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this is story about love

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this is story about love

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this is story about love
  • Don't Do That Story about girl
    "This is a story about girl She's so pretty like a pearl She lives in the middle of nowhere And I really want to love her ref: And maybe she's so sexy And maybe she excites me But I know that really she's"
  • Chenoa Love Story
    "So you said gonna give it all that you'd never ever hold back on me but i've been feelin' kind of all alone did you forget about our love story. It said boy meets girls and falls in a never ending kind"
  • Unbekannt Love Story
    "Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be, the sweet love story that is older than the sea, the simple truth about the love she brings to me? Where do I start? With her first 'Hello!'"
  • Frank Zappa Love Story
    "Where do I begin To tell the story of how great a love can be The sweet love story that is older than the sea The simple truth about the love she brings to me Where do I start With her first hello she"
  • Andy Williams Love Story
    "Where do I begin to tell the story Of how great a love can be The sweet love story that is older than the sea The simple truth about the love she brings to me Where do I start With her first hello She"
  • Mutya Buena Love Story
    "Ooh I'll cross the skies and the moon for everything To show you how I'm dedicated to you, love I will write your name in the winter nights How can I explain, I want you to be mine Don't be afraid to"
  • Jin Love Story
    "This from the heart yeah this From the heart right here Yeah everybody has a story to tell Check this out though I knew this Chinese dude in junior high Part of my crew everybody knew this kid He was the"
  • Mariah Carey Love story
    "Ay bay it won't end, won't end, won't endLet's talk about loveThis is my love storyBoy meets girl and looks in her eyesTime stands still and two hearts catch fireOff they go rollercoaster rideUp & down"
  • A1 This Ain't What Love Is About
    "(paul) wherever we go,same old story say you can't take no more and you wanna go home i give up, i dont know, just how to keep going when i see tears roll down your face...oh no (mark) oh you got me"
  • Elvis Presley This Is The Story
    "(Arnold - Morrow - Martin) I play the song, it was our own Your photograph's by my side I know I can't forget you So I don't even try The note you left is in my hand I read again what you say You're"
  • Atmosphere This Is How The Story Goes
    "And this is (*repeated*) (And this is how the story goes) Sometimes I focus vision on the floater (what's that?) But rarely will I do it when I'm sober (you're always drunk) I like how her hair holds"
  • Aaron Neville This is my story
    "This is my story, I have no song Just alone and broken hearted Just because I fell in love In love with you I pray that you'll come back to me Just to hear you say you love me And we'll never, ever part"
  • Monster This Is Our Story
    "Listen, why don't you listen? You never hear the things I'm saying, you never listen, If you don't want to listen to me, why do you ask me? Why do you ask me what I think Choices, we have to make them You"
  • XXANAXX Story
    "Let say that this is a story pat About people that we barely know They don’t know much about themselves And they don’t know if they’re cool And that’s that __ park In her deep blue eyes And there are"
  • Maroon 5 Story
    "Do you mean all the things you are? Are you pleased with the way things are? Wear that dress to protect this scar, That only I have seen. Do you give just to please yourelf? Do you wish you were somewhere"
  • Amanda Blank A love story
    "When i'm alone in my room Sometimes i stare at the wall And at the back of my mind i hear my conscious call Telling me i need a boy who's as sweet as a dove For the first time in my life, i see i need"
  • Nadia Ali Love Story
    "If you ask me i will say it, You make me smile, It's contagious, And in your eyes, I can see it, Cuz your heart is the greatest. When I'm with you, I am taken, With the feeling that you've been chosen, What"
  • Tanita Tikaram Love Story
    "You know it's alright Just to take me home To your serious house, with your serious tones You're a serious man, with a serious smile But the summer is hot and I might surprise you In a very short while"
  • Katharine McPhee Love story
    "(Oo, oo, oo)I think it was the summertimeWhen I laid eyes on youI didn't even know your nameSomehow we'd ended up in the same roomIt never crossed my mindI never saw you like thatI should've listened to"
  • Taylor Swift Love Story
    "We were both young when I first saw you I close my eyes And the flashback starts I'm standing near On a balcony in summer air See the lights, See the party, the ballgowns I see you make your way"

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