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the sea still sings

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the sea still sings

  • The Sea Still Sings - Marc Almond
    "I remember the sea I remember How I thought she would sing forever Though her voice it became a whisper But the sea still sings in her heart To the furthest shores of Alaska From the bow of a floundering"
  • I sings - Mary Mary
    "Keep moving, keep movingKeep moving, keep moving Yo from the Brooklyn Bridge to the woods of HollyI roll like Tonto, Houncho KimosabeeButta's still hereNo doubt I'm thankful MommyLife's beautifulI'm laying"
  • Sings - Justin Timberlake ft. Snoop Dogg
    "I'm not sure of what I see Cupid don't fuck wit me Are you tellin' me this is a sign? She lookin' in my eyes Noticin' no other guys Are you telling me this is a sign? Ooh Don't think about it Boy leave"
  • Sings - Beyonce
    "In December every sign has it's own mode I was in love with a Sagittarius See the emotions he put me through From Capricorns to Aquarius They all got their different minds The affection of a Virgo Which"
  • The Morning Sings - Dear Ephesus
    "Held by cobwebs. Breathed the dirty morning air. Hear the writing. From the poet's pen laid bare. And I would reach to you. If I could lift my hands. And I would take a breath. If I could kill the hate"
  • My Soul Sings - Delirious?
    "Open my eyes to see The wonderful mystery of love Falling into you I'm drawn to the gravity of love We're standing still in a moment of eternity Where worlds collide and I feel the breath of heaven over"
  • She sings in the morning - Pierce The Veil
    "Wake up! A voice hits the air on a lonely coast And I'll sing along like a prayer for you I can dream up the words (I'll never see your face again) If we wake at, if we wake at all She sings to me If"
  • She Sings In Riddles - Third Day
    "The voice of an angel, I cannot tell Light or darkness, heaven or hell The smile of a believer, wedged and bound Friend or deceiver, the truth or a lie Chorus: She sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes Say"
  • The Sea - Renaissance
    "The sea Holds its many hands to me And takes me To places where I want to be My dreams Many fathoms far below Like this The pattern of my life will flow Distant horizon Melts in the sun Turn and turn"
  • The Sea - Antichrisis
    "Down in the gutter of broken hearts I lie in 8 months time died the love of my life Wounds cut so deep: Will I ever forget that you crept away like a thief in the night? And I'm standing on top of a mountain Crying"
  • The Sea - Van She
    "I've found ?? A rainy day forever Bell that pings Time and loose won't last away forever And I became the tall care free In your head dreams that never ever end On to B.C To breath the air till never ??"
  • Thelma Sings To Little Nell - Peter Murphy
    "Fragments spinning in the waves The sea is dreaming of shining caves A drop of petal rings the bell In the corner of Heaven of my Little Nell Words from the vine and essence flow A teardrop turns in its"
  • Ahead To The Sea - Ahead To The Sea
    "On our way to the bar I asked her would you come with me We could leave this town behind us and our aim could be the sea At once I scold myself a fool, but she said why not? And smiled Let us go to where"
  • The Song That The Girl Sings - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
    "{Last time I checked, my feet were on the ground. We were ok, even thought you'd be around. Then you told me that you hated me and everything went fuzzy from there.} I had to find you then. I had to figure"
  • Blood Sings - Suzanne Vega
    "When blood sees blood Of its own It sings to see itself again It sings to hear the voice it's known It sings to recognize the face One body split and passed along the line From the shoulder to the hip I"
  • Peyote Sings - Sugababes
    "Peyote sings 'Excuse me, what you looking at ? Aren't you that ? Yes I am, why ? I've seen you on television Yeah I do that stuff, helps me sell my vision So you're a prostitute ? I guess so would you"
  • Jesus Sings - Watson Wayne
    "Wayne Watson Chorus Jesus sings easy from my heart Sweet from my soul Jesus falls softer on my ear Than others I know Inscribed across my dark places Or carved forever in stone He seems to be most at home Written"
  • Ether sings - Laura Veirs
    "My wooden vibrating mouthSing me your lovers songCome with me well head up north Where the rivers run icy and strongThe empty theater is lying coldIn the shadows of the pastA church group enters to touch"
  • Robot Sings - Buffalo Daughter
    "My dear love Tell me why your heart is so empty. Won't you, dear, deny your love for me is just whimsy? My mind is puzzled while bacon in pan is frizzled. Since your so beautiful. Your my morning delight. I"
  • Peyote Sings - Tricky
    "Martina : You sure you want to be with me? I've nothing to give. Won't lie and say this loving's best Leave us in emotional pace Mmm, take a walk take a rest, a taste of rest Don't wanna be on top of your"

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