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the wanted chasing the sun t

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the wanted chasing the sun t

  • Chasing The Sun - The Wanted
    "I'm better, so much better now I see the lights touch the light? Were together now I'm better, so much better now Look to the sky's Give me live Were together now We've only just begun Hypnotized by"
  • Chasing The Sun - The Calling
    "The sky is her blue eyes Begin to open The storm is upon me But I'm chasing the sun And she's got me down on my knees Trying to crawl Through all of the winter Through all of the fall... (CHORUS:) She's"
  • Chasing The Sun - Hilary Duff
    "Why am I in such a hurry Always getting up too early? So fast, everything is blurry, It's like the clock is always racing But my time is not for wasting Someone else can do the chasin' 'Cause I'm chasing"
  • Chasing The Sun - Llama
    "This View of the clouds Is golden in worth But what's there to see If not planted on earth The sun warms the ground That's under my feet But your roots grow so deeper Than these city streets Your not"
  • Chasing The Sun - Alex Lloyd
    "On my hands, sitting on half a chance, waiting for good things to come. Passers by looking through broken glass, waiting for good things to come. And this cry goes out to everyone, chasing the sun, chasing"
  • Chasing The Sun - Honeydogs
    "Words The writing's on the wall But it's Greek to me I heard Some (k') singing But it don't speak to me Not this sweet to me My ears are always, burning 'Cause I think I'm the one But if you're concern You"
  • Chasing The Sun - VanVelzen
    "Give me just a minute to think out loud If you have a minute to spare You hide and seek, and you're running out It doesn't seem to get you anywhere You're focus is off, let me rub your eyes So wake up"
  • Wanted - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Just like a prisoner, because I'm brown with some black skin A fugitive, running cause I just won't give in. and its hard when it's black on black. Gotta blast another brother trying to scheme on my stack. For"
  • You're Chasing The Sun Away - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Outside the sun rose you stayed inside You kept your eyes closed And pulled down the shades On your windows You decided to hideout from the sunlight It's too bright and it just doesn't sit right With the"
  • Chasing Forever - Will Smith
    "Early mornin' wake up Gently with the caress on your hand And that Kimono that I bought you on my trip to Japan Sunshine peekin through the venetian blinds Four years, and like wine, you got fine over"
  • Sun T - Cheek
    "Okei Cheek, Sam the Man Sami Saari, jotain tyylikst S: Unohda unelmas, ollaan t ilta vaan Sun tytyy ottaa iisimmin l vaadi multa enemp. Hautaa noi toivees pois ne mulle liikaa ois sun tytyy ottaa iisimmin l"
  • Chasing - Charlie Hall
    "Sweet forgiveness, my redemption You're a Savior once for all and today O the mercy, it comes to flood me Jesus on the cross, You took my place And I'm chasing after You 'Cause You first chased after me And"
  • Chasing The Angels - Brother Firetribe
    "Running where the boys run free Burning up the sky Chasing the angels Another restless night That's when I hear those voices Calling me to push the edge I wanna feel my blood rise I feel it in my hands I"
  • Chasing the summer - Room 94
    "Three months since I saw her face Looking back we were living up (living up) It's so hard, now I miss that place Memories of a perfect summer For 10 days we were in the sun Bare back we were burning up"
  • Chasing The Dragon - Dream Evil
    "The day when the sun turns into black I leave behind my land For I have a mission sent from god So I set out alone, not knowing right from wrong To fight the evil one, my heart is made out of stone Something"
  • Chasing The Dragon - August Burns Red
    "Living in a world of regrets. You never wanted this and you never will. (x2) Watching your mirror image, drowning in a lake of your own sorrows, your own sorrows. But we will pray, that you will pray,"
  • Chasing Time - Martin Nievera
    "Ten minutes to morning A new day begun Aaaahhhh All memories behind me Chasing the sun Aaaahhhh If I could do over, turn back the hands of time I'd know I've been there before Crumbled up pages, stories"
  • Chasing The Dragon - Epica
    "Free my mind Heal my scars Erase the past Dark days to forget And memories to last In my heart ''Free me now'' Make me forget And forgive There's no use To go on and live Show me a way To the sun '' Heal"
  • Chasing Dreams - Notarthomas Jamie
    "So you think you found something you can believe in Then find that it's moved very far away Success is just a word to keep you running So many people act as if they know the way I know that nothing's gonna"
  • Chasing Echoes - Katelyn Tarver
    "Like a photo Like a second thought Always silent I just think a lot I still wonder Am I still stuck in your head In your head Like I'm waiting Like I'm strained to feel I can't understand I wanted"

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