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the sceptre

  • Sceptre Command - Absu
    "Namtar, you're the Hyle of plague-ness A watchman: bound and bound My staff is the answer (for elucidation) We shall not climb to the origin of elements We must examine the base of Gudua In order to harvest"
  • Brundish the sceptre - Sodom
    "Mankind can be bind But not the words of god Idioms are free and flourish Ulmight 'cause sensible BRANDISH THE SCEPTRE Mistress of all cults Cursed is your body Until all severed end nears Angels force"
  • Double Helixed Sceptre - Melechesh
    "Ravaged drones obey! Gaunt Dust Eaters, servants in E-Meslam In static darkness the Etimmu stay Noble ruler draped in black Trampling man, he appears bleak and grim With a double headed lion sceptre"
  • Beneath The Iron Sceptre - Bloodthorn
    "Hooves of iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth It's the day of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth Demons of war, bearer of plague and of pain Minions of chaos, make holy blood pour down"
  • The Sceptre Of Deception - Falconer
    "-It is with joy that I greet you Come inside, taste what is served for you Food does not lack, neither do wine Action or fate Let's stir the mighty cauldron Love versus hate By the sceptre of deception "
  • The King Is Dead - Across The Border
    "''Diese Krone gibt mir das Gefhl von Macht, MACHT! Verzeiht mein grausames Kichern... Macht...'' as he lay in the pool of blood we heard a voice _ we heard the devil sing _ and now the tyrant knows the"
  • The Pestilence - Kreator
    "Cemetary of hades riting flesh of death Skulls and bones are decaying Corpses limbs and deadly carnage Massacre and crime is ruling The world is living in pain and sorrow The gods have stopped believing Survive"
  • Enter The Triangle - Fiurach
    ""Avenir, Avadon, Adonai, Vali, Vanth, Vidar" Secret words gate to the opened doom reborn executioners will to conquest; astonished eyes, penetrating the unknown recollection of pain inspires demonic the"
  • The Ivory Age - Epiclore
    "Deep in the sea of deeds of mankind the swords and the shields expect us to find the gate to the fallen ruins of the land sceptre of rule in the cardinal's hand Before we can fight we gaze to the sky One"
  • Enter the worms - Cathedral
    "Adorned daggers, ruby hilted swords,Unfailing crucifixes, striking mortal cords,Huge violent serpents in volumes rolled,All holy poisons poured in cups of gold.Ooh these instruments so blessed and old,Here"
  • The Virgin Queen - Sopor Aeternus
    "Panda-ghost-face oh, dear me I do still ponder on the old first question I ever raised was by mistake, a singular one. Handsome and straight I only detect the safety of denial the masculinear, slap"
  • The Ultimate Nemesis - Ancient Ceremony
    "With Hand of Judgement I have whetted my flashing Sword to punish my Adversaries I will make my Arrows drunk with Blood and my evil Soul shall devour Thy feeble Flesh Now I take Vengeance on my hated Enemies The"
  • The Apostasy Canticle - Draconian
    "When our flames were lit by chaos... We knew not the grip; the bondage of light Then he waved his sceptre, and cosmos was formed Too late we knew our freedom was lost He blinded us; polluted our minds"
  • Queen of the silver rings - Dr. Hook
    "She arrives in all her splendour Every night at nine o'clock. And her chariot is the crosstown bus That stops right down the block. Then the old piano minstrel Plays her song as she walks in, And the Queen"
  • Queen Of The Silver Dollar - Porter Wagoner
    "QUEEN OF THE SILVER DOLLAR WITH PAMELA ROSE GADD Writer Shel Silvertstein Copyright 1972 She's the queen of the Silver Dollar, and she rules this smokey kingdom And her sceptre is a wine glass and"
  • Queen Of The Silver Dollar - Dr. Hook
    "(Shel Silverstein) She's the queen of the Silver Dollar, and she rules this smokey kingdom And her sceptre is a wine glass and a bar-stool is her throne And the jesters, they flock around her, and they"
  • Knight Of The Swords - Diamond Head
    "A jewelled sceptre plucked by order to serve their cause To vanquish the swords of chaos and tip the scales again The last of noble blood you know time must take its course You blood red robe will never"
  • An arrow from the sun - Therion
    "Sunshine hides behind a cloud Eiwar! There's no light for us to see Eiwar! But a ray is breaking through Eiwar! The ignorance of human mind Eiwar!On Olympia the sun is bornRadiating from god ApolloFrom"
  • The Whisperers - The The
    "A lonely silhouette Smoking a cigarette Hoping for the phone to ring Though she's sick of the sound Of people's mouths Winding her up And putting her down Don't get sad When people that you trusted stab"
  • God? - The Dodos
    "No one to hold, no place to lie I know we're all alone and still You come to brush this gray aside I know, I know, it's fate I feel You answer to our hungry eyes I hope, I hope this must be real We need"

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