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this is a time

  • This Is The Time - Attak
    "This is the time to say goodbye This is the time you shouldn't cry See a tear run down your face This is the story of the human race This is the time the time is right This is the time to say goodnight You"
  • This Is The Time - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Sanity We long to see you Keep our ears down to the track Honesty Did we desert you? Is the truth ever coming back? Slightly episodic Always on the run Ever so neurotic Still"
  • This Is Our Time - Florian Picasso
    "Running We were running Towards a brighter day With our eyes wide open Dreaming We’ve been dreaming While we’re still awake The only way is up for us to go We never leave the crowd If we don’t let go! This"
  • This is our time - Barry Manilow
    "I know, bobby, I seeThe times are awful, trueBut they're times that we inheritWhat else can we do?The choices pal, are fewRoll over, die, or rise above it allShow 'em why and how to shove it all!I know,"
  • This Is Your Time - Michael W. Smith
    "It was a test we could all hope to pass But none of us would want to take Faced with the choice to deny God and live For her there was one choice to make This was her time This was her dance She lived"
  • This Is The Time - Billy Joel
    "We walked on the beach beside that old hotel They're tearing it down now But it's just as well I haven't shown you everything a man can do So stay with me baby I've got plans for you This is the time"
  • This Is The Time - Dennis DeYoung
    "If I knew back then All the things I know today Baby I would not have changed on hour 'Cause I learned so much From my mistakes All the nights we cried And we prayed we'd see the morning light We never"
  • This is my time - Raven
    "Oh, at times it felt like I had lost myselfCuz people try to make you someone elseI had to learn to trust my heart so things can changeI came to a point where I can state my mind And not feel Im living"
  • This Is My Time - Raven-Symon
    "Oh, At times I felt like I had lost my self Cuz people try to make you someone else I had to learn to trust my heart So things can change I came to a point Where I can speak my mind And not feel I'm living"
  • This Is Our Time - September When
    "9 o'clock in the evening the end of a wonderful day She lay down on the floor with her feet spread out We've been up by the stream We have seen the movin' tide Cruisin' down the road Like the whole world"
  • This Is The Time - Michael Bolton
    "(duet with Wynonna Judd) (Michael) As the years say good-bye One by one on silent wings they fly What will last, what is true That's a lesson I learned lovin' you This world will find its way somehow I've"
  • This Is The Time - Epica
    "This is the time We've waited too long And I'm wondering where I belong? We have lost We're out of control When we fail nature speaks to us all This is the time I'll tell you why the world's left alone Now's"
  • This Time - The Verve
    "Lookin' back on my life You know that all I see Are things I could've changed I should have done Where did the good times go? Good times so hard to hold This time, this time This time I'm gonna find (the"
  • This Time - Susanna Hoffs
    "Written by Steve Summers Produced by David Kahne Released on "When You're A Boy" (1991) This time I know my baby's gone for good This time I didn't treat him like I should This time there's no tomorrow My"
  • This Time - Jojo
    "This time This time This I made the mistake like before Givin you the third degree, takin you through it I told you I get what I want And I ain't tryna hear nothin else but just do it And I had to take"
  • This Time - Stretch Armstrong
    "so this is the end i will draw the line like i have one thousand times before but this time it stays firmly in place the smile no longer resides on my face summer has passed, the streets are empty now not"
  • This Time - DJ Antoine
    "Just lay your eyes on The night Don't you stay there Don't you Seems like the world is The same Right just as before Why don't we step out Of line Let's just have a Good time Forget about the To do's And"
  • This Time - Stretch Arm Strong
    "so this is the end i will draw the line like i have one thousand times before but this time it stays firmly in place the smile no longer resides on my face summer has passed, the streets are empty now not"
  • This Time - Melissa
    "I've seen unlockable doors I've felt invisible nods And unchangeable gods I've been in trouble for laws I've heard unsingable birds Did you feel just the same ? This time No shapeless dreams,"
  • This Time - Andreas Johnson
    "Sunday morning you wake up This might be the perfect day You turn to me and whisper And I agree to what you say In every little move we make In every single way we come together The spirit of your"

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