovereign Three pretenders
    "Three Pretenders Forced Their EntryThere Wasn't Time to Defend Or AttackSomewhere Inside I Held Their FuryBut One By One My Defenses Began to Crackthe First Became a Voice From My ChildhoodWithout a World"
  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy Young Pretenders Army
    "play with me just like a lost kitten in a tree set it off and alternative that's never of it's knees, come along, join in on the fun yeah ??? just like commodity ??? are sold so cheap cut it up and"
  • We Are The Fallen I Will Stay
    "Tonight I'm without you, The raindrops are falling, With candle light burning, For you, I'll be waiting. If all of the days have no more light, And all of our dreams are lost tonight, The stars can all"
  • Jefferson Starship I Will Stay
    "Here I am Even though I said I would go Think by now You should know Darling I love you so Arguments are just a trial Only lasting for awhile Just a smile from you Will make me say ... I will"
  • Starship I will stay
    "Here I amEven thoughI said I would goThink by nowYou should knowDarling I love you soArguments are just a trialOnly lasting for awhileJust a smile from youWill make me say ... I will stayI will stay with"
  • Hurriganes I Will Stay
    "(Intro) I will stay by your side now and forever. I will always only be in love with you. Is it true when you say that you love me? And is it true that I'm the one? In the day we walk together. In the"
  • The Beautiful South Pretenders To The Throne
    "Is it Cologne with it's great cathedral? Milan with it's glamour and it's pace? London with it's river and it's bridges? Lisbon with it's beauty and it's grace? Funny looking buses Climb it's pot-bellied"
  • The Goo Goo Dolls Stay With You
    "These streets Turn me inside out Everything shines But leaves me empty still And I'll burn this lonely house down If you run with me If you run with me And I'll stay with you The walls will fall before"
  • Tarrus Riley Stay With You
    "(intro) yeah heeey (verse 1) We've been together for a while now growing stronger everyday now feel so good and there is no doubt I will stay with you as each morning brings the sun rise and the"
  • John Legend Stay With You
    "We've been together for a while now We're growing stronger everyday now It feels so good and there's no doubt I will stay with you as each morning brings sunrise And the flowers bloom in springtime All"
  • Europe Always The Pretenders
    "Maybe we forced the deal to live in some kind of blow Maybe we broke the seal, Cracks begin to show Maybe we crossed the line, got everything of the ground Maybe we lit the fuse, a habit hard to lose All"
  • The Temptations Stay
    "Ooh:ooh:mmm:mmm:yeah:hey: On, no Na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah:ah:ah:yeah:yeah: Just to feel your body, your sensual desire You know my heart goes crazy when your tender lips touch mine Let's explore our"
  • Poets Of The Fall Stay
    "Morning comes slow todayMemories push through from yesterdayWhere will I be tomorrowWhat do I have to showFrom my lifeStay, I need you here for a new day to breakStay, I want you near, like a shadow in"
  • Shelby Lynne I Will Stay
    "You stood there wearing the night Look in my eyes, no surprise That I wanted, to love you You took me in your mind I took the time, to realize I love you But this time, I will stay Daylight nears your"
  • Rufus Stay
    "Please stay with me now Don't you let me go I'll make it somehow I got to let you know That I'll make it Somehow, some way Though I wait on the day What I'm doing's gotta pay Some way, somehow My baby,"

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