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they didn"t go

  • They Lie - Die Happy
    "(Music: T. Mewes; Lyrics: Marta Jandov) Comin to a place where people go to To talk, to see and to be seen It makes you feel good, to see nice smiles And her nice words about yourself You think "I'm"
  • They Dykin - Lil Boosie
    "LIL BOOSIE - They Diking (Chorus:) Bossie Bad Ass And 95% Of These Hoes Out There... Yea They Diking... Yea They Dikin... I Got Ma Bitch Up In The Room And Im Finna Rip Her Ass Apart Brung Ma Other"
  • They - King Missile
    "They can put a man on the moon They can make soap out of people And food out of wood They can build machines that do the jobs of Billions of human beings They can feed the entire world They can go zero"
  • They - Charli Baltimore
    "* send corrections to the typist Yea Jealous niggaz and bitches Yea This for y'all Uh uh So many of us, envy us Enough to just make a fly bitch bust with disgust No homo, sick of how they"
  • They - Alan Stivell
    "Int, aet en noz O vale hep pal ebet N'ouzon ket ne'o ma chomint bev Ha ma gavint goudor 'vite. Divroidi omp, Didaolet, di-zonet, Dirazoc'h, didalvez ha divalav Diegus omp ivez, mez atav Chomet c'hwi didrugar Aet"
  • They - Heideroosjes
    "Attention, Attention This is an EO-service announcement (*1) All of the dirty words since reports and persons in this song Do not mirror historic or true-based facts. If it still, unexpected, shocks you Then,"
  • There They Go - Obie Trice
    "(feat. Eminem, Big Herc, Trick Trick) Yeah Ay, Em, you ready? Herc, you got them thangs nigga? (you know) Detroit city! There they go, them D-town boys carry the Calico Whenever there's war, you"
  • There They Go - Master P
    "(feat. Drumma Boy) Where them thugs at - there they go Where them thug girls at - there they go Where them ballers at - there they go If you came to get buck then throw yo' hood up I pull up at the"
  • There They Go - Fort Minor
    "One time for my Machine Shop crew and then its Two times S.O.B and LP too and then it's Three times It's Mike and Six on the track and then Four Times when we come in through the back they're sayin Oh"
  • They Don't Know - So Solid Crew
    "So Solid, ladies and gentleman, I about to resort to violence. Yo, this is a So Solid criminal gangster production, Listen cause you don play games you know trust me, Ha Ha Ha Ha. A yo, Let her know,"
  • They ain't je - Jagged Edge
    "581 She said he kinda week see He aint providin Aint like yall niggas nah He dont be ridin He aint me He aint J-E Might be hard to see it The way that he disguise it But he aint no fool he aint no rider"
  • They Don't Know - Canibus
    "(Canibus) They don't know what they fuckin' with They don't know how you bussin' Bis They don't know how you comin' man They don't know how you done this shit Yo, show them how a brotha spit // (Canibus) The"
  • What They Say - Redd Kross
    "He had no shoulders so he could not shrug And so he didn't say a thing at all He sat at home watching stupid t.v. Yeah he was waiting for his god to call And he knew that the day would come When the sun"
  • Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go - Spock's Beard
    "Hell, I don't know why, but Sometimes they stay, sometimes they go I tried & I tried but like mercury It just slipped through my fingers Golden apples on a silver tray You know what they say, well... Sometimes"
  • Where Will They Go? - Sanctus Real
    "How many times did I not stand up for you? Face to face with someone I hardly knew? Where did they go from there? Lost in the world And we may never meet again God, will you send another light to lead"
  • Where Did They Go - Nana Mouskouri
    "I remember dancing to the velvet summer nights Stars that softly flickered through a thousand colored lights Sitting patiently until the sun began to rise When morning turned our laughter to good byes (Refrain)"
  • Go Girl (Feat. T-Pain) - Ciara
    "(T-Pain:) This is nappy boy radio, live back with ya boy T-Pain You already know what it is man I got something special for the ladies out here All those Go-Girls out there, I got some brand new, CiCi Featuring..."
  • Where Did They Go, Lord - Elvis Presley
    "The words of her promise The flame of her faith The love that would never drift away Where did they go Lord, where did they go? You know somehow forever Slipped out of my hands And my dreams ran away"
  • Where Did They Go Lord - Dallas Frazier
    "The words of her promise the flame of her faith And the love that would never drift away Where did they go Lord where did they go Somehow forever slipped out of my hands and my dreams ran away with the"
  • Everybody Pays As They Go - Jakob Dylan
    "I'm worried 'bout you baby Down in your rabbit hole The evening of our great escape Is starting to unfold Out of bed sleepy head It's different than you know Everybody pays as they go You've got to pull"

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