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the young one clifa richardsa

  • Keli Richards - Gin Blossoms
    "She came to L.A. all the way from Boston town She wound up on the screen where I saw her goin' down Now I can't see you, I can't see you at all No I don't know you, I don't know you at all I bought her"
  • Mr. Richards - R.E.M.
    "Mr. Richards, your position Is a messenger pigeon Left behind you when the camp moved on. We thought that you would listen but the words had never crystallized Into a truth that you might own, hey hey. Mr."
  • Reed Richards - B.G.
    "B.G. Miscellaneous Reed Richards iam happy feeling but glad i got in a sack it useless but not 4 long My powers are geting strong weird computer signals from asa In the 21st century ther's no signs of"
  • Young - Herman Brood
    "I never sleep I shoot up speed I'm on top around the clock I shoot up speed a life of bliss a new day comin' I never miss It never ends I don't have friends I've got my shot I talk a lot A one man show I'm"
  • Young - Lil Fizz
    "CHORUS-(Sean Kingston) There she go Sliding down a pole Got a young Ni**a lookin' like "Whoa" I lied about my age and I hope she doesn't know Cuz I'm luvin the way she roll And I wanna take her home But"
  • Young  - Kenny Chesney
    "Looking back now, well it makes me laugh We were growin our hair, we were cuttin' class Knew it all already, there was nothing to learn We were strikin' matches just to watch 'em burn Listen to our"
  • Young - Melanie Garside
    "i'm sure your mouth never looked like that when we were there monotone syllables dancing through the air i talk but no one hears my voice i know how it feels i have no choice please please free my mind"
  • Young - Boney M
    "I'm looking out the window pane And I hear the sound of pouring rain But you're not here Where did you go I wanna know what made you go away What went wrong? I'm looking out my window pane And I hear the"
  • One Time Young - 3 Feet Smaller
    "I don't give a shit about If it's right or not allowed Living at the same way like you Makes me proud I'm the black sheep of the family The maverick of the football team I'm greatful for what I am And"
  • The Ballad Of Arlis Richards - Big Tent Revival
    "Arlis Richards was a man Who lived among the blacks He was a crosstie walker With guitar on his back Barely educated Couldn't write his name But when he played his guitar Everybody sang: I have been"
  • Too Young To Be One - The Turtles
    "There's something that I just can't seem to Get off my mind and it's this, girl: We've let it go too far. We're too young to have tied ourselves to Each others' arms. We've forgotten who we are. I loved"
  • So Young - The Ronettes
    "I have boyfriend He says I'm his only one We wanna get married But we're so young So young Can't marry no one No one Ooo... They say our love is Just a teenage affection But no one knows My heart's direction So"
  • Young Americans - The Cure
    "They pulled in just behind the fridge He lays her down, he frowns "Gee my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?" He kissed her then and there She took his ring, took his babies It took him minutes,"
  • Young Folks - The Kooks
    "if i told you things i did before told you how i used to be would you go along with someone like me if you knew my story word for word had all of my history would you go along with someone like me i did"
  • Young God - Swans
    "You never close your eyes When I am near you You never say you know me When I am inside of you Girl you know it's only a feeling Girl you know you lie and you steal When you take my trust in your body Nothing"
  • I Love Goff Richards - Neil Finn
    "Hey you over there at the piano -what, me? -yes you, would you like to write a song about local composer Goff Richars? -why I'd love to -well... I love Goff Richards and he loves me If he was any sweeter"
  • Mrs Richards Woke Me Up - Flying Circus
    "See her walking down the street, look the other way Just a brown-eyed girl whos walking away from me Who will ask her how she feels, she never talks to me She doesnt know who I am And if she did she wouldnt"
  • Stay Young - We The Kings
    "Let's burn our dreams into the skyline tattoo our sweat in tears forever you and I hold your breath till we cross the sundown this is the moment time is racing slow it down cause you, a feeling i can't"
  • Enter The Young - The Association
    "(Terry Kirkman) Here they come Here they come Here they come, yeah Some are waling, some are riding Here they come, yeah And some are flying, some just gliding Released after years of being kept in hiding They're"
  • So Young - The Stone Roses
    "In the misery dictionary Page after page after page In the misery dictionary Page after page Where there's life there's gotta be hope And where there's a will there's a way One man's in is another's out I"

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