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the warning

  • Warning - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "{*sound of a pager going off*} (Notorious B.I.G.) Who the fuck is this? Pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin, crack of dawn an' {*dialing phone*} now I'm yawnin - wipe the coals out my eye {*ring*} See who's"
  • Warning - Fly To The Sky
    "I'll never let you go, Don't think that you can stray Don't think that you got it all Don't think as you please Don't act as you please I'll never let you go, Don't think that you can stray You're making"
  • Warning - All Too Much
    "In troubled times, I often tend to lean Towards the breeze, towards the means of life And if I get the chance to move the day In the way, my mind like to wander With butterflies, fly at night Warning,"
  • Warning - Green Day
    "This is a public service anouncement, this is only a test Emergency evacuation protest May Impair your ability to operate machinery Can't quite tell just what it means to me Keep out of reach of children,"
  • Warning - Complete Control
    "i'm warning anyone i'm warning you i'm warning anyone anyone ready to lose whoa... i'm feeling loaded with an early grave i took a dead end street andi've never been the same whoa... my thoughts are"
  • Warning - Morgan Wallen
    "That neon sign Hangin' outside that bar Should've said, "Go home If you know what's good for your heart" When she sat down In that ADPi T-shirt Should've said, "Watch out And boy, you're gonna wind up"
  • Warning - Queensryche
    "I remember I was asking why And someday you said I'd know All these years, of fighting hard And now it's finally come too close I can't believe it's now happening to me Oh, couldn't it wait a few hundred"
  • Warning - Tenacious D
    "We've been sent, to issue all you people here a warning. I'm not at liberty to say the details of our most peculiar warning. Yeah. Suffice to say, all you people here are in grave danger. So come"
  • Warning - Incubus
    "Bat your eyes girl, be otherworldly, count your blessings, seduce a stranger. What's so wrong with being happy? Kudos to those who see through sickness. When she woke in the morning she knew that her life"
  • Warning - Angela Aki
    "There are ways, ther are many ways I could say all this; There are days, there are many days it is hit or miss And I know this could be a warning of some sort to me Maybe now, maybe now you're ready to"
  • Warning - Subb
    "This is a warning that i'm sending out to you! ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-2-3 GO! CHANGE! You've wasted my time but you won't waste anymore, right! CHANGE You played with my mind, you won't do it anymore,"
  • Warning - Nazareth
    "Wake up in the morning, Can't recall a thing you did the night before Consider that a warning, Pass the ammunition and praise the Lord Play it down make a decision, Do it know don't lose the vision Better"
  • Warning - Nicki Minaj
    "Who da hell is this? Callin me at 12:47 in the night While I'm watchin the fight. Lookin at the phone it's no name in sight Blocked ID, knew somethin just wasn't right It's my girl Kandi from out in Miami Tellin"
  • Warning - Discharge
    "They stand on the outside looking in They stand on the outside looking in They stand on the outside and feed you shit They stand on the outside and feed you shit They keep you in the dark Poison poison"
  • Warning - Think About Mutation
    "take a look at the red light my fever spreads I want to make you bad and disillusionized feel the pain of the spotlight I am your life pick up your telephon believe what I say it's a view of your whole"
  • Warning - Notorious B.I.G.
    "Who the fuck is this? Pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin, crack of dawn an' {*dialing phone*} now I'm yawnin - wipe the cold out my eye {*ring*} See who's this pagin me - and why It's my nigga Pop from the"
  • Warning - Clear Convictions
    "why, why you ignore me I'm telling you the truth his mercy set me free he wants the same for you so listen carefully, time is running out this world is going to end someday i hope you open your eyes you"
  • Warning - Paris
    "Verse 1: Now what would you do if I blast All up in your shit mother fuck the whole staff Niggas non flow nine millimeter ?shit than slug? I'm seeing bloody bodies on the motherfucking rug 6 O'clock"
  • Warning - Black Sabbath
    "Now the first day that I met ya I was looking in the sky When the sun turned all a blur And the thunderclouds rolled by The sea began to shiver And the wind began to moan It must've been a sign for me To"
  • Warning - Ice-T
    "Attention!at this moment you are now listening to an Ice-T LPif you are offended by words likeshit, bitch, fuck, dick, ass, hole, cunt,dirty bitch, low motherfucker, nigga, hooker, slut, tramp,dirty low"

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