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this is the voice a say anyway

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this is the voice a say anyway

  • Anyway - O.A.R.
    "Never say that nothing ever came from a mouse anyway crawled into my house, took my cat away don't let your brain tell your mind that it must say that nothing ever came from a mouse anyway anyway never"
  • Anyway - Private Line
    "I wouldn't mind if I were to die this morning I wouldn't care if the sky fell down on me The tide has turned, what did I learn? I burned out but somehow did survive Felt weak, yet I stayed alive Now I"
  • Anyway - Babyface
    "Written by gregory curtis, steve kipner (1999) Performed by kevon edmonds You know that I'm crazy 'bout you babe Why do you play with me anyway anyway Is that anyway for you to treat somebody who loves"
  • Anyway - Kevon Edmonds
    "You know that I'm crazy 'bout you babe Why do you play with me anyway anyway IS THAT ANYWAY FOR YOU TO TREAT SOMEBODY WHO LOVES YOU WHO THINKS THE WORLD OF YOU YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T TREAT ME ANYWAY IS THAT"
  • Anyway - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Welcome Or should I say goodbye It's a question how close we are apart Are you going back home after this show Or leaving for the wild And when you passing the wardrobe What will"
  • Anyway - Sister Hazel
    "When you say why you are going away You defy me to be there All your big deals and all of your days You said you wouldn't but you still care Everything you need is a delicate disaster A brief catastrophe"
  • Anyway - Genesis
    "All the pumping's nearly over for my sweet heart, This is the one for me, Time to meet the chef, O boy! running man is out of death. Feel cold and old, it's getting hard to catch my breath. 's back to"
  • Anyway - Gavin DeGraw
    "I don't want to get too close I don't want to get too close You see this isn't where my head is If you knew me I'm not like this But I just found someone special And that's really something special If"
  • Anyway - Amber
    "You love black and I like red You like dogs and I like cats I like to talk, you rather watch TV You like to control, I accept what I see You're so cool, I am emotional You want a wife, I need a match for"
  • Anyway - Dubstar
    "I'm moving out today I've nowhere else to stay so how many friends can I count on now? And it's easier to stay But we know it happened anyway so what's the point? The television's mine But you'll be"
  • Anyway - Brian McKnight
    "I have been through many Disappointments and regrets Never known yet,the joy of lasting love Now I'm reaching for your hand on the shore of happiness Oh acquiesce To you my dear,my love Chorus:You take"
  • Anyway - Nichole Nordeman
    "Bless the day This restoration is complete Dirty dusty something must be underneath So I scrape and I scuff Though it's never quite enough I'm starting to see me finally A gallery of paintings new and"
  • Anyway - Telepopmusik
    "And I'm not sure what this is all about As we watch the waves crashing in and out And only they know what we've found And it almost feels like daytime now Somehow we're gonna make it through I'll break"
  • Anyway - Nordeman Nichole
    "Bless the day this restoration is complete Dirty, dusty, something must be underneath So I scrape and I scuff Though it's never quite enough I am starting to see me, finally A gallery of paintings new"
  • Anyway - Church
    "Empires crumble in the distanceViolet crumble in my bowlConspiracy theory, Timothy LearyNone of this is good for my soulSalamander extravaganzaWhat if I sing like Mario Lanza?Anyway, in my own wayI don't"
  • Say Something Anyway - Bellefire
    "Bellefire Miscellaneous Say Something Anyway Some say hearts, Grow silent, In a world where no one cares, Love keep slipping away, Some say time, Is the healer, But in a house where no one speaks, Love"
  • This Voice - Ane Brun
    "This voice, is it calling? Is it calling... "It's your choice," she said. "Take or let go." Is it calling? When you're all alone, in your own sweet home. Is it calling? This voice. Is it calling? I"
  • Honesty Anyway - Dogstar
    "on the first night I ever saw you from the first time I ever felt your skin I figured things a little strange as I began to rearrange myself when the first sunlight started to appear I would turn to see"
  • Brother anyway - Blenders
    "People of so many different cultures and so many langusges We stand amongst ourselves to stop this mad test We work here as one and we know just what to do And human nature it seeins does the rest. We're"
  • Voice - Pentagram
    "are we gonna ask the questions that scare me are we gonna break the bonds of silence will i find the truth in my reflection will i see the meaning of my defiant cuz there are words that must be said and"

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