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thoughts of dying

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thoughts of dying

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thoughts of dying
  • Nightfall Thoughts
    "Sit by me, my friend Enjoy eternal life Listen to my words They might be wise... Why people cry for the end Why do they scare for death While they're believing in Eternal life which gives them the cance"
  • Muse Dying thoughts of an atheist
    "In your whispers trapped beneath my pillow you won't let me see your memories and I know you're in this room I'm sure I heard you sigh frozen in between where our worlds collide scares the hell out of"
  • Muse Thoughts of a dying atheist
    "Eerie whisperstrapped beneath my pillowwon't let me seeyour memoriesI know you're in this roomI'm sure I heard you sighfloating in-betweenwhere our worlds collideIt scares the hell out of meand the end"
  • Theatre of Tragedy Dying
    "Now as I am to be bereaft of my troth I cry aloud my last words of lost hope. A violent gust of wind is my frame of mind; Huxes like moisture through pores. I am unwilling to forgive Him who depriev'd"
  • Amber Dirty Thoughts
    "The thought of you The thought of me The thought of her Such insanity The thought of of fears The thought of pain The thought of tears like cold and endless jagged rain Dirty thoughts Like a train that"
  • RAMP Thoughts
    "Day after day this weird sensation Come and make me think in a different way It's like thinking without thinking Just letting thoughts flow away Old passions and mistakes Future visions, thoughts that"
  • Spock's Beard Thoughts
    "Thoughts are thinking Thoughts are coming Thoughts are screaming Thoughts keep coming Thoughts are coming Thoughts are coming down Thoughts are thinking; Thunk from knowing Thoughts repeating; Harm is"
  • Amos Tori Thoughts
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Thoughts My thoughts right now I picked up a magazine Here, here they go Fifteen hundred years, Fifteen hundred years right here Oh, burning witches, burning books Burning babies"
  • Tori Amos Thoughts
    "Thoughts right now I picked up a magazine Ooh here we go Fifteen hundred years Fifteen hundred years right here Burning witches Burning books Burning babies in their looks yes indeed Burning everything"
  • Wizard Thoughts
    "I'm sitting at the window looking at the black landscape Rain falls down at the window like tears from my eyes Thoughts fly through my head thoughts about my life about the world I live in the seasons"
  • Fear My Thoughts Dying Eyes
    "The black country the cradle of all life Swollen belly, skinny limbs, see their dying eyes! Who cares, who sees, who's interested? So close but yet too far away Second class people with no rights Starvation,"
  • Oppressor Dying Inside
    "Darkness,internal Lost souls,helpless cries Insanity,a dream The path to death is free Endless torment of battered feelings Morbid thoughts elude the brain Voices persist in rage Alone inside a world"
  • Love Like Blood Dying Nation
    "Dark clouds over this nation They are dark like once before They are the same slogans again A sense of new honour They spread forbidden thoughts A spirit of another time To build up another state To build"
  • Salem Dying Embers
    "Lost in thoughts of the past, The anguish of the years Darkness is my only friend, Darkness hides my tears. I've lost the only light, The embers fade and die. The memories of days long gone Refuse to"
  • Emperor Into The Infinity Of Thoughts
    "As the Darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Norway and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise... Into the night I wander, like many nights before, and like in my dreams, but centuries"
  • Five for Fighting Dying
    "I'm Dying, Dying to wake up without you, without you in my head again I'm Dying, Dying to forget about you, that you ever lived There's a shade come over this heart that's coping with laying down to"
  • Mavado ft. Serani Dying
    "Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh Back in penitentiary Long gone misery Left me alone, I grew up Amongst the mad breed So my mind Couldn't find a place to rest With me got"
  • Movado Dying
    "INTRO Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh VERSE 1 Back in penitentiary Long gone misery Left me alone, I grew up Amongst the mad breed So my mind Couldn't find a place to rest With"
  • Pennywise Dying
    "Hate breeds hate that's what they say Ignore the noise and find a better way But indecision clouds your mind As the reason linger deep inside Penance for a single day To sit and rot or come out winning Salutations"
  • Osker Dying
    "i know myself, i know i think im so sick of people and i dont know why. see, i just dont have patience for them, and i really think i can make it on my own, lies... you hide words to keep from hurting"

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