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the situation - black

  • Situation - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(Lynch): The only one who ever saw my face, I must erase, had to get filthy dirty Left him in his driveway soaking wet, hope nobody heard me I'm out that muthafucka with about 4 pounds of that Shamrock Zip"
  • Family Situation - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Like Bonnie and Clyde, we got a family situation Yeah, we mighta done it but it wasn't premeditated Now she is your con man, now I am your hooded guru Now she is a family man, paying family dues She,"
  • Situation Crazy - Pato Banton
    "In this time the leaders of the world fight each other with sanctions and nuclear weapons. There are mountains made of butter and grain and yet people are starving. Man has drained all resources from this"
  • Situation - Push Play
    "Cause every single time I Look into the past I Think of what we had and it blows my mind Night is what I symbolize How fast I can fly Don't tell us where to do Don't tell us to lie low Let us move to the"
  • Situation - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous Situation Tryin' hard to weigh up the situation But without my mind's full cooperation How can I have something to believe in When I don't even listen to the mouth the words"
  • Situation - Yaz
    "Blue eyed dressed for every situation Moving through the doorway of a nation Pick me up and shake the doubt Baby I can't do without Chorus Move out, don't mess around Move out, you bring me down Move"
  • Situation - Alison Moyet
    "blue eyed dressed for every situation moving through the doorway of a nation pick me up and shake the doubt baby i can't do without chorus move out, don't mess around move out, you bring me down"
  • Situation - Yazz
    "Blue eyed dressed for every situation Moving through the doorway of a nation Pick me up and shake the doubt Baby I cant do without Chorus Move out, dont mess around Move out, you bring me down Move out,"
  • Situation - Tom Jones
    "Blue I dress for every situation Moving through the doorway of the nation Pick me up and shake me down Baby I can't do without Move out Don't mess around Move out You bring me down Move out Forget about"
  • Situation - Joy Enriquez
    "Verse 1 : She don't know about, what you You've been doing with me I feel bad about it What would you do If you were in my shoes B - section I should've known right from the start When you said she was"
  • Situation - PIG
    "Everything I feel just turns on me Again and again 'til I can't see Everything you sought, you found But I see people looking down Pointed fingers, pointless lives All points lead to empty lies Empty hands"
  • Same ol' situation - Motley Crue
    "She's got an alligator bag Top hat to match Dressed in black on black She's got a Philipino girlie She claims is her friend I tell you boys, you just gotta laugh Now I used to call her Cindy She changed"
  • Complicated Situation - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "Everything is so different now with screamers fill the air And haunts small his children sleep upon the floor Where have they gone you will hear them say with smiles meant to cry And as they whined a watch"
  • The Situation - Heart
    "Go to the city away from the land, stand in a line Where they stamp your hand, wind up at a dance You want to energize, is it just by chance People have electric eyes Wires and strings, line that lead"
  • The Situation - High Holy Days
    "I feel pretty incredible Standing here in the vacuum of my life It feels so odd to be alive And the days they pass so quickly I'm here I said I feel alright But I can't sleep at night So I looked and found"
  • The Situation - Krystal Meyers
    "She's finding love in the back of a car when is it too late Have they gone too far She's having trouble drawing the line But she knows she wants to feel beautiful She struggles finding self-respect She'll"
  • Peculiar Situation - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) We take walks in storms on rainy nights When it's cold I hold you close to me When we dine you help me choose the wine It's these things that mean so much to me Ain't this"
  • Situation Vacant - The Kinks
    "Suzy and Johnny were happy Earned enough to pay the rent But Johnny's mother-in-law had too much ambition And this made Johnny very upset So to keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought the"
  • Situation Get Out Of Control - Jah Cure
    "People a face it Oh them a feel it, woi Situation get out of control Every day another black man head roll My Jah what is this I'm beholding with my eyes From the smallest, from 5 to 10 years old"
  • Real Situation - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "Check out the real situation Nation war against nation Where did it begin, when will it end Well it seems like total destruction The only solution And there ain't no use No one can stop them now Ain't"

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