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this is the way

  • Is this the way - The Busters
    "Remember when you came up to me and said "Now Baby, It?s the way it?s got to be!? You gave me that smile It made me wild and you said "Baby, We?re still young as a child!? Time keeps running out. I wanna"
  • Is this the only way - The Kinks
    "Chorus: Is this the only way, For the wheel keeps turning, Is there no other way, Ooh, heart is yearning. There is hope in your eyes, And all the people say, You're a star, And you're playing the part,"
  • This Is The Way - E-Type
    "this, this is the way this is the way i wanna live I'm going through changes this is the way i wanna live from this day one no-one going tell you what i should do and what i should not that ain't the"
  • This Is The Way - Devendra Banhart
    "This the soup That i believe in This is the smoke I'm always breathin' This is the way I share my breakfast This is the way I share my sentence I know i know I should lay low I should stand tall This"
  • This Is The Way - Rivers Cuomo
    "This is the way baby This is the way This is the way baby This is the way You got to question your situation He's taking advantage of you You're such a pushover He's rolling you over And all that you"
  • This is the way - Danni Minogue
    "Ha OhAll alone in a crowd in a citySearchin' for loveA handsome guy tells a girl she's so pretty, yeahBut it's never enoughSo many triedSo many times I was cheatedJust one look made me realiseFrom today"
  • This Is The Way - Black Train Jack
    "Jenny's always been confused, she knows when she has been abused By the kids at school and her parents too The neighborhood boys are so immature, minds are way too closed for her So she shaves her head"
  • Is This The Way - Fifth Avenue
    "Verse 1: I'm just sitting here on my own She's talking on the phone Won't stop nagging me, harassing me She won't leave me alone, As she walked into my lonely life Was looking for something brand new Your"
  • Is This The Way - Lucky Dube
    "Is this the way You want it to be Is this the way It' s gonna be (x2) Oh my God Oh my God What we gonna do In this world In this world we live in (x2) I see these men Everyday at the corner Of Queens"
  • This Way - Jewel
    "Love be still love be sweet dont you dare change a thing I want to photograph you with my mind To feel how I feel now all the time Say that you'll stay Forever this way Forever and forever That we'll"
  • This Way - Home Grown
    "Here we are again The same old argument We've had so many times Things never work out right one step foward Theres always two steps back You wont admit your false to keep your pride in tact. Oi"
  • This way - Quindon Tarver
    "Love Be StillLove Be SweetDont You DareChange a ThingI Want to Photograph You With My MindTo Feel How I Feel Now All the Time Say That You'll StayForever This WayForever and ForeverThat We'll Never Have"
  • This way - Tangarine
    "Lonely heart.pain from inside.All my thoughts have fade away.All the people step outside.I got no one but my friends.Pouring down,my tears are falling.Why doesn't anybody ask?No one seems to say something,and"
  • This Way - Lloyd
    "LLOYD LYRICS This Way Whatz up shawty Come on in I got some incent burning Jus sit down relax I got dis Oh yeah ummmmm (Verse 1) I been checkin out u U been checkin me to And finally we got a chance"
  • This Is Da Way - Artifacts
    "(Tame One) Hah! The former back of the classroom talk-trasher Blastin off at ya without help from NASA, has ta blow a nigga's chest up like asthma with raptures and fresh ass raps from wack bastards West"
  • This Is The Way Love Is - Xavier Naidoo
    "Two people take a vow to be together And live and love each other forever They promise to love a lifetime Funny thing,then they change their mind They both go then seperate ways And love is just a memory But"
  • This Is The Way We Move - The A.K.A.S
    "You can tell he's been calm since the day he was born. And you can hear him cuz now he's all pointed at the earth screaming like a bomb. This is the way we move. This is the way we do our homework in"
  • This Is The Way (12" Version) - Dannii Minogue
    "Ha Oh All alone in a crowd in a city Searchin' for love A handsome guy tells a girl she's so pretty, yeah But it's never enough So many tried So many times I was cheated Just one look made me realise From"
  • Is This The Way Love Feels - Chrisette Michele
    "What's the feelin that I get Every single time I look deep into your eyes What's the tingle that I feel At the touch of your hand up & down my spine What's so funny, is my belly tryna tell me something"
  • This Is The Way We Ball - Lil Flip
    "Heyyy, ho (This is the way we ball) Ah ha, Houston, Texas (This is the way we ball) Ah ha (This is the way we ball) (This is the way we ball) (Chorus:) And we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss I represent"

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