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the pretty rockless

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the pretty rockless

  • Pretty - The Cranberries
    "You're so pretty the way you are You're so pretty the way you are and you have no reason to be so insolent to me you're so pretty the way you are La, La, you got to say it if you want to but you won't"
  • Pretty - The Beautiful South
    "You're kind of pretty you can cover in make-up Cover in perfume too Moonlight, mud fight, any kinda sunlight Still comes shining through Stuff it with cakes, see if it breaks Put it in the oven, see how"
  • pretty - Beautiful South, The
    "Beautiful South, The gaze pretty your kinda pretty you can cover in make-up Cover in perfume too monlight,mudfight any kinda sunlight stil comes shining through stuf it with cakes,se if it breaks put"
  • Pretty pretty - The Early November
    "Early in the morning, wake up to a bright blue skylightning comes at any time to break it down and make it uglyI know that it's just for me'cause no one else can feel or understandthat's alright because"
  • Pretty - Kidney Thieves
    "I'm pretty, what do I deserve?I feel pretty, until I walk out the door.I wonder when pretty's gonna bleed.My monster has all the time he needs.So I came home to feel ugly again.Feels better alone, pretty"
  • Pretty - Kidneythieves
    "I'm pretty, what do I deserve I feel pretty, until I walk out the door I wonder when pretty's gonna bleed My monster has all the time he needs So I came home to feel ugly again Feels better alone, pretty"
  • Pretty - Korn
    "So... so love. Wait, but I don't realize. Somehow, why lay? Broke, the pain between her thighs I see your pretty face, Smashed against the bathroom floor! What a disgrace! Who do I feel sorry for?"
  • Pretty - Tara MacLean
    "Thats a pretty little friend ya got there Can't she introduce herself? Can't you look me in the eye tonight? Am I missing something? That's a pretty little dress she's wearing. Do you know how to take"
  • Pretty - Samantha Moore
    "Where do I got when I'm left to fit in Growing up is easy when you live beneath your skin I try to speak but the words they can't escape my mouth So I laugh when they laugh and I smile when they smile"
  • Pretty - Spydr
    "So I was thinking how great it must be To wake up and know you don't look like me I was thinking how if the stars went by Do the kids think you're easy on the eyes? I was thinking I shouldn't think so"
  • Pretty Pretty - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "A endly wave each morning starting the day, Neighbor, next door is only just a footstep away, Neighbor...you're pretty lucky to be alive, Hey pretty pretty, you're barely alive man, Look at me: Candy coloured"
  • Pretty, Pretty Star - Billy Corgan
    "(Billy Corgan) wind a spire survey the hours I'm secrets, secrets spillin' on the floor find a love a just because I need you, so much beggin' till I'm poor wanting so much more this hurts kid strangers"
  • Bethamphetamine (Pretty, Pretty) - Butch Walker
    "hey little party girl where do you wanna go i didnt come from your scene so many people i should know like every door guy in this city only lets you in cuz youre pretty and the boutique girls and"
  • Pretty Polly - The Kinks
    "Polly wouldn't listen to her Mama, Polly wouldn't listen to her Papa. She tried to make the swinging city scene, And now there's not a place that Polly hasn't been. Polly, pretty pretty Pollyanna, Pretty"
  • Pretty Girl - The Yardbirds
    "Pretty girl, Damn shame, You let those homely girls, Come and take your man. Pretty baby, Well, you know you're looking good, Oh but these homely girls, They're gonna wreck this neighbourhood. Pretty"
  • Pretty Polly - The Byrds
    "Written by Mcguinn-Hillman There used to be a gambler who courted all around There used to be a gambler who courted all around He courted pretty Polly, such beauty never been found "Pretty Polly, pretty"
  • Pretty Green - The Jam
    "I've got a pocket full of pretty green - I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine - I'm gonna put it in the juke box - It's gonna play all the records in the hit parade - This is the pretty green - this is"
  • Pretty Flamingo - The Queers
    "On our block all of the guys call her Flamingo 'Cause her hair blows like the sun And her eyes can light the sky When she walks she moves so fine Like a Flamingo Crimson dress *THAT* clings so tight She's"
  • Pretty Thing - The Jayhawks
    "Taking pictures of the boys Passed out in your bed True collector till the end You burned your bridges well With games of kiss and tell Left me twisting in the wind You occupy your days Walking"
  • Pretty Boy - The Neighbourhood
    "Even if the earth starts shakin’ You’re the only thing worth takin’ With me Even if the sky’s on fire Got you here t’s alright With me If it’s all over I am taking this moment With me Wherever i am"

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