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the way i am charlie puth

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the way i am charlie puth

  • Oops (ft. Charlie Puth) - Little Mix
    "Oops my baby, you woke up in my bed Oops we broke up, we're better off as friends Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do Oops baby I love you It started with ''what's up with you?'' I"
  • Sober (ft. Charlie Puth) - G-Eazy
    "Oh, I know that I’ll regret this when I’m sober but, every show I’m getting closer is it true that 80 proof is the reason I’m without you oh, I know that I’ll regret when it’s over story of my whole life I"
  • Coming Over (ft. Charlie Puth, Timbaland) - Zayn Malik
    "You always say i only call you after midnight You’re who i want End of the day These pics you sent me Down there speeding Through these red lights Don’t get too comfortable, babe I am on my way I am sorry"
  • See You Again (ft. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa
    "It’s been a long day Without you my friend And I’ll tell you all about it When I see you again When I see you again We’ve come a long way From where we began Oh I’ll tell you all about it When I see you"
  • The Way I Am - Charlie Puth
    "maybe imma get a little anxious maybe imma get a little she cuz everybody’s trying to be famous and I’m just trying to find a place to hide all I wanna do is just hold somebody but no one ever wants to"
  • Charlie - The Bella Cullen Project
    "Charlies at the funeral Im sorry, you have missed him Leave your number at the tone And hell get back to you : Bella, I know that youre home Its Jacob Please dont run away from me I will be there soon Bella,"
  • Charlie - Ingrid Michaelson
    "Charlie don't let the girls hurt your heart Don't let the angry boys tear you apart I know you're tired of not fittin' in But its not fitting in that will help to begin to show you your beauty Where is"
  • Charlie Charlie - A Camp
    "I met a boy called Charlie Charlie On the 4th of September last year He was 21 and once a teenage star So sweeten the way he appeared In the way he appeared Charlie Charlie He was a trip into The wild"
  • Summer Feelings (feat. Charlie Puth) - Lennon Stella
    "(from Scoob! The Album)"
  • Charlie, Last Name Wilson - Charlie Wilson
    "(R Kelly Speaks) Yo C, You know we need to go out and do somethin' man Got all these hot cars and hot cribs Ain't got nobody to share it with, baby Know what I mean? Let's go (Charile Wilson) (Chorus) Hey"
  • Little Folks - Charlie Daniels - Charlie Daniels
    "Little folks are people too Very much like me and you The little things they say and do They kinda make your day Foolishness and common sense Through the eyes of innocence Skip a rope or jump a fence Gettin'"
  • Charlie - Split Enz
    "Wake up, Charlie, rise and shine. Pour the tea, I'll draw the blinds, Sunlight halo, you look wonderful, Darling, Charlie, pale and deathly still, For heavens shake wake up Charlie. Was a full moon last"
  • Charlie - Milla Jovovich
    "Now, be free the sky must have fallen when I couldn't see your life's weak strain I take a step back and you've fallen again But if you'd listened a little closer reaching over this cold shoulder Oh"
  • Charlie - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "All aboard... stitch in time Get yours... got mine In a minute... I'll be there Sit tight... get square You can do it at the hippodrome Slide back, trombone Anybody got a TV tome? That's right, unknown When"
  • Charlie Daniels Band- Simple Man - Charlie Daniels Band
    "I ain't nothing but a simple man Call me a redneck, I reckon that I am But there's things going on that make me mad down to the core I have to work like a dog to make ends meet There's crooked politicians"
  • Charlie Darwin - The Low Anthem
    "Set the sails I feel the winds astirring Toward the bright horizon set the way Cast your wreckless dreams upon our Mayflower Haven from the world and her decay And who could heed the words of Charlie"
  • Cosmic Charlie - The Grateful Dead
    "Cosmic Charlie how do you do? Truckin' in style along the avenue. Dum de dum de doodley do. Go on home your mama's calling you. Kalico, Kahlia, come tell me the news. Calamity's waiting for a way to get"
  • I hear Charlie Parker playing - Sparks
    "Out of the doorway, into the morning Wish I was a bird that was migratory Spoken half in jest, catch the bird that's in my nest?Out of the doorway, into the morning All of them seem to be selling something"
  • Checkpoint Charlie - Sailor
    "Over the concrete border, there's a girl who knows my name And only Checkpoint Charlie has the way for us to meet again We thought we knew what all the fighting years were for But that was long ago before"
  • Charlie Mack - Will Smith
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince (fresh prince) Everywhere we go, downtown or to a show We have two necessities, charlie mack and our limo He's feared by suckers yet he's loved by kids Pay attention"

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