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the sky above the rain

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the sky above the rain

  • Sky above - Melissa Ferrick
    "Lay down now Your mouth is mine Put your arms around me Let's stop this place and time Your hands are on my face There's nothing her Nothing speaks here But truth in this space Sky above, ground below"
  • The Sky Above, The Mud Below - Tom Russell
    "Two men rode in from the South, a rainy autumn night (The sky above and the mud below) They walked into the Deacon's bar, they were Mexican by sight (The sky above and the mud below) They threw a horse"
  • The rose above the sky - Bruce Cockburn
    "Something jewelled slips away round the next bend with a splash laughing at the hands i hold out only air within their grasp all you can do is praise the razor for the fineness of the slash i see the Rose"
  • Above The Clouds - Turin Brakes
    "One, two, three, four Up above the clouds, it is always a blue sky Some will try a trick, but you just look them in the eyes What will they do, when the money runs dry? Where will they go, when the"
  • Above The Horizon - Xysma
    "Towards the horizon From under the sea Firmament Is laughing at me Greenish visions From the past Millions of coffins Of the future The waves sing death I'm listening to their message The sky melts and"
  • Rain - July For Kings
    "Sitting underneath the clouds reguarding the fading light a temporary blue sky we stand again with the memory of our secrets the fragility and the sweet kiss the mystery of silence with calm before a storm"
  • Rain - Grateful Dead
    "Here I am, on the lam ready to goBrighter days have hurried me along, nobodys wrongLove stays the same a hearts not to blame nothing is overNow it dont worry me at all theres just got to beSome kind of"
  • Rain - Blondie
    "All I get is rain Thunder clouds up above my head Storm warning's been posted Heavy weather predicted today There's a storm on outside I've been thinking about the day It was in late September I thought"
  • Praise The Holy Lord Above - Eden's Bridge
    "O, Praise the Holy Lord above You people in His temple Praise Him for the Lord is good And you are His possession The Lord above is Lord of all The earth is here to please Him From deepest sea to cloudy"
  • God Above God - Virgin Steele
    "Why should I become the Dark Queen And how shall I become this Black thing My Holy Blood turned to bitterness Before the first Oceans... or the Mountains were born I stood beside Your with Wisdom Adorned Our"
  • Hell Above - Pierce The Veil
    "I cannot spend another night in this home. I close my eyes and take a breath real slow. The consequence is if I leave I'm alone... But what's the difference when you beg for love? As I run through glass"
  • Heavens Above - The Style Council
    "Heavens above what have we done Oh, we've killed off the thing we had so little of True, love has no truth without a price But the cost of loving has been blown sky high Spend on the hope the call The"
  • Above - Finger Eleven
    "Inside I'm gone You knew that all, all along Without the distance you never get away Plastic bag image It's over now, it's over now The color fading is all the way to grey We are strong but we're dumb We"
  • Above - Beaumont
    "When you've seen the light And it's blinded you You know what's right And what's wrong for you So don't count the days It will never come Save your time He's not the one The sun will set On another love Stop"
  • Above - Pillar
    "For all those people I've met Thinkin' I live my life in regret for all those choices I've made I have the utmost respect for my Lord He's given me The ultimate reward of life in heaven when I'm gone from"
  • ABOVE - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "I am the one you want and what you wanna see I am the one you want and what you wanna see I am the one you want and what you wanna see I am the one you want and what you wanna see"
  • The World Above - Golden Films
    "The world above is where I'll be The moon and stars will shine for me I'll see the sights that only can be In the world above The world above is beautiful Where mountains meet the sky It's where my prince"
  • Above The Clouds - GangStarr
    "(Guru) Myself lord and master shall bring disaster to evil factors demonic chapters shall be captured by kings Through the storms of days after and to the earth from the sun through triple darkness to"
  • Above the clouds - Delerium
    "There are no stars tonight my love Darkness lives inside my heart without your love How could you hear me when there are no words to say I close my eyes and wait to escape I'm leaving without you I'm leaving"
  • Above the clouds - Gang Starr
    "It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE.. somewhere in outer space." "The mysteries of creation are there." "Up in the sky?" "Up in the sky." "The moon and the planets are there."

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