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  • Theocracy - Theocracy
    "At the center of my heart there sits a throne That the rightful occupant's not always free to call His own For how can i give the King His place of worth above all else When I spend my time striving to"
  • Mirror of Souls - Theocracy
    "I. The House of Mirrors Listen to the tale I tell a haunting dream I know so well When walking home alone one night my path revealed by candlelight Ahead I see an open door with no idea what's in store I"
  • Mountain - Theocracy
    "I'm searching to find what's beyond each horizon to the end of one world and on to a new one always chasing golden sunsets I'm struggling out of the depths of the valley and my weary legs have failed me"
  • New Jerusalem - Theocracy
    "In My dreams I have seen beyond in my dreams i have seen what I am coming from Visions of my eternity visions of a celestial holy city 12 gates of Jerusalem 12 angels surround the wall only one way leads"
  • On Eagles' Wings - Theocracy
    "The tears stream down her face onto the cold hospital bed Just like a prisoner between four ugly walls The fear she can't control is running rampant in her head With every day she spent just waiting for"
  • Ichthus - Theocracy
    "The Price upon my head is death They've pushed us underground for all who dare to speak the name the iron fist comes down face the test, put to death if discovered its the price we pay Lord, bless my brothers"
  • Laying the Demon to Rest - Theocracy
    "As I sit alone and tired, with time to spare Temptation rears its ugly head Born from a deceptive dream into a nightmare It calls to me again Testing me to see if I will break this time Or at least how"
  • Martyr - Theocracy
    "Courage not of this earth in your eyes Faith from far beyond lies deep inside With your life you dedicate with your death you permeate Frozen hearts and unbelieving minds Watch the whole world watch See"
  • Sinner - Theocracy
    "Shame covers me what was light has turned to dark pain torments me where there once was something holy now beats my blackened heart sin has tangled me my life is broken and i bleed eternally grief's controlling"
  • The Healing Hand - Theocracy
    "1. The Gift Gloria gloria underneath a burning star seeking their salvation see them searching for the ONe who's come to heal their nation prochecy incarnate holiness in flesh arrived the star has shown"
  • The Serpent's Kiss - Theocracy
    "Born into the darkness thrown into the viper's den the serpent in the cradle takes the child into its nest of sin slowly suffocating the souls of victims it has found into the vicious cycle on the path"
  • The Victory Dance - Theocracy
    "She stares ahead in silence again her eyes tell me of struggles, loss and pain a mask to hide a world of sorrow where hollow, painted smiles remain the flesh whispers its lies to me and walks me to the"
  • The Writing in the Sand - Theocracy
    "As the circle forms tonight And I take my place to execute my "right" Call the filthy ones into my sight Bring the sinners one by one Stones of judgment shall avenge the things they've done But then I"
  • Twist of Fate - Theocracy
    "I. Descent Into The Valley Of The Shadow Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear Yea, though I breathe heavy struggle in every breath I will draw near II. Passage Through"
  • A Tower of Ashes - Theocracy
    "Behold the tower brick by brick we raise it upward to the sky To reach the heights of heaven and beyond With eyes of fire and burning pride our power cannot be denied So God Himself can look at what we've"
  • Absolution Day - Theocracy
    "The stage is set A courtroom where I stand shackled in chains No defense to fight the charges brought against my name Guilty on all counts And the penalty is death I cannot say a word because I have no"
  • Bethlehem - Theocracy
    "All my life, I've waited and watched through the eyes of faith To see the consolation of Israel And even though the flame of my life is now growing dim I know I'll see the Savior of Israel For the Spirit"
  • Your Mom - Serj Tankian
    "The embedded hypocrisy Fighting autocracy With an army of covenience From a region whos holes and dreams Bordered mediocrity Profiting through theocracy Soliders of fortune From the most unfortunate Army"
  • Darkest White - Tristania
    "Into the roar Ignite the day’s addiction The soporific war To numb my true attrition It’s my declaration The altar spinning on the floor My fight – my darkest white The only war you will adore I’ll forever"
  • California - NOFX
    "Don't want a theocracy Don't want to share my economy Fuck that shit about sea to shining sea I want out of the U.S.A. But i don't wanna leave C.A. Jonathan Christ said it best first Let California"

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