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this time its my life mezan

  • Its My Life - Dr Alban
    "Away away from home This little girl is a country girl Left her home and go to New York Come to Ny with one dollar Ask how many million people in a Ny This little girl went to a session In a session say"
  • Its Time I See You - Jadakiss
    "(Drag-On) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck y'all niggas talkin 'bout huh? ("it's time I see you...) Get it right, you faggot niggas heard Suge Knight Double R's the only niggas he respect and, y'all niggas shook"
  • Its Killing Time - Dogs With Jobs
    "I woke up this morning with a thought in my head I like the idea of seeing you dead It's not that I hate you I just need something to do I think I'll kill some time I'll do it killing YOU What's the point"
  • Its My Turn - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "Last Time I Saw Him Diana Ross (Michael Masser/Pam Sawyer) Last time I saw him He sweetly kissed my lips Last time I saw him He said:"I'll be back for more of this" Last time I saw him We were crying"
  • Its My Party - Chaka Khan
    "(Cecil Womack and Linda Womack) Everybody's having a real good time The man you're talking to is not yours, he's mine Better chill out, hear what I'm saying Before I stop the music playin' It's my"
  • This Life - To My Surprise
    "its so hard to believe in any of this dream especially when were rippin apart at the seams its not hard to believe in my will and chance to be Myself in all this insanity If Im here at the end of the"
  • Its A Setup - Kurupt
    "Let's do it doggs, ring ding dong Bitch (aha, aha), bitch (yeah what what what what what?) Beeitch (set up, set up, set up), beeitch (it's a set up) What they're doing? they're trying to... They're trying"
  • This Is My Life - Phil Vassar
    "Fat cats just getting fatter Lining their pockets What does it matter? All I want is an honest wage A piece of ground where my kids are safe 80 bucks to fill my truck Old man telling me times are tough Sticking"
  • This Is My Life - Brodie
    "Don't look at me and shake your head. Its 6pm, you should be in bed. And Just because you're old and wise doesn't give the right to criticize. The clothing that I wear, The color I decide to dye my hair, Exactly"
  • Its Da Summa Time - Frayser Boy
    "(DJ Paul) Yeah, the hoes gonna come out to dis one boy. We gon' let y'all know how we do it in da south man. With the motherf**kin golds in our mouth. In da summa time, we get washed up, then we gotta"
  • Its Time Chapter Three - Saga
    "IT'S TIME! (CHAPTER THREE) Large and tall ones, short and small ones working round a frame. The pieces fit so perfectly like some large metal game. The time draws near and with it fear all senses a new"
  • Do They Know Its Christmas Time - Band Aid 20
    "Chris Martin: It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade Dido: And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy Throw your arms around"
  • Its Over - Dubstar
    "Into the coloured field of view my eyes are on the toe line Into another space and now it's clear that I will soon be found And this is the first time that it's made vague sense So into the coloured field"
  • Time of my life - Groove Coverage
    "Now I've had the time of my lifeNo I never felt like this beforeYes, I swear it's the truthAnd I owe it all to you'Cause I've had the time of my lifeAnd I owe it all to you...'Cause I've had the time of"
  • This Island Life - Violent Femmes
    "This tea's too strong for me As I await your company I had too much sun today Ocean waters wash away Nothing but the present Presenting its presence This island life Separate my right from my wrong No"
  • Just Life This - Limp Bizkit
    "get up get up like this just like this do you feel it get up just like this do you wanna catch the vibe that's keeping me alive? I'm following these phat ass beats until i die fill'em with tension the"
  • This Time/Last Time - Shawn Mullins
    "My time is your time after all that you've been through can you hear me calling you and this line that I'm walking time it's pointing write to you I'm living my life with you so call on me I'll guard myself"
  • This Life Forever - Jay-Z
    "Uh-huh Blackhand Ent. Roc-a-Fella Records In association with the streets The Black Gangster In conjunction With everything official Yeah I ride throught the ghetto windows down halfway Halfway out of"
  • Lie Is Its Name - Cadaveres De Tortugas
    "I've got a secret My love, my parasite I never gonna tell you So never ask me why It's hidden under my skin This deadly sin of mine Poison in my body Pleasure makes me blind My whole life is pain Because"
  • World of its own - Tingsek
    "Ohh how I love to be around this particular place I found. No stress at all would waste our time. Nobody's letting anybody down. It's a world of its own in here. We get to do what we decide to. Ohh"

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