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this is a song for the brokeb

  • This is a song for the lonely - Cher
    "When your standing on the edge of nowhere,There's only one way upSo your heart's gotta go there,Through the darkest night,You see the light shine bright,When hero's fall,In love or war,They live forever,This"
  • (This Is) A Song For The Lonely - Cher
    "When you're standing on the edge of nowhere There's only one way up So your heart's got to go there Through the darkest night See the light shine bright When hero's fall, in love or war They live forever "
  • This Is A Rebel Song - No Use For A Name
    "(girl): I love you my hard englishman Your rage is like a fist in my womb Can't you forgive what you think I've done And love me, I'm your woman And I desire you my hard englishman And there is"
  • This Is A Love Song... For The Loveless - The Juliana Theory
    "You''re not who you used to be, or at least not to me. A ghost on a movie screen is what you seem. Now you''re the one to let the sun fall down like a stone in a river. You steal the blood inside of me."
  • This Is A Love Song - Little Birdy
    "There's too many people, running Heaven Seen anything like this before? This is a love song This is a love song Feeling the love, everywhere. You're not my only faithful lover anymore I've only been here"
  • This Is Not A Song - Mike Borgia
    "I'm wound so tight , that I can't sleep at night, don't get me wrong, cause this is not a song about the war. Our world is coming to an end unless we draft to defend our land called hope and freedom"
  • This Is A Happy Song - Hale
    "I believe I'm falling I believe I'm falling for you This is now or never Cause everyday I'm longing for you Every night, everyday, every step of the way Every move that you've made, every word that you"
  • This Song - The Enemy
    "Half the kids who you grew up with Were pushin' prams by the time that they were just sixteen If love is a drug then where is the cure For the girl who used to talk to you about her dream And all the boys"
  • This Is A Song - The Magic Numbers
    "I don't wanna tell her No don't want to tell her I lie awake in the dark Lost in the beat of my heart Well baby look over your shoulder you're not alone in this life I don't wanna tell her No don't"
  • For A Song - The Tubes
    "(Tubes/Rundgren) What good is money unless it brings that certain something for the girl who's got everything Here is an item you can't pass by Won't even cost you one thin dime I won't give up"
  • This Is My Song - Sally Oldfield
    "Oldfield Stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter Burns the flame day by day Love wil find the way to clearer skies And everything your heart desires The first light of the morning opens wide"
  • This is my song - Petula Clark
    "Why is my heart so light? Why are the stars so bright? Why is the sky so blue Since the hour I met you? Flowers are smiling bright, Smiling for our delight, Smiling so tenderly For all the world,"
  • This Is My Song - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) I can't believe what the people say There's only hate everywhere So many people go different ways So many things don't you care They see nobody, they see themselves But"
  • This Is Your Song - Boyzone
    "Live your life to the fall With a lifetime of smiles Made us know right from wrong Always knowing a lie You made us to be tough But never too rough Rise above what you said Never easily lead. And one"
  • This Is Your Song - Ronan Keating
    "Lived your life to the full, with a lifetime of smiles. Made us know right from wrong, always knowing of lies. You made us be tough, but never too rough Rise above's what you said, never easily lead. And"
  • This song - George Harrison
    "This song has nothing tricky about it This song ain't black or white and as far as I know Don't infringe on anyone's copyright, so This song we'll let be This song is in E This song is for you and me This"
  • This Song - Ron Sexsmith
    "I brought a song into this world Just a melody with words It trembles here before my eyes How can this song survive? I brought it to the tower of gold In my coat of many holes I came unarmed, they've"
  • This Song - Lucky Twice
    "You made the day break, you made my legs shake so bad Once in a lifetime, you brought the sunshine and left me But, baby, tell me where I went wrong Why are you so impossible Now I wrote this song I'm"
  • This Song For You - Chris De Burgh
    "Hello darling, this is the army, I've just got the time to write, Today we attack, there's no turning back, The boys they're all ready for the fight. Yes, I'm well but this place is like hell, They call"
  • This Song - Quarashi
    "Nothing left in me to fight for. Go with all the rest. You know what it is inside me. Carry me back. This song is all I have to give now. Nothing more to say. Words are running out, there's no more."

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