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the primary and secondary sources song

  • Primary - The Cure
    "The innocence of sleeping children Dressed in white And slowly dreaming Stops all time I slow my steps and start to blur So many years have filled my heart I never thought I'd say those words The further"
  • Secondary - Brand New
    "And it comes down to you. Never and ever. Wrecked his day with looks and flirts and midnight in your shortest skirts. Past the point of trying, I'm a dying breed. Thank her for reminding me of all the"
  • Primary School Disco - Art Rush
    "Neon dogtags in the dark Gathering under oak In tiny little clusters in the distance Stumble through the smoke and sizzling Sprite in styrofoam To a DJ with a bible of CD-R's Young love in sweaty hands"
  • Secondary Modern - Elvis Costello
    "This must be the place Second place in the human race Down in the basement Now I know what he meant Secondary modern But there won't be a problem till the girls go home This is the hand that you never"
  • Primary Objective - Charlotte Lewis
    "I found a polar bear at an excavation, One of us named Miles, he can talk to ghosts. And we cant really say, that rescuing your people today. Is our primary objective, Not our primary objective no. Me"
  • Secondary Motion - Michael Schenker Group
    "Trying hard not to fake it Treated bad again All the time the strained confusion Playing in your head You're down the line, and you can't face it When the night closes in Can't break the spell, can't lose"
  • Secondary Waltz - Mark Knopfler
    "The school Christmas party is coming We ain't doing rugby no more McIntyre's teaching us waltzing Out on the gymnasium floor Out on the gymnasium floor McIntyre's out of the Army You'll be slippered if"
  • Primary Obstacle - Candiria
    "Suffer Arrogance Reasserts itself Bigilance Obstacles enhanced by way of imptence Shed thine Vociferous The subtle complex My most suppressed dread defects Compelled to taste side effects Genuine Enigma Fascinated"
  • Sources to Agonies - Limbonic Art
    "Through the mirror of the soul I'm staring deep within To see what dwell behind the wall The beauty of pale skin The aura that surrounds me Is not of noble kind The blackness of the heart Is all that's"
  • Brazilian - Primary
    "I named the Rose of Ethos And it's over you. I watch the room fill with Columbians I've lost my cover, now I'm anyones. And the conversation, it makes me bleed If I talk anymore, I might not get up I'm"
  • Vicious Precious - Primary
    "Once chance, a certain need to go One single man who starts the show And so much older than before But with this lack of direction This broken youth thats gone astray Not like the rest who rue the day This"
  • Supposed To Be Here - Primary
    "The colour of happiness, it's not like it's helplessness I've been there for days now Still all the little bits, it's not like it's scandalous I'm sure if I know how I was a loser them, not quite as modest"
  • Home And Away Theme Song - Home And Away Theme Song
    "You know we belong together You and I forever and ever No matter where you are Your my guiding star and from the very first moment I saw you I never felt such emotion I'm walking on air Just to know...(just"
  • The Rifle And The Song - Trout Fishing In America
    "(D. Rodriguez) So, I turn my head to where the four winds blow, And all the books I've read and all the things I know, But the mystery lives on. All my friends, they ask, "Have you forgotten your soul? Hou"
  • Retour Aux Sources - Sniper
    "Verse 1: Ca remonte au dbut des annes 90 dans mon 95 sans jouer l'ancien fau kjte raconte comment g vcu l truc . Avec mes yeux d'enfant j'ai tout pris dans la gueule en mme temps gue-ta, pe-ra se-dan"
  • Song and dance - Killing Joke
    "All time was left behindI made my way to the basic man assemblyMusic filled the air and voices singSnd then the song became aliveStick hit the skin - i hit the stickAnd we've all been keeping timeAnd all"
  • Song And Emotion - Tesla
    "I see him there most ev'ry day, A lonely man and his guitar. In his eyes, I see the pain, All the faces and the places, All the trouble that he'd seen. There was a time, There was a day, They'd come from"
  • Song And Dance - Andrew Peterson
    "David's on his throne at sundown His paper and his pen are in his hand He's waiting on a song at sundown As he gazes out across his holy land And he thinks of old Goliath and he smiles He can barely keep"
  • Song And Dance - Rez Band
    "If I could trust anyone but me, I might trust you, I'm so tired of this travesty called life, I have lived in the backstage lies and parodies, I have seen it from the husbands and their wives. If...if... Could"
  • Song Song Song - Final Fantasy
    "Got a daughter who'll eat anything They like to feed her words, words, words And tell her, Watch for the plague, girl, check your stool Or we'll send you to reformatory school And make a man out of you They'll"

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