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the red elvises juliette

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the red elvises juliette

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the red elvises juliette
  • Lou Reed Romeo Had Juliette
    "Caught between the twisted stars the plotted lines the faulty map that brought Columbus to New York Betwixt between the East and West he calls on her wearing a leather vest the earth squeals and shudders"
  • Bryan Adams Not Romeo, Not Juliette
    "This is story about a boy and girl Trying find a life in the big world Somehow they're together There ain't much to the mystery Misery loves company She just waves her hand and says whatever Well this"
  • Red Elvises Sex In Paradise
    "Take me away, from dirty L A I'm tired of snow and ? O baby, why don't we fly away Tra la la la la Beautiful Leila on emerald lake You're rolling a joint I'm frying a steak O baby, what a lovely day Kiss"
  • Red Elvises All I Wanna Do
    "We were introduced at a party Nice people were drinking champagne Mariachis were singing their guts out And I couldn't hear your name I was so hungry for love Or maybe just crazed of the night You asked"
  • Glassesboys She Owns The Night (feat. Tyra Juliette)
    "She was … to the grocery store She can eat what she wants Initial… take more Attitude form New Your Coz her daddy is from L.A. Should take your heart and your money Then she just walk away She loves you"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Red
    "Flat on my back in a lonely sprawl i stare at the ceiling 'cause i can not fall asleep tonight no not at all head lights flash across my bedroom wall crying eyes open 'cause i can not fall in love with"
  • The Jayhawks Red
    "How could I walk so lonesome How could I aim so wrong All the time you pardoned You held me when I was young And you caught me when I fell You can make it rain and shine Never could when I was alone Chorus: I"
  • Aliz Mademoiselle Juliette
    "Why, why, tell me why ? Pourquoi tu me rejettes ? Pourquoi on se caresse ? C'est pas un problme Je peux tout arranger Tu sais Tu ne m'coutes jamais Tes mensonges Je ne les crois jamais Tu as beau me dire"
  • Sammy Hagar Red
    "I've read it all, it's black and white The spectrum made any shade I like The crimson rays are ruby bright Technicolor light, ow ''(Red!)'' I want red, there's no substitute for red ''(Red!)'' Paint it"
  • Bette Midler Red
    "I read that it's all black and white. Oooh, the spectrum made a shade I like! Ooh, those crinsom rays of ruby bright. Ah! The technicolor li-i-ight! Red! Red! I want red! There's no substitute for red! Red!"
  • Autumn Red
    "this red now writing in red ever bleeding red oh wanting red at rest upon the red sea it will be red this red now to silence me ever feeding me now it's frightening me it reveals it will always be red"
  • Belly Red
    "Red, you look tired You look older than your mother Where should I not touch? What should I not kiss? Where does it hurt? Red, in you slumber You look younger, so much stronger Honey on your breath Heaven"
  • Fiona Apple Red Red Red
    "I don't understand about complementary colors And what they say Side by side they both get bright Together they both get gray But he's been pretty much yellow And I've been kinda blue But all I can see"
  • Sister Soleil Red
    "Red Red Red Red Red Red If I could fly i would I'd fly away from here Out of my window in the night Where I'd be free So far away.. Out of my sleep in the night, I would fly High in the trees with"
  • Heaven 17 Red
    "The streets are full of stars again tonight And an angel writes a word across the sky When the people laugh there's no sound And the words keep falling round and round And the world just keeps on watching"
  • Paperback Hero Red
    "Onto an airplane A trip I must take Needing to leave you behind Sitting alone, watching the window Playing off scenes in my mind The day will come when the comets fade And love is all you can take."
  • XTC Red
    "You better watch your tape boys It's the tint that angers the beast Got their sails in the sunset they've already got the east Red red red Don't you let them make you Don't let them make you see ... red You"
  • Povi Red
    "Here we are Witness constant change of the sky that never sleeps And we see only the expedition tortured by the release Once the vision leaves me flying With the stillness in my mind Will I be sad with"
  • Beth Crowley Red
    "Red is the new dawn, red is the fall leaves, red is the anger at the lies you made me believe. And I said we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming,"
  • Chris Rea Red
    "Put your hand in the paintbox and choose Which one says the most about you I would have to pick the deepest shade The saddest shade of blue But red is colour I'd choose Red is colour I'd choose I set"

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