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the strocks threat of

  • Threat - Jay-Z
    "Yo once a pimp gets threats That's right, that's the - the that's, that's threats them And I'm serious about mine, I'm so sin-surr And I, nigga I'll kill ya, I'll chop ya up Put ya inside the mattress"
  • No Threat - The Tragically Hip
    "got a window washer's head for an unmakeable bed for loneliness the past is no place to- rest your weary arms 'cept at sevens at your sides your face a campaign debt reflected sky you die to your fans one"
  • There's Your Threat - A Global Threat
    "knock down our cemetery plot we must have gave what we got guess NYSE and them just weren't that but the butcher cut the wrong fat better shop and save up cures deadbolt all the doors, there's your threat maximum"
  • Death Threat - Insolence
    "Yo You Won The Lottery The First Prize Death And When We Came Though Make Sure Quiet Is Kept Hit The Deck Only You Where The Fuck Is The Rest? I Got A High Caliber Output Put A Hole In Your Chest"
  • No Threat - Gogol Bordello
    "Well, I can break your bones And then I'll stab you with them There are still things more *ahem* than that And I can prepare fajitas For a winter season There are still things more *ahem* than that"
  • 77 Threat - Virus Nine
    "There used to be a time, way back in the day, when Skins and Punx would stand up to whatever's in their way they had to stick together thru the thick and thin, youth vs. authority until the bitter end,"
  • Death Threat - Superjoint Ritual
    "I flipped a switch, I know it wouldn't take long, you could Time me like whore. If I had six, you'd swear I had a Thousand, you can mop me up in the morning (chorus) Cold, then fire, then cold, it's relentless The"
  • Threat interlude - Ice-T
    "(Threat) What they screamin' when they shout? Who they fiendin' fo' - Zoo rock the house fo' sure We boom you need some elbow room, that's right Cause I be chokin' the mic, place me under arrest I'm on"
  • Moral Threat - Social Distortion
    "You beat us up when we're alone Come back later and then you're gone Now you're tucked away in your bed And I've got stitches in my head Cause you didn't like my looks Cause I'm not in the fashion books Admit"
  • Triple threat - Twiztid
    "Chain smoking and heart broken I'm focusedBrain blowing I start showing I'm hopelessHeroine is my new name and I'm the dopestShit you even shot in your veins and chose to noticeNo remote so don't try to"
  • Triple Threat - Terror Squad
    "what, fuck ya want from me, see i love my thugs but im a terrorist nigga and imma terrorize ya ass till gone for miles pana what, bitch ass nigga!! (Verse 1 Armageddon) I jeopardize this rap shit and blast"
  • Atomic Threat - Acoustic Torment
    "a gentle breeze refreshes the hot summer air, lets rustle leaves and tousle hair. but the wind brings the dread, the invisible horror. soon all life will be dead, nightmare of terror. unsuspecting population, suspense"
  • Bomb Threat - Kreator
    "Inpending doom, assassinate Aggressive drive explodes Uncontrollable resistance Parallised dismay Agenda carried all around The world is in a shock terroristic action brutal Sacrifice and loss Bombthreat"
  • Threat Interlude - Ice T
    "What they screamin' when they shout? Who they fiendin' fo' - Zoo rock the house fo' sure We boom you need some elbow room, that's right Cause I be chokin' the mic, place me under arrest I'm on the hit"
  • Bomb Threat - Werd N Deeko
    "This is Werd n Deeko Scotland UK to Iowa US This is a B-side beat I grab your neck to grab your attention I am a bastard Rip out your eardrum if you don't recognize the accent I dinny think your comprehending"
  • Threat Of Love - Marc Almond
    "It's a poison That slowly drips It's a word of cruelty On your lips Like a killer on the run Like a kiss from a gun It's a threat of love Threat of love It's a heartache To traumatise It's a touch of darkness In"
  • The Threat Of Nature - Beep Beep
    "Look at the songbirds. Now, kill them. They invade our airspace. They don't pay their taxes. See the squirrels in the tree. You hear them chattering. They assume your life is trivial. You are aware"
  • Nature of the threat - Ras Kass
    "Let freedom ring with a buckshot, but not just yet We need to truly understand the nature of the threat And a pale man walks in the threshold of darkness Roughly 20,000 years ago the first humans evolved"
  • The Character/The Threat - Days Of The New
    "Feel so low, Too low to get high, Trying to remember, Trying to survive. Passing by, Another day, Nothings changed, I made the same mistake, I made yesterday (X2) Yesterday! I struggle not to fall into"
  • The Threat Of Seduction - On Thorns I Lay
    "And you hurt me inside Knowing and killing my pride Trying to take control Changing my path I fear the passion I'm falling supporting in a dream The automatic future Seems like monster destiny Chaos,"

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