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theres nothing holdin

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theres nothing holdin

  • Holdin' - Diamond Rio
    "Parked down on lovers leap Steaming up his old heap Two lovers stare up at the stars Somewhere in the lights below Two houses all aglow Parents wondering where on earth they are Cause their folks have"
  • Holdin' On - Citizen Cope
    "I have been wanting you for so long I have been wanting you for so long (so long) I been down I been down a different road I been out I have been out of control Girl, when you touch me back yeah,"
  • Holdin on - Stacie Orrico
    "Yeah yeah c'mon c'mon c'monstill holdin onsometimes the pleasures i see in this worldlook so abstracted to mesome days im driven by the things that i wantor then the things that i needwhen we kissedthey"
  • Holdin' (Song) - Diamond Rio
    "Parked down on lovers leap Steaming up his old heap Two lovers stare up at the stars Somewhere in the lights below Two houses all aglow Parents wondering where on earth they are Cause their folks have"
  • Holdin' Court - Robert Cray
    "Our love was strong As love could be But then someone got between You and me People said we were finished When you walked out the door I was so worried I walked a hole in the floor But I'm holdin' court"
  • There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes
    "I wanna follow her where she goes I think about her and she knows it I wanna let it take control Cause every time that she gets closer She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing And maybe I should stop"
  • Holdin on to nothin - Dolly Parton
    "We're holding on to nothing left to hold onto I'm so tired of holding on to nothin' The years have shown no kindness For the hard times we've been through We've squeezed the life from every dream And still"
  • Nothing - Skid Row
    "Houses on the hill Looking down on all the little peoples lives And wondering it Ive been missing out Growing up is hard, isnt that what Bowie sang When he was young Before he knew what growing up was"
  • Holdin' On (To the Love I Got) - Barbara Mandrell
    "I'm gonna hold on to the love I've got In a hundred million years, I'll never stop 'Cause there's nothing in the world That could keep me from loving you Well, I'm living when I'm loving And I'm loving"
  • THERES NO YOU - Jo Stafford
    "feel the autumn breeze, It steals 'cross my pillow As soft as a will-o'-the-wisp, And in its song there is sadness Because there's no you, The lonely autumn trees, How softly they're sighing, For summer"
  • Theres a paradise - DJ Bobo
    "And I promise youThere's a paradiseAnd I promise youThere's a paradiseWere its never rainingAnd the music playing everything's alrightAnd I promise youThere's a paradiseYou start to jam if you agree with"
  • The theres me - Norton
    "Another Monday morning Gotta clear my head No more time for dreaming Traffic was a nightmare Boss is on my back If I hear one more cross word I think I'm gonna crack Then there's you Coming in right on"
  • Holdin' On - Carman
    "They said I'd never make it They said I would not last a day They said when things got heated up I would get blown away But I'm still here Lord Still strong, and I'm still Holdin' on (every day),"
  • Holdin' On - Connie Smith
    "Holdin' on barely holdin' on I know if I led off you'll be gone ------ that's holdin' you here and I'm just barely barely holdin' on I never will forget that feelin' you said love is gone you were leavin' The"
  • Holdin' On - Aretha Franklin
    "Holdin' on, holdin' on, holdin' on Holdin' on to something true To what feels good to you Gotta be strong, gotta be strong, gotta be strong Don't let it get away from you Do whatcha gotta do I know"
  • Holdin On - Flume
    "To keep on holdin on, holdin on To keep on holdin on, holdin on Ya'll Know niggers tryinna do (yes I do) My hip shaking mama, I love you (i know) Ya'll Know niggers tryinna do (yes I do) My hip shaking"
  • Holdin' on - Rascal Flatts
    "There's a Mountain Dew can with lipstick on itRollin' round his truck bed.He just leaves it back there,one of the things he still has left of herWhen he drives into the late day sunYou can see a set of"
  • Holdin' Heaven - Tracy Byrd
    "(Thom McHugh - Bill Kenner) I'm face to face with an angel How'd you get those eyes so blue You're a vision in white and I been waitin' all night Just to have one dance with you now all my dreams are"
  • Holdin' On - Robert Cray
    "I'm holdin' on I'm just holdin' on Hey, hey Ohhh, holdin' on I was really wrong Now she's really gone I used to hold her I'm never let her down When she needed me I was always around But hey, that's"
  • Holdin' On - Chicago
    "Walkin' through time reachin' for yesterday 'Cause we're frightened of tomorrow Trying to find the feeling that's gone astray, far away I remember the look in your eyes love we made unafraid Now we've"

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