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the soundlovers- surrender

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the soundlovers- surrender

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the soundlovers- surrender
  • The Soundlovers Surrender
    "I used to be surrender I used to be a lonely soul I used to ask the sender asking him if my love has come I used to get it on and I will go on.. I used to be surrender I used to be a lonely soul I used"
  • The Calling Surrender
    "So, here we are, all alone As the wine makes you mine for the night Soft is the way that you feel And hard is the way that we breathe In, out, we're moving Around with the dirt on the floor I know what"
  • Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Surrender
    "Don't talk crazy now Take it easy You just can't hold out forever Don't you lie to me You said you loved me Don't say you don't remember 'Cause you told me Yeah, you did And I'm not gonna let you forget Well,"
  • The Brand New Heavies Surrender
    "Did you ever feel like there wassomething gonna happen and then,realize a part you had diedperhaps created something better?See I'm getting readyto drop this feeling heavy.I been experiencingfeelings I"
  • All Saints Surrender
    "Something in the wine That accentuates the mood I'm like a child at school You're the blackboard I concentrate on you You close the curtains, I am certain this is more than fun Your fingers remove my"
  • Gary Moore Surrender
    "(Gary Moore) Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender Look at me then look at you The things we put each other through And everyday that we're apart The skies run deeper through my heart Surrender,"
  • Gloria Estefan Surrender
    "Will you tell me All your secrets Could you really be sincere Whisper all your inhibitions The things you most fear Don't turn away I want to get to know you in the worst, worst way Come back baby come"
  • Diana Ross Surrender
    "(Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) I want the love that you deny me That I need so desperately The tenderness that you posses You've deprived me You must pray for the lonely night That I walked the floor"
  • Texas Surrender
    "I want the love that you deny me That I need so desperately The tenderness that you posses You've deprived me You must pray for the lonely night That I walked the floor for you And don't know you must"
  • Simple Plan Surrender
    "My mother told me Yes she told me Id meet girls like you She also told me stay away Shell fall in love with you And just the other day I heard them talking in the halls About the junk thats going around Mommys"
  • Cash Cash Surrender
    "I was running on an empty heart Not a trace of gasoline Trying to dim every single spark That could hurt, that could burn all of me Like a soldier on the battle ground Lying wounded on the field I was"
  • Downhere Surrender
    "I'm in a constant freefall When I'm following You Can't see the next step's footing But I know that You do And life is all just a bunch of work Nothing more than a climbing fall Till I surrender, surrender,"
  • ATB Surrender
    "Where do you and I begin? You turn my world around My feet don't touch the ground You steal my secrets from within My dreams are coming true Should I believe in you? Yeah, Yeaahh, Yeeaaah... Yeah, Yeaahh,"
  • Blondie Surrender
    "Surrender my love to you Oh no I won't surrender Surrender my love to you Oh no I won't Before I surrender My love to you I'd rater lie down in the street And get hit by a big Mac truck Surrender my love"
  • Billy Talent Surrender
    "She reads a book from across the street, Waiting for someone that she'll never meet. Talk over coffee for an hour or two, She wonders why I'm always in a good mood. Killin' time before she struts her stuff, She"
  • Kelly Clarkson Surrender
    "there is so much life i have left to live and this fire's burning still what would happen if they ever knew i'm in love with you cause i'd surrender everything to feel the chance to live again i reach"
  • Shola Ama Surrender
    "INTRO Surrender your love Surrender your love Uuum, oooh Surrender your love CHOURS I know that if I take you home You'll surrender your love baby Surrender your love Won't be the last time that I take"
  • Ben Lee Surrender
    "Well I have felt an angel's kiss And I have seen the sweet sunset I thought maybe I was this I found out that I am that Let go Give in Give up Surrender Let go Give in Give up Surrender All the things"
  • Lasgo Surrender
    "Go!! You say that I can trust you I don't know Everytime I'm near you I lose control I must be out of my mind To let you in Maybe I should try to find My strength within It's only a matter of time and"
  • Four Star Mary Surrender
    "mother told me yes she told me i'd meet girls like you she also told me stay away you'll never know what you'll catch just the other day i heard of a soldier's falling off some indonesian junk that's going"

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