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the the infected

  • Infected - The The
    "I'm hiding in the corner of an overgrown garden - Covering my body in leaves - and trying not to breath All my childhood dreams are bursting at the seams & dangling around my knees I've been deformed by"
  • Infected - Repo! The Genetic Opera
    "I'm...infected I'm infected by your genetics Shilo, I'm the doctor Shilo, I'm your father Oh, Shilo, that was close! Take your medicine I'm infected by your genetics Shilo, you're my patient Shilo, be"
  • Infected - Fallon & Felisha
    "In and out of, rela-tionships, Finding someone, to share, life with, I'm unwilling, and I won't carry the load, Fairytales, and the fan-tasies, There is no prince, com-ing to save me, When the book closes,"
  • Infected - Tiësto & Jauz
    "Ready for the exit You've already been bitten by the rhythm We're infected Ready for the exit You've already been bitten by the rhythm"
  • Infected - Spineshank
    "___________________________________ I'm infected by you, I feel so sick I've always focused on my own impurities Its the way I believe, I'm suffering And you saw it as an insecurity I feed the weakness"
  • Infected - Rides Again
    "So this is what it's like to be alive Wide awake I open up my eyes Tell me what this life really means When nothing in my head is what it seems Sooner or later You'll be the shadow Crawlin in my head Take"
  • Infected - GBH
    "You wake up one day,to find you've been thrown away.You've got no energy to speak,you're just too damn weak.Infected, infected,injected misdirected.Infected, infected,and to it we're all subjected.Your"
  • Infected - Outbreak
    "I believed every word a you were someone I respected, but this is a disease and everyone's infected. (You're all the same). It's a sick place and you're all the f**king same, scumbag motherf**kers playin'"
  • Infected - Systematic
    "Down slowly, I take your sight Blind you, it's so divine You burn, burn All the bridges to me they're all damaged you see And when you learn I'm your worst enemy I plant the bad seed Did you notice you"
  • Infected - This Is Hell
    "and when they said this wasnt worth its weight in gold we chose to clench our fists and spit in their eyes turn a deaf ear, a blind eye to all the vultures looking for their chance to pick at our bones a"
  • Infected - Bubba Sparxxx
    "Hahahahahahah! Don't be scared of me Come on over here and let Bubba infect you Uhh, uhh From the slums the East of Athens to the plains in North LaGrange Bubba K can stumble drunk up on any porch I"
  • Infected - Jacks Of All Trades
    "Laid back sitting in my ride letting wind blow Taking time all alone letting my thoughts flow >From east to the west my mind is getting stressed Till everybody knows the deal I can't rest Resurrected was"
  • Infected - Obituary
    "No will to live Without lights Coming to the end of life Arriving in the end of life Ones decide to sacrifice No will to live Without lights Coming to the end of life Lost in darkness realms to go The"
  • Infected - Sickick
    "Ju-ju-just watch! Ju-ju-just watch! Ju-ju-just watch! They call me the freak of the fall You feel like a badboy? Well I'm King Kong... I'm the new high and you're the same bong... I know I'm, I know"
  • Infected - Bad Religion
    "Now here I go, hope I don't break down I won't take anything, I don't need anything Don't want to exist, I can't persist Please stop before I do it again Just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing Let's"
  • Infected - 100 Demons
    "i don't drink to forgeti drink so i can suffer twice as muchcuz in this world of painnothing breaks the memory of your touchwhat was i thinkingi should have kept drinkingto flood you face from my mindbut"
  • Dis-Infected - The The
    "I've got too much energy to switch off my mind But not enough to get myself organized My heart is heavy My head is confused And my aching little soul Has started burning blue I can't give you up, 'till"
  • Infected Girls - Electric Six
    "I rode a sex wave and washed up on your shore A twist of fate I was just what you were looking for Young rollerskater Trained in CPR Saying "Boy, you just don't know how lucky you are!" It's whippin'"
  • Nuclear Infected - Alice Cooper
    "I'm nuclear infected I really don't mind I just go out when the sun goes down And have a real good time. I can clear out any ballgame In a minute and a half Just show up - glow up And have a real good"
  • Infected Voice - Sepultura
    "Fear ties you up And you don't grow Being wrong and lost No one admits the defeat Conscience is fair Unfaithful words Betrayal and greed Past thoughts to win alone Envy - still strong Hatred - still"

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