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the vamps wake upp

  • Dance with the vamps - E-Rotic
    "I feel the moon of Transylvania Shining into my heart I hear the sound of creatures in the dark I feel the lightning of wildest mania Striking through the night Need your arm to hold me oh so tight A dance"
  • Wake Up - THE VAMPS
    "You've been deep in a coma But I stood right here When you thought there was no one I was still right here You were scared, but I told you "Open up your eyes Never stopped being someone who could love"
  • Another You (feat. The Vamps) - Alok & BLOODLINE
    "Am i to blame Is leave me lonely Written on my face „did i try too hard To make you stay?” guess i let my hope get high again You say thet you love me But you don’t mean it You’re touching my body But"
  • Wake - The Mission
    "The tryed and the trusted talk of plans Master, past and present Heartless wordplay, and dreams of revenge Living on the edge, the razor edge, living on the razor edge One day we'll look back at this And"
  • Wake - Wild Strawberries
    "Wake by Wild Strawberries Transcribed by Gerrit (webmaster@endor.org Tell me what I need to hear And I'll believe you We've been doing this for years And it shows I don't care what people say All I"
  • Wake - Heatmiser
    "I gave you what was mine I gave you what was mine but there's nothing wrong with you just 'cos you're leaving all this behind it's alright if you do it to me I'm a paralytic I need a chalk outline to lie"
  • Wake - Mercy Fall
    "Disengage her as he whispers forever Disenchanted in the early morning light There he puts her, in the shadow of his eyes And she knows she might not make it out this time Thought she heard the angels"
  • Wake - Skinlab
    "You're stumbling Wake Yeah, you motherfucker, stumble Wake You're stumbling Wake Yeah, you motherfucker, stumble Yeah, my region's mine so I'm living of hatred You didn't suffer as long as she"
  • Wake - Annuals
    "Alone, I'll sit with your worry stone The grass still feathered with snow I'll ache my chest with your spirit's weight Travail And now, with frost in your eyes, you still feel fine You swear you don't"
  • Wake - East West
    "And now I see the end, And everything is gone, As I begin to move, and I begin to see. And all I want to do, Is be in here with you, And all I want from you, is to see your face. You will wake me. And"
  • Wake - Leiahdorus
    "Wake up no one's home looks like no one's home for the supper time better pick up the phone I know you're home thinking back all those years we wasted away with our tears hoping one day you'll be here"
  • Wake - Brightwood
    "Sixteen years and you're still on my mind I know you hear me I fall awake, and you're so far away I need you to be near me Come back for you Quiet I'll wait Will you find me here, Underneath the raging"
  • The Wake - Filter
    "Clean There aint nobody thats clean Down in the basement Down here the saints dont meet Love Aint nobody loving Down here your head stays low You cant see the skies above Push me a little bit closer"
  • The Wake - Sadus
    "Living silence, hidden deep Clouded vision, nothing seen Arise above normality Open your eyes so I can see Can't you hear the scream in me? I'm dying for the chance to be No chance for reality To live"
  • The Wake - Abney Park
    "Spoken: My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant,"
  • The Wake - Nightingale
    "Come into my game of solitaire You could enter in and read me like a scrawl Adrift upon the tide and in the air I will let you see the dreamer through the wall I wish that we could pick the world apart I"
  • The Wake - Folly
    "In hind sight for sore eyes on the prize fighter. Pilot, gunner, navigator, the sky. The mountains luke-warm, metaphorically speaking. Speaking of metaphors? The simile is a front-runner. The simile lacks"
  • The Wake - Cemetary
    "tragedy has spoken the wolves all gather around with sharpen teeth and a guilty yellow stare they wish me on my way so cold inside this shell give me to the earth the dreams that I deserted the passion"
  • The Wake - Theatre of Hate
    "Unlike Pilate we cant wash our hands For it was one of our relative in the Black and Tans From prisons and assylums happily we came In the name of the King for a shilling that day We did as we willed when"
  • Wake (RSV) - The Mission
    "The tryed and the trusted talk of plans Master, past and present Heartless wordplay, and dreams of revenge Living on the edge, the razor edge, living on the razor edge One day we'll look back at this And"

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