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the way you are ocean

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the way you are ocean

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the way you are ocean
  • Nine Days Ocean
    "Fading like a wilted flower even in our finest hour all the dreams you realize are sleeping here with me tonight hhmmmmm words are falling off the pages letters kept locked like birds in cages feeling"
  • Richard Hawley The Ocean
    "You lead me down, to the ocean So lead me down, by the ocean You know it's been a long time, You always leave me tongue tied And all this times for us I love you just because You lead me down, to the"
  • Flatt And Scruggs Storms Are On The Ocean
    "I'm going away for to leave you love I'm going away for a while But I'll return to you sometime If I go ten thousand miles The storms are on the ocean And the heavens may cease to be This world may lose"
  • VHS Or Beta The Ocean
    "Its been awhile since you touched the ocean Its been awhile since you rowed the sea Weve washed away, along way to nothin And back again, come back for something Where sunsets children have wept And mouths"
  • Darren Hayes Ocean
    "Even though I know you're goneThe memory lingers onI see your footsteps on a sandy beachThat waves have been crashing onDanger goes where emotion flowsI wish sometimes I'd never known loveIt's dangerous"
  • Mae The Ocean
    "am i alone in this? never a night where i can sleep myself till day. we must try to figure it out, figure it out. it won't be that easy. we lost it somehow. you come over unannounced. silence broken by"
  • Bonnie Pink Ocean
    "kumo no kirema ni nozoku Sunshine naze ni hito wa uso o tsuku no taiyou no moto kokoro wo nigoraseru jealousy Please don't stir the fire omoeba omou hodo zankoku ni naru no * When I hold you in my arms All"
  • Andreas Moe Ocean
    "Lay your love one me Lay your love one me Let your safety fall Let your safety fall Lay your pride on the line Lay your pride on the line No ones keeping score No ones keeping You are away from me All"
  • Natalia Nykiel Ocean
    "Far away where the blue sky And the ocean meet Emndless summer And it still feels like it was a dream I used sing that song No one knows how far i will go But there are limits When it comes to what"
  • Nina Nastasia Ocean
    "You're leagues across a room The lighting's so dim I hardly see You're talking and waiting for me You're getting much smaller as you speak You're pulling out your hair for nothing What you say to me rings"
  • Cold Ocean
    "If the wind could bring the rain I would save it all for you Make an ocean to sail away and begin again They said i could never change That i cant belong to you Than i watched you sip away in the"
  • Tyr Ocean
    "Leave now never return, or stay and face the dark. Day of grief, disbelief, weak and weary faces Falling and they're gone, but still remain, and tales are fading faster. Glory days are few, and far between"
  • Sebadoh Ocean
    "So you think you're in the middle of the ocean Stranded on an island of your own Or stuck in the top of a mountain Either way you're gonna say you're all alone And I hesitate to say that you're a liar I"
  • Skrape Ocean
    "I, Im driving the backroads In my mind, the oceans cold I, I cant wait on you My time is now, and now that its true If I cant find, find my way to the sand Ill dream that I, I see sun on the waters edge I,"
  • Lady Antebellum Ocean
    "how can someone stand so damn close and feel like they’re worlds away I can see your sad story eyes so how do you have no words to say all I want is to fall in deeper then I’ve ever been why won’t you"
  • Be Free Ocean
    "I wonder about with all my thoughts. How to find my way ? Dont know. To those moments, that I miss. Feeling dreams, what locked inside. Just like oceans all around. Happiness is slowing time. Feel a wind,"
  • Ocean Colour Scene Blue Deep Ocean
    "Sonny signed his name up for tomorrow and laughed with all his friends At all the little men who borrows tunes they heard just yesterday Davey got us down but we got away and drank to all the days That"
  • Masterboy Ocean Bizarre
    "Every boy, every girl, comes to the Ocean Bizarre Give me your emotion, Ocean Bizarre Everyone in this world come to the Ocean Bizarre Give me your devotion, Ocean Bizarre Got to keep on moving, got"
  • DJ Shah Ocean Drive
    "I thought of all the things I could of seen Or should of been, While I was watching the days go by Letting myself be A secret wish no claim What will be will be And I give you on my way Breathing you to"
  • Johnny Clegg & Savuka Rolling Ocean
    "Chorus: You are the rolling ocean You are the mighty sea You are the breath that brings each new day to me You are what you are, you are You be what you are, you be what you are Some came to conquer Some"

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