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the. power. of. lowe

  • Lowe Mi - Sevana
    "Why oh why Why are you coming for my life? Ah wah you nuh wah fi see mi shine oh my A beg yuh tek me off yuh mind Deh pon mi grandma prayer line Vibrating high, meditating all the while On a journey"
  • The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "well I used to wake the mornin befor the rooster crowed searchin for soda bottles to get my self some dough brought em down to the corner down to the country store cash em in and give my money to a"
  • Bad Baby (Lily Lowe) - Lily Löwe
    "Red, red, baby (Oh-ooh) It's so red, so red Bad, bad baby (Oh-ooh) You're bad, bad baby for love The sirens loud in my head You looked at me and the lights turned red About to crucify me 'Cause we all"
  • Power - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Power... power feeds you long, loving hours I can give everlasting power Flower... the world opens you need simple flower A feeling, a feeling all so sour Drain me, now drain me from power Drain me, now"
  • At The Gallows End (With Rob Lowe) - Candlemass
    "Sunrise I greet you, the beauty of your light So warm and tender was never the night In tears I see you, the last time it will be So give me your blessing, I'll meet my destiny No rest for the Sinner Hypnos"
  • Power - Raekwon The Chef
    "Take it off, sho' 'nough kid Take it off We gon' take it from the East to the West to the North to the South Show y'all what it's about Don't make me throw no gun in your mouth You know? How long is your"
  • Power - Eternal Decision
    "The King was born in Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene. The Cornerstone begins His ministry in Galilee. Power from above. Power to rule with love. Prophet, teacher, savior. Gods begotten Son. He heals"
  • Power - Kansas
    "Sometimes a smile can deceive the one who has made you promise Suddenly you can't believe, the truth only leaves you cold Sometimes the answers you fear are there on the face in the mirror Something the"
  • Power - Tears For Fears
    "Last years rivals share their blood Sailor sworn to secrecy Ride the waves and stem the flood The tides of endless enmity Power now is all the rage Sons and daughters of the gun Hungry babies come of age"
  • Power - Bust A Groove
    "Hey who's got the power? 2 bads got the power (repeat) Diddy down diddy down down about the power 2 bad's got the power every second of the hour cool and like ya never seen before kickin it bacha, kickin"
  • Power - Clawfinger
    "You're politically correct no matter what you say Convincing us all in every single kind of way Cos you frame the words so that we really believe That there's a depth in the message that you're trying"
  • Power - Crosby & Nash
    "Power by Peter, Paul & Mary performed by Crosby & Nash from the Bread & Roses Festival Just give me the warm power of the sun Give me the steady flow of a waterfall Give me the spirit of living things"
  • Power - Lady Sovereign
    "Sometimes a Smile Can Deceive the One Who Has Made You PromiseSuddenly You Can't Believe, the Truth Only Leaves You ColdSometimes the Answers You Fear Are There On the Face in the MirrorSomething the World"
  • Power - KMFDM
  • Power - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Chorus: Just give me the warm power of the sun Give me the steady flow of a waterfall Give me the spirit of living things as they return to clay. Just give me the restless power of the wind Give me the"
  • Power - Krayzie Bone
    "(Chorus 1: repeat 4X) I got the power, power, power! Power to the people We the people got the power, let's ride (Krayzie) A nigga be humble, but I'm down for mine Don't give me no static and you and I"
  • Power - LiL Italy
    "( Lil Italy ) Whussup? This Lil Italy here with Ghetto Commision yeah and that's power My life styles on of the illest I went from pimpin to jacking to candy dealing And now I'm on a mission to start"
  • Power - Falconer
    "Kick your roots, break the bonds When you get some, you need some more Our credence made you strong While your honesty's weaker than before Trample down their dreams To feed your own The glory of your"
  • Power - Plankeye
    "Knock, knock it's Jesus there He's at the door to your heart Let him in, the forgiver of your sin Let's make a brand new start Power, Jesus Christ Savior, of our lives Talk is talk, but you have to walk The"
  • Power - Ice T
    "I'm livin' large as possible,posse unstoppable Style topical,vividly optical Listen,you'll see'em sometimes I'll be'em Cops,critics and punks,necer ever wanta see me in POWER Well,that's too bad,Apocalypse"

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