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  • RAMP Thoughts
    "Day after day this weird sensation Come and make me think in a different way It's like thinking without thinking Just letting thoughts flow away Old passions and mistakes Future visions, thoughts that"
  • Spock's Beard Thoughts
    "Thoughts are thinking Thoughts are coming Thoughts are screaming Thoughts keep coming Thoughts are coming Thoughts are coming down Thoughts are thinking; Thunk from knowing Thoughts repeating; Harm is"
  • Amos Tori Thoughts
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Thoughts My thoughts right now I picked up a magazine Here, here they go Fifteen hundred years, Fifteen hundred years right here Oh, burning witches, burning books Burning babies"
  • Wizard Thoughts
    "I'm sitting at the window looking at the black landscape Rain falls down at the window like tears from my eyes Thoughts fly through my head thoughts about my life about the world I live in the seasons"
  • Tori Amos Thoughts
    "Thoughts right now I picked up a magazine Ooh here we go Fifteen hundred years Fifteen hundred years right here Burning witches Burning books Burning babies in their looks yes indeed Burning everything"
  • Jasmine Guy Thoughts
    "Four thoughts at onceWhat one can suit me?I'm a little tired toadyI'm unfocusI'm trying hard to realize what iMight be misssing this is a chanceI have to take...3 words said to meIn a misunderstanding"
  • Nightfall Thoughts
    "Sit by me, my friend Enjoy eternal life Listen to my words They might be wise... Why people cry for the end Why do they scare for death While they're believing in Eternal life which gives them the cance"
  • Fear My Thoughts Fear My Thoughts
    "true to the metal -666- listen to the number of the beast true to the metal -666- Motorhead and fucking Judas Priest true to the metal -666- I tried to kill me many times but I true to the metal -666-"
  • Funkadelic Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts
    "Travel like a king Listen to the inner voice A higher wisdom is at work for you Conqering the stumbling blocks come easier When the conqueror is in tune with the infinite Every ending is a new beginning Life"
  • Corrosion Of Conformity Dark Thoughts
    "Today I woke up happy. There was something in the back of my mind. Creeping depression, manic and black. No way to get my happiness back. Dark Thoughts Misery Dark Thoughts Self pity Dark Thoughts There"

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