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this is your life

  • Is This Life - This Providence
    "7:30 Monday morning, the stories begin You make it sound like so much fun. (Just spent the weekend throwing yourself away) Throwing yourself away, throwing yourself away Is this how you live your life,"
  • This Is Your Life - Switchfoot
    "Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead Yesterday is a promise that you've broken Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes This is your life and today is all you've got now Yeah, and today is all"
  • This Is Your Life - Pansy Division
    "You had it all arranged How our life would be Problem is, you never asked Or consulted me We'd share your life Your loving man at home Forgetting that I have a life That I can call my own You wrote the"
  • This Is Your Life - Dio
    "Who cares what came before We were only starlight One day, then nevermore Because we're whispers in the wind Once upon a time The world was never blind Like we are Right now it seems You're only dreams"
  • This Is Your Life - The Juliana Theory
    "Baby(X3) You say this is your life but where is mine? How you gonna get there running no where burn yourself out die too soon. You see the world is only temporary; everybody's scared that they'll be no"
  • This Is Your Life - Bee Gees
    "Something that I hunger for Something you deny You say I'm bad for you And baby so do I Don't you know that all you gotta do You could be a lover And baby this is This is your life Don't break it It's"
  • This Is Your Life - En Vogue
    "This is your life Live it your own way (Repeat) I lived part of my life Being scared of my dreams Everytime someone asks What I'm shooting for in life I would hide my true feelings And when I spoke up"
  • This Is Your Life - Joe Cocker
    "(J.Shanks / S.Pieken) Gotta give it up Gotta let it go Cause hangin'n like this Only breaks the flow Gotta act as if It's all for the best Cause maybe it is and if it is It's worth the test You gotta"
  • This Is Your Life - Dropkick Murphys
    "It's another November evening As you remember your way home You mete out your aggressions On what's left of your blackened soul You've come to this conclusion As you're dragged from another bloody fight You've"
  • This Is Your Life - The Adicts
    "Unemployment life on the dole No work for me no work at all City and slums and poverty too Hanging about with nothing to do Go on back now nobody cares Just carry on with their own affairs And when someone"
  • This is your life - Outkast
    "And you open the door and you step insideWe're inside our hearts.Now imagine your pain is a white ball of healing light.That's right,Feel your pain, the pain itself,It's a white ball of healing light.I"
  • This Is Your Life - Juliana Theory
    "Baby, you say, "this is your life, well where is mine?" how you gonna get there going nowhere? burn yourself out. die you. you gave up baby. you sold out? life's a riddle. here's a clue. you see, a moment's"
  • This Is Your Life - The Killers
    "Candy talks to strangers Thinks her life's in danger No one gives a damn about her hair It's lonely down on track street She used to go by Jackie The cops, they'll steal your dreams and they'll kill your"
  • This Is Not Your Life - Grammatrain
    "I don't understand you, The way you disappear, You don't understand me, The way I keep us here. This is not your life, I know how to do it on my own, This is not your life. We were only children, But"
  • This Is Not Your Life - Train
    "I don't understand you, The way you disappear, You don't understand me, The way I keep us here. This is not your life, I know how to do it on my own, This is not your life. We were only children, But"
  • This Is Life - Fuse 420
    "So this is life are you satisfied you sacrificed your soul for pride you life on the edge just waiting to die sometimes its like your not alive its kinda like your not there blank expressions empty stares all"
  • This Is Your Life (The Godfathers) - Godfathers
    "I feel the pressure's on and something's going wrong I don't know what's going on I'm just another mother's poor boy's son I feel pressure, pressure These four walls are a prison to me I feel pressure,"
  • Eddie Walker, This Is Your Life - Ben Folds Five
    "Won't you smile, you look so shocked, put the name-tag on your smock. We've come to see ya, Eddie Walker. And we may pack a little tight, the nurse up-front says it's alright. And look there's more"
  • This Life - Bruce Springsteen
    "A bang then stardust in your eyes A billion years for just this night In a way it will be alright A blackness then the light of a million stars As you slip into in my car The evening sky strikes sparks This"
  • This is you life - Moony
    "Where is the purpose in your life Where is the truth, do you remember your hopes, your dreams They are no longer your own This day is for living your own life Don't let this world capture your heart Your"

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