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the saturdays what ado us


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the saturdays what ado us

  • Saturdays - Holly Brook
    "Saturday what a day what a silly little day Time to kill take a pill as I sit and contemplate How I'd like to be around all the people in the town with their fancy cars and things But I've got time"
  • 52 Saturdays - Kaya & Crossing Coldwater
    "I remember everything we did Got it all written down in my head A diary of all the Saturdays Hung around while you drove around with your friends Then you phone too late Oh hell yeah You were really there"
  • Saturdays - Chevelle
    "We've lost the minds We came to know Like cattle out in the cold We begged for months We begged to know Show kindness never found Now we all belong In the Saturdays of our youth Cause we all have lost So"
  • Saturdays - Nelly Furtado
    "Hot motel Stuffy incide I know well This eleven walls Hot black tar I tan my legs Rest my heart And dream of the city Magazine and diet coke I'm not a joke This is me Damaged leg Heavy cart Plastic"
  • What About Us - The Saturdays
    "Oh why are we are waiting so long, I'm suffocating Oh why are we are waiting so long, I'm suffocating Boy it's now or never Time we get together Been a long time coming, Now I need that loving I like"
  • She likes saturdays - Oblivion
    "It all happened on a Saturday. He had to be a man an leave her smile such a sad way, such a sad way. It goes back a long time ago. Wide-eyed, Big Apple treated you such a bad way, such a bad way. You know"
  • Saturdays (feat HAIM) - Twin Shadow
    "this could be the last time that could be the fault line slipping away this could be your last time care about everything that you say this might be the last ride ever road could fall right under our"
  • Sunrays And Saturdays - Vertical Horizon
    "Open the window Let the sunset in If only for the last time Let me see you smile again I'll take my records You can have your books I'm sorry I never read them But it says so much about us Always trying To"
  • The Saturdays - Issues
    "Sometimes I feel like im going out of My mind, Boy the way you do me is a Damn crime, But then you smile at me And its allright, With you there ain't no inbetween... Everytime that i walk out the door I"
  • Want Ads - Taylor Dayne
    "(Greg Perry, General Johson, Barney Perkins) Wanted, young man single and free Experienced in love preferred But will accept a young trainee Back home I find myself, lost and all alone My man is"
  • Ada - The National
    "Ada dont talk about reasons why you dont want to talk about reasons why you dont wanna talkNow that you got everybody you consider sharpall alone. all together, all together in the darkLeave it all up"
  • Ade - Erben der Sch
    "Yesterday you told me It's all over You don't love me Anymore Please shoot the bullet which stops my pain Give me the knife which takes my life Please give me the rope which murders my breath Push me in"
  • The Personal Ads - Brodie
    "I'm calling in sick this morning. I got the stomach flu without a warning. That's not the truth, but that's what I'll say. Because I committed to finding you today. You wrote Your name and number On the"
  • Ado Maso - Kevin Parent
    "Tu fumes trop tu bois trop Tu manges mal t'es vulgaire avec ta mre Tu parles trop quand t'es chaud Pis tu t'sens sale aprs un trip de cul phmre Tu t'promnes d'un bord pis d'l'autre La recherche d'un point"
  • Us - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I know we often feel the rub of love that we don't always fit quite hand in glove but we live inside of a mystery and my heart often fails to contain and I know that words are not enough when I think"
  • Us - Chris Brown
    "The world is always changing, you can see it every day But in a tragic situation you just can't hide yourself away So try a little kindness cause it sure can't be that hard You're shining in the darkness"
  • Us - Sweatshop Union
    "The whole world's a sweatshop, a fascist regime/ With billions of parts, working as a massive machine/ The goal, keep the masses, passive between/ Cash, limozines and other fabulous things/ But, we gotta"
  • Us - INXS
    "(feat. Suzie McNeil) The world is always changing, you can see it every day But in a tragic situation you just can't hide yourself away So try a little kindness cause it sure can't be that hard You're"
  • Us - Celine Dion
    "I want to know why You're letting this die Without the blink of an eye You say that you need time I say you'll be fine If you would only see Like you did before You became imprisoned Can I reopen the"
  • Us - Ice Cube
    "Could you tell me who released our animal instinct? Got the white man sittin' there tickled pink. Laughin' at us on the avenue Bustin' caps at each other after havin' brew We can't enjoy ourselves Too"

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