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the prophet wrong

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the prophet wrong

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the prophet wrong
  • Cindy Alexander Prophet
    "Six a.m. it's a cinnamon dawn All burnt out and I never made it home I don't wanna go home You're fixed for a fight but I'm rock-a-bye gone I love you but I wanna be alone Is it O.K. to be alone?"
  • Fallen Prophet FALLEN PROPHET
    "I'm not a prophet, just a simple poor man Open your mind, you'll be reborn again Uncovering secrets for an ounce of gold Prepare your mind for the story untold Pay to pray, It's all the same Heaven's"
  • Three 6 Mafia Prophet Posse
    "Prophet posse, the posse bitch It's mafia time Lord infamous' mind It just ain't stable My actions are even more shocking and dockin' Than murder between kane and abel So stick 'em up Everybody catch"
  • Scream Maker Prophet
    "We’ve come here to fight To win or to die The light that will lead us Is stronger than night We’ve got the faith We’ve got the steel, yeah! And break! And blow! And tear asunder! Beware! No time to think"
  • Jude Prophet
    "I guess I make my way ok, I guess I do, I guess I get by just like you, I'm keeping to myself though, if you don't mind, I don't want to leave any fingerprints, Movin down the boulavard, the walk of fame, the"
  • Rizzle Kicks Prophet
    "I'm lurking in your pocket, better watch it, rizzle kicks, HA!" What! I'm last on the heaven list, Cuss I couldn't give a ras what angelic is. Even my laughter is venomous Dennis is, not even half"
  • Slightly Stoopid Prophet
    "but i aint no prophet to cure some damn disease and would you help me anyway if i was on my knees i'm going through my time of change in my time of need and every little thing is gonna be all the"
  • King Princess Prophet
    "you call when you want it everybody wants something form your soul on the molly someone’s friend is talking like they know you’re on lit I just want to be your pretty girl when you want it cause I can"
  • Cemetery Of Scream Prophet
    "He had no eyes He saw much more than us Fire in his hands Stigmata of the Universe He came to reign Over our dying world Nobody knew him And he knew everyone by name There in his book So many dates,so"
  • Max Romeo Blood Of The Prophet
    "Rachel mourns for her children They have killed the prophet And burned down the altar Whooah, what a slaughter! The blood of the prophet Is on the shore of Babylon Whoah, what a woeful situation! But I"
  • Soulfly The prophet
    "Time has arrived, we see all the signs Revolution now is the time Revelation soon to arise Tribulation means it's the time Send out the soldiers, their shield is their souls Revolution coming unfold Revelation"
  • Emperor The Prophet
    "... and as if awaken from eternal sleep he sought a mentor for he no longer knew his position "It is time after miracles and I am its prophet I have not come to cure but to bear witness decease" "It"
  • Labyrinth The Prophet
    "It was a nite dark 'n' cold Same old situation on the streets No one was thinkin' 'bout what should become When a strange man started to say Sinners you are you've got no shame for The evil you've done"
  • Moi Dix Mois The Prophet
    "Invite to forbidden libretto Thou roam in a black desperate darkness Putrefied corpseFeast of rapture Prophet of rebirth Lord God, answer my prayer(x2) Find thy way to the end of desire Give myself"
  • C.J. Bolland The Prophet
    "I'm here to tear down everything around you, And you know what i'm going to replace it with? God. the world of god. So take your bread and give it to the poor. What difference does it matter what you own? You"
  • Asia The Prophet
    "(Payne/Downes) He often wondered where he's from The Holy Grail, the bloodline son In his veins the answer comes The Promised Land, Parisian We sail today Into the sun To the place where life begun From"
  • Sunny Day Real Estate The Prophet
    "sun shines on my face how it's golden design rain falls in this place and the fields come alive days are only rumours we've wasted we cross the millions we'll see where we stand for removed from the romb will"
  • Dreams Of Sanity The Prophet
    "(The old man's Komodia) I would never think of me as a hero A bringer of wisdom of hope and of peace I never could think of me in a vortex of hope of future and vitality. I can spread my thoughts to"
  • Yes The Prophet
    "(Jon Anderson, Chris Squire) Long ago a tall man told a tale of yesterday, Searching for the truth to life and not for just a way. Finding pleasure from this house his ears, they did obey; In his life"
  • The Grateful Dead Estimated Prophet
    "My time coming, anyday, don't worry about me, no Been so long I felt this way, I'm in no hurry, no Rainbows and down that highway where ocean breezes blow My time coming, voices saying they tell me where"

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