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the radiance

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the radiance

  • Radiance - The Church
    "When a cloudy morning rain touched our little town Three small sisters and a friend walking in the fields A strange light in the sky blotting out the sun Whatever happens next changes all our lives And"
  • Radiance - Greenwheel
    "I've had enough of this red light I've been waiting here for no one Driving on like reruns and feeling nothing new Time has stopped Resting some for this town it's comforting to know nothing new If I could"
  • Radiance - Church
    "When a cloudy morning rain touched our little townThree small sisters and a friend walking in the fieldsA strange light in the sky blotting out the sunWhatever happens next changes all our livesAnd the"
  • Radiance - Athenaeum
    "Goodnight sleep tight My movie star You don't know how fortunate you are You said you had a job you didn't like Nothing to lose You're running from the things you can't fight But they all catch up with"
  • Radiance - Anathema
    "Inside...The dark is fading awayI don't want to be alone anymoreInside...The light of dawn is here once moreThe light...Darkness is slipping awayOf dawn...I don't want to be aloneIs here...Won't you stay?Not"
  • Radiance of Mordacity - Enthroned
    "Valorisation of hypocrisy perpetuated by the glorious weakness Tribulations from below engendered by the wicked. The revolution from our altars, will be the fire towards the sky Desecration of your believes, for"
  • All Your Radiance - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Left, on me but tears are a part of you hooked, what is it all is coming taste it, to be foolish on you embrace the tears embrace the past for all what you are dying for it's the only thing you can decide o."
  • Radiance (Demo Version 3) - Xayro Seversky
    "I don't mind the rain when I'm with you Precipitation falls like me for you. Our forcast shows nothing but Radiance, Radiance I see it in your eyes so... I want to feel like this forever. forever. And"
  • (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem Of 12 Stars - Wolves in the Throne Room
    "The strength that resides in contemplation Bathes me in silver starlight I will lead this beast on a chain of flowers Fear not the jaws that devour soul Between two pillars I have sat Great oxen in the"
  • The Bird - Wuthering Heights
    "I feel off light; light is my source All evil thoughts and pathful memorties are washed away By the radiance of golden spring Standing as a flaming torch on the road of time Past, present and future gathered"
  • The Explorer - Vintersorg
    "Born in the auroral arc's centre with eyes reflecting its sublime ways A splendid vision to enter, robed in the semblance of beams in haze It enlights his eternal questioning of worlds in space afar As"
  • The Awakening Of The Stars - Bal-Sagoth
    "''Reverie on the Ascension Mandate: With but a gesture of my incorporeal hand I illumine the heart of a new-born sun, Revelling as its searing stellar radiance engulfs my ersatz form. Gazing out across"
  • The Celluloid Dream - A.F.I.
    "Oh Calling tears from deep inside, oh, you're so exquisite And in the mirror, all midnight eyes Oh, if I could remain, but it's just a visit All midnight eyes read vacancy Twisted Twisting To the lovely"
  • The Northern Hemisphere - Carpathian Forest
    "The night is cold and brilliantly clear. Peak after peak of glorius ice mountains rose into the dome of the darkened skies. Jagged crystal teeth queezed between the depths of the jet-black fjords. The"
  • The Treasures Arcane - Crown Of Autumn
    "Of quenchless radiance twinkle the jewels set onto thy crown Each one's a will on the unique diadem of tyranny Cherish the untrodden lands of almightiness in thine heart Drenched the exquisite nectar of"
  • To The Quasar - Ayreon
    "(a)The Taurus Pulsar Within a distant nebula in the Taurus zodiac I hear the wailing of a star, the weak pulse of a fading sun All its fuel is burning out and its light will fade to black I can't ignore"
  • The Speed Of Love - Rush
    "Love is born with lightning bolts Electro-magnetic force Burning skin and fireworks A storm on a raging course Like a force of nature Love can fade with the stars at dawn Sometimes it takes all your strength Just"
  • Tears of the Beautiful - Novembers Doom
    "Please walk from the shadows. I want to see your eyes. They shine of lost souls and compassion for life. I don't understand why do you cry? The tears of the beautiful dry like moisture on a winters day."
  • Tale Of The Shadow - Compos Mentis
    "A journey through the land of the dead and hollow Towards the radiance where treasure is dug Down through the valley of the shallow Escaping silently from the forest's fog My precious shadow, it might"
  • The Soul Above All Others - Liar Of Golgotha
    "Deducting waves of existance, of being, of life itself, obtained by a simple spell of brightness covering the dark contours of Her iris'. Her charm engulfing me as flies around a continious lightning bolt,"

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