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the waves have come

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the waves have come

  • Waves - Once Nothing
    "I wanna see waves, upon waves, upon seas of blood. Flood it all, let us down in a sea of blood. It's a beautiful thing, this spinning globe but I'm not born of this and I'm a long way from home. So I'll"
  • Waves - Slowdive
    "watch the waves so far away they're washing cross the paths that i have made leaving all my sins i turn away like soaring birds i watch my sorrows play don't you know i've left and gone away you're knocking"
  • Waves - Marjorie Fair
    "These are things I've thought about silly boy you're often thought about in waves the sun is setting on my side it's alright unless it's gone away for good but it's so hard it's so hard watching you fade"
  • Waves - Rain Delay
    "Rain...Innocent smiles of a life, a ghost waved a melted eyes,Inner voices turned to roaring, lengthening the railway of pain,Like a flower in a trodden sand,ripped by ash coloured waves and smashed over"
  • Waves - Almadrava
    "Behind the moon youll find the sun. Down at the beach there is not anyone. The water so blue, and the way I feel too, and nothing matters anymore but you. They slightly dissapear, the stars. Venus not"
  • Waves - Modern English
    "There's no way out I have to cum I've lost my way I cannot run I want to cum There's no way out There's no way through I want to push right into you } I have to cum I've sold my wife I 'i've sold my"
  • Waves - Alphaville
    "kind of thunder from my heart flooding my eyes kind of armies marching through my head sombre soldiers from nowhere kind of someone's moving out of me have no fear going somewhere ship is leaving right"
  • Waves come and go - Angelo Kelly
    "Early in the morning we head out The weather is rough, still we bring the sails up What the captain commands we carry out For somehow in the end, he's always been right Waves come and go (come and go) And"
  • Ocean Waves - Flyleaf
    "So many wasted days Come and go like ocean waves it hits me like a freight train And now I can't get off my face How could I have been so polite to simply let them die Who am I to spread my fingers after"
  • Face The Waves - Crustation
    "No tomorrows Left in shadow I like the discipline to Face the waves and Drown inside of them My nature is to spin like a Grain of sand whenever a tide comes in The certainties have shifted Words deleted"
  • Breaking The Waves - Dikta
    "Breaking the waves, freeing the slaves Killing the government, still in their cage The governor's son, with daddy's new gun Come out and play let's have some fun Break all the rules, ruin the schools How"
  • Don't Make Waves - The Byrds
    "If you're looking to get a good thing going for yourself House and pool a new Rolls Royce and some degree of wealth Don't make waves don't make waves don't make waves Take a ride out West to find"
  • The Waves - Elisa
    "I'll get away, get in the car I'll reach the shore before sunrise And I'll watch the moon and the stars I'll tell them everything about us I left last night and I reached the shore Trying to find everything"
  • The waves - Carina Round
    "And I know everything about youAll there is to knowIm lit up andAnd I know everything about youAll there is to knowIm lit up andHaunt meThe only one I wish to see behind my eyelidsYou stay here like a"
  • Waves of love - Magnus Carlsson
    "Don't try to hide it That you've been looking at me - no I won't deny it You woke my curiosity - yeah So if you want me come closer if you dare I love the way you turn me on I wanna feel ya Your body next"
  • Waves (feat. 6LACK) - Normani
    "thank god for athe weekend im’ma go out with my friends I’d rather let the liquor sink in then the parts of you that I should not be thinking when I am with someone else it’s feeling like I am cheating I"
  • She Rides the Waves - Pale Saints
    "how many times have i seen that look upon your face? i need to know exactly where it is you go then i watch it wash all over you then i let it rush all over me how many times will you come and go before"
  • Permanent Waves - The Kinks
    "Please call a doctor, I've been so depressed That I think that I'm finally breakin I can't quite explain, I can't feel any pain But I know that this time I'm not fakin Oh, what can it be, oh, inside"
  • Making Waves - The Swellers
    "I still think it's amazing how much baggage I take in. I used to let things slide. Now I'm sick, it's contagious. Write that shit then erase it. I'm on the other side of enemy lines. So thanks a lot."
  • Crashing Waves - The Effort
    "i'm thinking of a world, where no one has to suffer, its not as far fetched as you think, but my ideas they only bring you laughter, trust me you have nothing to give back if you still haven't sparked"

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