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there is mountain on my shoulders and it

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there is mountain on my shoulders and it

  • On My Shoulders - The Do
    "Why would I carry such a weight on my shoulders? Why do I always help you carry your boulders? You wonder why I carry such a weight on my shoulders And why would I tttts such a load Cos someday you'll"
  • On The Shoulders Of Giants - Jennifer Nettles
    "An old bum pushes a shopping cart that he stole from Winn Dixie parking lot. It's 1:00am and I'm on my way home. I left there before it came to shouts, just in time to see him spit his apple out. Left"
  • Devil On Both Shoulders - Sons Of The Desert
    "She loves to love me I love it when she does When we get together I feel a bit corrupt When she feels the yearnin' I just let her go And we're off to somewhere Way out of control I've got a devil on"
  • Ass On Your Shoulders - Busta Rhymes
    "Likes to go, eventual Lead you home, come inside Why you got your ass on your shoulders Now, tryin' to spit at a bitch I lead inside Why you got your ass on your shoulders Yeah bitch put on an outfit,"
  • Dust My Shoulders Off - Jane Zhang
    "I just had a bad day Had car trouble on the highway My stupid boss don't like me Spilled hot coffee on my blue jeans I'm low on money and ain't shit funny But it's still sunny outside So I keep smiling,"
  • My Jesus Has Broad Shoulders - Wilburn Brothers
    "I took a long long walk by the river at a quite peaceful talk with my Lord He found my heart heavy with troubles but our talk seemed to lighten my load My Jesus has broad shoulders his back is stronger"
  • Upon My Shoulders - Brad
    "Lay your head upon my shoulder Somehow I feel obliged And I've never offered This kind of art And love is appearance of justice and Harmony will come It will be much brighter Will I see you in the fall Love"
  • Mountain - Blue October
    "If I can't be a brave boy Jumping off of a head of a mountain And then I wonder why the thought of it Brings me to the edge of my bed If I can't tell the difference between a water fall and a fountain Is"
  • Mountain - Theocracy
    "I'm searching to find what's beyond each horizon to the end of one world and on to a new one always chasing golden sunsets I'm struggling out of the depths of the valley and my weary legs have failed me"
  • Bittersweet Your Shoulders Off - Jay-Z
    "If you feeling like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off Niggas is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you Get, that, dirt off your shoulder I"
  • Tissue Shoulders - Maccabees
    "I love your eyes, my dear Their splendid sparkling fire When suddenly you raise them so To cast a swift embracing glance Like lightning flashing in the sky But there's a charm that is greater still"
  • There It Is - Ginuwine
    "Said I work my fingers down to the bone I put it down from 9 to 5 so you should know (You wanna know what else?) And I bust my ass so you can live good Yes I do, girl Now all I want you to do is what"
  • Weight On My Shoulders - Satanic Surfers
    "I know you worked hard all your life to give me everything I needed but how much longer must I apologize 'cause you feel cheated and defeated I never asked you to sacrifice all your dreams and your entire"
  • Over My Shoulders - Paul Carrack
    "Looking back over my shoulders i can see that look in your eyes i never dreamed it could be over i never wanted to say goodbye looking back over my shoulder with an acing deep in my heart ......... .... always"
  • Mountain - Tonic
    "She She came down From the mountain And I I stood my ground On the mountain Like a fire I'm drawn to her lust I can't run from her but Lord I must Like a demon I'm drawn to her flame I'm gonna"
  • Mountain - Cat Stevens
    "(Cat Stevens, Milton Nascimento) Midnight come, colors are melting White moon shivering on the sea Like a ghost up to the mountain Wax Queen will carry me I can see the forest for miles All the creatures"
  • Mountain - Good Charlotte
    "Whoa All these dreams and all these plans I built them all with these two hands Everything, Ive realized my dreams The city lights shine down and they blind me sometimes But through it all I was lost"
  • Mountain - Stepa
    "Today is the last day, the end of fasting Eye candy is a mind fuck, but oh no more This anticipation is drivin' me nuts Something is gonna happen, some Feel it pulse, watch it grow, it explodes when When's"
  • Take It Off My Shoulders - The Guess Who
    "Take it off of my shoulders I don't need your heavy load Take it off of my shoulders Devil get out of my soul Away from my soul Wake up angel, I am calling Don't want to drink this misery Help me out"
  • Mountain God - Rakoth
    "Behold the vast dismal hall beneath the black moutain and the great ebony throne in the middle of it. See the ancient god sitting upon this throne and holding in his hand a golden chalice full of human"

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