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the word its mine

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the word its mine

  • Say Word! - Def Squad
    "Its the return of the lyrical lunatic Still kickin rough shit What you say? Ill slap your stank ass bitch I shake and build my craft like an architect Teflon style rhymes be Gortex With the highness of"
  • Its Allright - Various
    "In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be-- It scared me out of my wits-- A corpse falling to bits! Then I opened my eyes And the nightmare was...me!! I"
  • Word After Word - Esham
    "Im not a atheist... Oh, he let me grow up in the mother fucking ghetto Thanks for nothin' mother fucker thats for real One of the ten commandments is thow shall not kill Tell that mother fucker with"
  • Mine - Krezip
    "Whats this, youre trying to talk about But I, Im busy shutting out Thats not what we should be So youve got me Can you still see I will hold you tight for the rest of time I could be like this forever For"
  • Mine - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) A little white house with black wooden shadows A porch with its columns all covered with vine My broken dream house where he lives with another But this was supposed to be mine Two little"
  • Mine - Leslie Carter
    "I know im whining cause all i do is look through all the feelings that i had for you And if i only knew that every minute with you will make the chance to be apart and when I fell your heart beat next"
  • Mine - Project Pitchfork
    "The sun is shining It could be a wonderful day The children play outside While the birds sing in the sky A warm breeze moves the grass And small feet squeeze it And while a butterfly passes You hear the"
  • The Word - Crimson Thorn
    "Words of wisdom, words of life God gave us His word to teach us his ways Reading, and studying A great passion of mine The words are alive, they strengthen my spirit They give me direction, they teach"
  • The Word - Caravan
    "Flower in a garden A garden with no gate Bar imprisoned by its crystals The summer came too late To melt the snow On white hedgerows Don't let the winter hide you Or freeze your love for me Like frozen"
  • Its - Sepultura
    "["Itsari" means "roots" in the Xavante language.The chant included in this]"
  • My Word - One Chance
    "I convinced to let ur gaurd down for me U put your trust in me i broke it unintentionally Now baby don't lay it on me cause i'm only human but if u take me back maybe i can change my ways i can guarentee"
  • Word love - Rihanna
    "Just when I thought I'd never fall in love againYou'd knock me off my feetMake my heart drop a beat, I ain't never had,Make me feel it's spring again and the last romance seemed like a flingI ain't never"
  • One Word - Conjure One
    "With only one word You took the ice out of the air again And put the heat back in the sun again With only one word With only one word You put the weapons of the world away It's funny how one single thing"
  • Wasted Word - Kris Delmhorst
    "Every little wasted word, every little wasted smile, Every little wasted year, every little wasted mile, We're gonna leave them all right here, we're gonna leave them all behind, Every little wasted word,"
  • One Word - Closet Monster
    "One stand seems different than you Feeble minded when compared to consistent point of views cause I know just who you are and how you would choose Look around we're faced with such a mess We are left to"
  • N Word - Trick Daddy
    "(Chorus) I spit game wit the n word brothers make slang for n word slang I slang cane and others thangs for n word slang and lease be the blame for n word nigga (Trick Daddy) you know me nigga I don't"
  • Word life - O.C.
    "Let the chyme be a party of mine Let the rhyme enter twine like a vine Work your mentally found intellect I raise eyes like the sight of a tec Lets take a trip inside of my thoughts Will I persevere on"
  • Spoken Word - Bomfunk MC's
    "da poetry, by now you should know it's me, the brother of word giving thanks and praises to so many names and faces in different places from '84 to '99, it's been a very long time since the movement called"
  • Spoken word - Bomfunk Mc
    "Da poetry, by now you should know it's me, the brother of word Giving thanks and praises to so many names and faces In different places From '84 to '99, it's been a very long time Since the movement"
  • Operative Word - Comeback Kid
    "The bloods left on my hands And its up to me to wash away Its up to me to make it right Forget the past What's done is done I always said so easily Now its time that I live my words Living in those days"

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