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this could change everything

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this could change everything

  • Change Everything - Age Of Daze
    "If it was up to me, I'd change everything. I never met you at all; Never answered your call, But you got back to me. If it was up to me, I'd take back everything. That I said or I did, When I tried to"
  • Everything Must Change - Melanie C
    "I'm beginning to get a little tired Of the misconceived idea Of who you seem to think I am Although it looks that this come easy You know for well I've had my problems And I've cried Don't be so"
  • Change - Pink Cream 69
    "You can take my soul And you can rape my mind Play the starring role So thick with fright You can smash it all For your own delight And you can sell it all For a ticket out of here You need change In"
  • Change - T-Pain
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • Change - Oingo Boingo
    "Don't you ever wonder why, nothing ever seems to change If it does it's for the worse, seems it's just a modern curse Sometimes when I take a peek outside of my little cage, Everyone looks so asleep, will"
  • Could This Be Everything - Five Times August
    "You know what I'm looking for You know that I can't afford the things I want For life's uncertainties I think you're just what I need To get me through everything, and there's a lot But it's all under"
  • Everything - Chely Wright
    "I heard a real good joke that you would love And if I'd heard it a few weeks before I would've reached for the phone and called you up But we don't do that anymore I guess we're just old friends who meet"
  • Everything - Limp Bizkit
    "I'm so frustrated Some things are making me so sick inside Aw go with your heart, go with your heart Yeah right Quit tuggin' me Aw, i'm just not good enough for you Let's change Let's be something everybody"
  • This Could Be The Song That Will Change Your Heart - Kids In The Way
    "There's a burning in my heart everyday I come to you, I look to you and say When will I become everything that you've intended me to be I'm beating at my chest everyday I run to you, I come to you and"
  • Who could change - Moody Blues
    "Who could change Or re-arrange The love I have for you? Who could feel The way I feel, The way you make me do? Nothing I can say Will make this feeling go. Nothing I will say, No word, no thought will"
  • Could This Be Love - One Chance
    "(Corner boys) could, could,could this be love x3 The first time I saw you girl, I knew that You'd be the one to change my world Im so into you, and everything I had before {:Bridge:} everything"
  • What If We Could Change The World - Sublim
    "How many times did you say We can't go on this way? How many times did you say We can't think in present tense? Because what if we could change the world? Day is not over jet Things always change I think"
  • Nothing Can Change This Love - Eminem
    "If I go a million miles away I'd write a letter each and every day Cause honey ain't nothing, nothing Can ever change this love I have for you! Make me weep and you can make me cry See me coming and you"
  • Everything Is Everything - Phoenix
    "Things are gonna change And not for better Don't know what it means to me but it's hopeless, hopeless... Got to get you home Could be with anyone Think of what I've done, uh You know it all Everything"
  • Change - Wide Mouth Mason
    "Did you bring anything that you made yourself? Did it all come from somebody else? Are you there, anywhere On the ground, in a chair Asking flesh and blood for help Change, but be yourself now Change,"
  • Change - Ellis Paul
    "change, change, change change, change, change If I were your brother could I spill your blood on me We, who share a mother would we spite the sons she sees? Walls are crumbling cities are burning"
  • Change - Francisco
    "it was like a dream i will talk about it all the time we spend i just knew i had it all u wantet what for me to give it all u took from me well i got just lost at all i tell u how i feel it wouldnt mean"
  • Change - Feeder
    "Looking through my window shade Stare at streets that bare no name Now it all looks strange to me Yesterday seems like a dream But I often try too hard To break the routine of my day Turn around see"
  • Change - Daniel Merriweather
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Change - George
    "Freedom flight fancy, Fresh home, love feeling escape, truth, happiness dreaming and knowing I've got to keep the flow I'm ready to know, about magnolia Focus on the garbage art News of a shock"

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