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this is the thing

  • Is This Thing On? - Pink (P!nk)
    "Got your voicemail Can you call me, at a hotel There's something that's weighin' heavy on my heart And heavy on my chest I'm the lone night, you're the morning I annoy you, and you bore me And it's hard"
  • Is This Thing On - Less Than Jake
    "When all the things that you've been thinking has you so confused and so unglued your head is spinning well we've all felt the same inside I've been on that ledge countless times and I know what that feels"
  • Is this thing loaded - Northstar
    "There's something about a morning without the picture perfect ribbons in her hair It's raining and I know that you want to let me in Cause my dear I can't breathe out here It's cold so tell me why I break"
  • This Unavoidable Thing - Evermore
    "Between us I feel this undeniable thing Between us so real this unavoidable thing Between us I see this undefinable thing, between us Everytime you say the words it's real And everytime you say the"
  • TV Is The Thing This Year - Dianne Reeves
    "If you wanna have fun come home with me You can stay all night and play with my TV TV is the thing this year, this year TV is the thing this year Radio was great, now it's out of date TV is the thing this"
  • This Year's Thing - Chumbawamba
    "This is the Good Ship Lifestyle All my friends jumped ship I elect me the captain This is the loneliest voyage I've ever been on Up in the crow's nest - Over there! I see land! First mate? There is no"
  • This Thing Love - Ryan Kulla
    "Cupid, look what you did You're mean and fat and stupid Love is gonna make me flip my lid Now, I'll give you one chance to get well hid Before I come after you, you crazy kid And do the world a favor"
  • What Is This Thing Called Love ? - Frank Sinatra
    "What is this thing called love ? This funny thing called love ? Just who can solve its mystery ? And why should it make a fool of me ? I saw you there one wonderful da. But you took my heart and you threw"
  • What Is This Thing Called Love? - Lena Horne
    "What is this thing called love? This funny thing called love? Just who can solve its mystery? Why should it make a fool of me? I saw you there, one wonderful day, You took my heart, and threw it"
  • What Is This Thing Called Love? - Ella Fitzgerald
    "What is this thing called love? This funny thing called love? Just who can solve its mystery? Why should it make a fool of me? I saw you there one wonderful day You took my heart and threw it away That's"
  • What Is This Thing Called Love - Frank Sinatra
    "(Cole Porter) I was a hum-drum person Leading a life apart When love flew in through my window wide And quickened my hum-drum heart Love flew in thorugh my window I was so happy then But after love had"
  • What Is This Thing Called Love - Tony Bennett
    "When Joanna Loved Me Tony Bennett Written by Robert Wells and Jack Segal Peaked at # 94 in 1964 at the start of the British invasion Today is just another day, tomorrow is a guess But yesterday, oh, what"
  • The Funny Thing Is - Club Buffalo
    "The Buffalo Club The Funny Thing Is written by John Dittrich Rick Bowles Ron Hemby lead vocals/acoustic guitar John Dittrich drums/vocals Charlie Kelly guitar/vocals D Most of my nights"
  • Jubilation (This Thing Called Life) - The Echoing Green
    "Every time I close my eyes I hide behind the blackened lies That follow me throughout my history The lives I've touched, the things I've done The things I know will never come Get washed away in"
  • The Name Of This Thing Is Not Love - Elvis Costello
    "There's a part of this feeling that I just cannot kill But the name of this thing is not love And I can't take a potion, and I won't take a pill So it tortures me still But the name of this thing is not"
  • The Thing - Beatallica
    "When I find myself in times of trouble Hybrid children come to me Pray for father roamingroaming free And in my hour of darkness It is standing right in front of me He is the thing that should not let"
  • Is this - Oingo Boingo
    "Another place another time Another face that looks like mine Another soul for all to see Is this reality?? If I could only find the words I'm sure that they would go unheard With one exception I can see"
  • Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Ricky Nelson
    "Love is the sweetest thing What else on earth could ever bring Such happiness to everything As love's old story Love is the strangest thing No song of birds upon the wing Shall in our hearts so sweetly"
  • This Thing Called Love - Gary Moore
    "I saw you standing at the corner of the street, You look so fine. I don't care what it is your sellin', I wanna be the next in line. You're dressed to kill, You look good enough to eat. I'm tellin' you There's"
  • Still got this thing - Alannah Myles
    "Why is it so hard to say whats on my mind Why am I so proud? Still got this thing for you I know you understand, but you still need a sign Real love should shout out loud Still got this thing for you Hey"

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