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the sound of the crown

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the sound of the crown

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the sound of the crown
  • The Connells Crown
    "The crown is off the one ahead of you you down and out and side step through been pounding out the crowded streets ten o'clock in the morning the streets rising up your head is ringing and everything..."
  • Irish Celebration Crown
    "The crown is off the one ahead of youYou down and out and side step throughBeen pounding out the crowded streetsTen oclock in the morningThe streets rising upYour head is ringingAnd everything...Gonna"
  • Samael Crown
    "If eyes are the mirror of the soul You will find in mine the scorn and apathy You will read my hatred as in a curs'd book You will see yourself as I see you It is a mirror sombre and opaque Which protects"
  • Collective Soul Crown
    "Who's gonna be my saviornow that I've learned to believeWho's gonna be the answerTo all of my questioningWell I hope I'm not lostBut I think that hope is now distractingAnd the words that secure a thoughtAre"
  • Mason Jennings Crown
    "I took the train up from illinoisI was following through on a letter you sentI always feared that you'd be trueTrue to yourself to the bitter endIt just kinda happened, or so she saysShe was drinking and"
  • Backyard Babies Earn The Crown
    "Everytime I hit the streets I'm fast Like a canonball of gold Every day I'm travelin' from the past To fulfill a restless soul I've been ridin' more than you've been drivin' It's like a "must go on wheel's" Anyway"
  • Human Fortress Defenders of the Crown
    "(L: Parcharidis / M: Parcharidis, Wolf, Marquardt) Templars of steel, Knights of the cross Unite our armies to honour our God Holy land, we are marching on Ten thousand men, beneath the ashes of Jerusalem God"
  • Konkhra Crown Of The Empire
    "The Crown Of The Empire to achieve they conspire shackeling the righteous one the fallen king's infant son gone to the holy land to kill the ungodly man presumed to be dead so the Traitor mounts the throne"
  • Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Salt Crown
    "Now I have your shoes Today I wear your old black shirt I have the things that I gave to you But soon I'll be ready to give them back Come and get them Shale-skin, salt-crown, slate-feather, corpse-down Stone-blood,"
  • Slim Cessna's Auto Club Thorny Crown
    "Listen what I sing Now listen to my story Won't be long for the sights I have seen I will sing my song I will tell you why I worry Won't be long for the coming of the king I had a frightening dream Had"
  • Gary Byrd The Crown
    "People of the world wherever you be welcome to Cosmic YOUniversity. Where life is the journey and love is the trip And the study of them will make you hip. I'm professor of the rap and when I speak I"
  • Madball The Crown
    "I won't walk away from you, not like this I have unfinished business We went away for a minute, I know Two years and a minute I suppose, here we go Back on this journey again For worse or for better, we"
  • Ja Rule The Crown
    "(feat. Sizzla) They can't keep a good man down (yeah) All these people smile, but they won't me to frown Gettin' by when I shot 'em nine rounds They will never ever take my crown (let's get to the song) Thinkin"
  • The Waterboys Crown
    "I've had money, and I've lost it seen an ocean, nearly crossed it I have been to another world and I have returned and for every high joy a hard lesson learnt But when love comes tumbling down I will"
  • Village People The Sound Of The City
    "Listen to the sound of the city, listen to the sound of the town New York is the city of cities, New York is still wearing the crown Listen to the sound of the city, listen to the people I love Everyone"
  • End Of Green The Sickness Crown
    "The sickness crown, I make you feel. I'm gonna cut you down. Come take my life and all from me- still gonna cut you down. It's all inside of me, I never feel. I feel, it heals, I feel. The crown of thorn"
  • The 1975 The Sound
    "Well I know when you're around cause I know the sound I know the sound, of your heart Well I know when you're around cause I know the sound I know the sound, of your heart It's not about reciprocation"
  • Peter Koppes Sound
    "(Ahh, ss-sound) Ah you really turned me on With everything today You really turned me on The way you did what you did today Yeah I wanna Yeah I gotta yeah If you wanna take a journey to a foreign land There's"
  • James Sound
    "Ape your father's sins, your mother's mood swingsTo perfectionFall into a spin, shed another skinStrip away all your protectionLaugh at the wonder of it allLaugh so loud you break the fallAnd you see the"
  • Keep Of Kalessin Crown Of The Kings
    "Dragon Goetia Red gold on cold stone With the dead arise Rise winged serpent Before the unseen Rise the serpenteye star Through times of war A victor is crowned A beast of gigantic size Summoned by"

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